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How much time do you actually dedicate per exercise?

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I don't practice

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I work in sessions of one hour and one hour and a half, depending on how I'm feeling. I take a 15/30 minute break between sets until the task is done. I don't listen to music while working and I try to focus as much as possible.

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working in quick bursts can be just as effective as spending hours on a study ime. you can learn quite a bit in 15-30 minutes of high focus.

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Yeah, I'm thinking about breaking my studies in 30-minute sessions and spread them throughtout the day for a total period of 4 hours. Spaced, focused practice apparently has many benefits.

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longer sessions do have the benefit of teaching you endurance & how to polish things w/o overdoing it, which is all really valuable. i find them far more draining though and in terms of raw knowledge acquisition, quick studies have been the most useful. also try plein air if you haven't already, it'll teach you to focus and work quickly better than anything else

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what is this from
also about 2h

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I try to do 15-20 minutes of figure studies a day

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15-20 hrs of figure studies? How do you keep it up?

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