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how hard is it to make art in this old style in modern day?

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google pixel art

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>how hard is it to make art

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yeah but this specific style of pixel art is hard to replicate from what i can tell their are no tutorials for this style

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>m-muh tutorials
Literally just look at the example you've posted and learn to dissect what you need from it visually.

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and how do i properly dissect it?

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copy it, litteraly

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I'm no pixel art specialist, but I think the key to this kind of render is the right use of dithering in the flesh tones.
That and, of course, knowing how to render lines properly in pixel art.

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litteraly this.
or at least steal the palette, since there's so few colors, and try to emulate the way it renders

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It is 5 hard.

There you go, now be on your way
What a fucking stupid question. Just go draw already jfc.

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Using a "chess" pattern to mix colors when you color depth is limited like that is called "dithering". Hope that helps.

You can create a similar pixelized effect by just saving any image as a GIF with Dithering enabled.

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I'm very hard right now, alright.

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It's not real pixel art.
Original draw traditionally first. Google about it.

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It's fair to assume the figure was drawn traditionally by hand at first, contrary to popular belief. Such larger figures would rarely be "drawn" pixel by pixel on the computer. Keep in mind that they even had a stylus when working on the art for Genesis games in the late 80's so that's not cheating either.

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one of these days I'm gonna sit down and make a screen tone set of dithering styles lmao

the shading style is called dithering, it was used to create a gradient effect with a limited color palette. Look up stuff like "256 color palette" and try to restrict yourself to those colors. get yourself a bunch of pics you want to study (can be photos or screenshots, whatever you want), and re-save them to lower quality, it should produce a dithering effect on them, the pixel patterns on which you can then study and replicate
the lines are sharp black, clean, and thin, so you have to have a good handle on inkling and knowing where to put your lines. the only way to get better at that is practice
For more references, look at sega genesis, dreamcast, and pc-98 games

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Thats not pixel art in the OP.

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find out the palette restrictions of the hardware you're trying to emulate, practice dithering & study old anime wifes that you like. other than that it just comes down to solid fundamentals

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How is it not?

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