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And it's not the /x/ bait, it's 99% /pol/.

Dutch Banker Exposes the NWO Shadow Banking Industry 2018 in English
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w24R47E8MA [Embed]

I saw his old video few years ago, and cringed at it, but here is the rundown of the new vid

>6 gajillions are unreal, even few hundred thousand is too much for a real amount
>Nazi worked with Zionists
>The whole Nazi movement and Hitler were made to make the Jews, esp. the rich ones, to run from Europe to the Holy Land in order to create the State of Israel and the Third Fucking Temple
>Luciferians are real, they suck blood in all senses (sacrifices, wars, famine, negative emotions, etc.)
>cryptocurrencies initially were created by secret services
>we are multidimensional beings
>there is life after "death"

>the goal is to leave the cycle of souls that remain the cycle because they do shit in life; they are captured again and again and used as batteries
>since we are free and have free will, we can escape

Honestly, IDK what I can disagree with.

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it truly was


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