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How to draw without construction lines?

>Inb4 KJG memes

I'm genuinely curious, I can make decent stuff if I use construction lines with primitives but with no construction lines and I can't really get to the final picture.

Pic related was drawn free hand, if I clearly set out my goal I preform best but I still struggle. Mainly with drawing volume in perspective.

I literally have envision my scene from every angle and pick something that I can comprehend.

Any suggestions?

If you're wondering, I practice daily.

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If you can't do it, then you gotta practice more than daily.

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That makes no sense desu, could you elaborate?

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Imagine the construction, nignog.

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Just keep doing it until the whole process pretty much becomes internalized. It's not that KJG doesn't do construction. He just does it in his head and at a very fast pace at that. Do it so much until it feels like it's just the natural thing to do. Be careful of tricking yourself into believing you've achieved it while you're actually just symbol drawing in reality, though.

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Oof, I actually work around that much, mid terms are really fucking gay at my college.

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I try to alway draw in perspective and sometimes use an underlay with some basic reference lines in perspective. I think that KJG studies individual objects, then draws them from many different angles. Until he roughly rememberes how to construct them.

Ive been doing that, issue is, it's fucking hard.

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It's really all about your visual memory.

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Think more. It's really hard. You basically visualize your entire drawing on the page and trace over that using your mind's eye as a map. There's no room for guessing, so you really have to be confident in your drawing decisions. It takes a lot of skill that can only be aquired through practice and experience. If you can't do it now, don't worry and keep practicing. Make some junk drawings where you attempt to draw a full pose without constructing it first. There really is no secret other than patience, persistence, practice, and a whole lot of time. You know, like anything in art.

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How to build a house without a foundation?

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what is his leg doing, that looks painful anon

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Construction lines are there for the sole purpose of helping you think and imagine the forms within a drawing.

Masters that do not use them have advanced to the level where they can imagne all the construction in their heads without having to bring construction lines onto paper first, because they can draw exactly what they imagne in their head.

Beginners struggle with bringing what they have in their heads onto the canvas, sometimes they even have a warped perception of what they want to draw.

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You're not gonna like the real answer
It's just being good enough that you can do all that in your head, or kn w how things look good enough to be able to just put it on paper without having to calculate everything with primitive shapes.
Bottom line experience and practice.

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I you're doing it digitally, then just create a new layer and redraw the lines. Lightboxes are a tool to use for paper, or you do all the construction on scratch paper and redraw it on the good paper.

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