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he's clearly tracing a real child

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so he have 2

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ew wtf

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kill yourself

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>Trace child
>Trace cartoon head
>rake in attention and money from desperate pedos

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Not sure if art like this gives pedos a release, there by saving Real children from abuse or exacerbates the issue.

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This looks so bad it's almost nightmare fuel
The guy must have spent 99% of the work on rendering the body and the other 1% on face, hair, clothes and background

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wrong hand position

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cartoon face, like suppost to be

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One can only hope it helps

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>This looks so bad it's almost nightmare fuel
>The guy must have spent 99% of the work on rendering the body and the other 1% on face, hair, clothes and background
Yeah he should have equally divided his efforts in order to provide a more realistic image of an underage girl? haha

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> in order to provide a more realistic image of an underage girl? haha
I never said that. fucking pedo

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Not him but there is absolutely nothing wrong with drawing girls.

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it looks like shit though
if youre gonna cartoon little girls do it right

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I agree that those are more appealing but they are curvy young women with big heads

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yeah, now that i look closer i was thinking realistic since his rendering was bordering it

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Was Japan lolicon always children? I'm certain 10 years ago before America knew about it, it was basically chibi characters, young adult body + big youngish head. As time went and America took in the lolicon meaning, it seamed to change to toddler/6-8 year old body type or something. Did America change the meaning because they are hard at understanding cultural concepts or what?

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Yes and pedophiles.

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turn off your life mate

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Got any source from that? Like, from a Japanese definition translated into English?

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hips and tits, they've been through puberty. OP's image is grim because it has child proportions.

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>you cant mess up the hand part if you dont draw it

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Japan's sex crimes are way down compared to other 1st world countries. It probably helps, and the Olympics' cleanup might fuck that shit up too.

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it does help as a lot of people in japan fill their fantasies through fiction that's why the birth rate is down that and also hikimori

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Wouldn't be surprised if sex crimes is Japan just rarely get reported, as most sexual abuse happens within family circles and seeing how such an incident would bring shame to the whole family I can only assume that a lot of those crimes never get reported.

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>Wouldn't be surprised if sex crimes is Japan just rarely get reported

The problem with this theory is that you ignore all other stats. Japan has far lower crime across all categories compared to similar countries, which means there is a high degree of lawfulness among its citizens. There's no particular reason to assume that doesn't hold true for sex crimes.

Japanese women also have the highest life expectancy on Earth, and a major factor is that there are less crimes of all kinds committed against Japanese women.

I'm not making an argument for or against lolicon art, only that you can't dismiss their lower sex crimes stat with the wave of a hand.

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You've made a fair point. Distrusting statistics is one thing, but my accusation was actually pretty baseless.

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I don't trust Japanese crime statistics very highly, the cops cook the books and any murder they can't find a suspect for, they're liable to just call a suicide so they can report a low murder rate.

Which isn't to say I think cartoon porn measurably affects crime rates.

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in Japan 13y is legal

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I'm not really sure what you're getting at because you're making the same error as the other poster. You're taking one stat then dismissing it because of a gut feeling.

It's nice to be skeptical, but that's why you should look at other kinds of data. Life expectancy is one of them. Another is teen pregnancy. Japan's teen pregnancy rate is 1/16th that of the US per capita. You might dismiss these individually, but together they paint a cohesive, corroborative picture.

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>Was Japan lolicon always children?
Yes, in fact one of the first video Hentai animations was called Lolita Anime. Which featured yuri, BDSM and lolicon. They were always like this, they have just infected the west with their degeneracy now.

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Theyre too thick to be younger than 17

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If liking Shinobu is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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technicaly, at country level, yes. But most prefectures have local laws amending that.

Also, it's still a crime if the girl isn't consenting and, at that age, they rarely are.

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Ya they look like midgets rather than kids

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Not midgets but just short young adults

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Stop falling for obvious bait threads

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>everethink i dont like is bait

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