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So I'm trying to make some money off of furries on furaffinity; however I keep getting comments that spew inane nosense, and praising my obviously not very well thought out sketches that I like to upload as wips as if they were drawn by Ruan Jia or something and these comments often have poorly drawn and just straight up ugly art for their icons

Is it in bad form to block them and delete their comments if they are not commissioning me, or are not popufurs?

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I want to dele them becauese I'm afraid that shitty art is going to rub off on me

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Just let them be OP, if they like what they see what is the harm for you?Just stay neutral like you should and focus on your art. Heck most people would be glad if they would get comments why are you so afraid of it?

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Are you fucking retarded? They're comments. They do not affect you and they do not represent you. Christ you practically belong on neoliberal Twitter with that sort of mentality.

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I can understand the fear. There is a risk of getting too much praise and having it go to your head and slow your improvement/blind you to your actual skill level. But you just have to remain neutral as another anon mentioned. Constantly look for inspiration from artists at a high level than you. But all commenters and appreciators of all types and levels will definitely help you grow the social side of things. Just keep a level head.

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>i plan to make money on furries, how do i ban the ones that like my art?

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Also be careful with the element zapper(quick block) mode- it's not hard to undo, but long and unintuitive enough that you'll forget how you do it.

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this ^

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If you don't like the art that you upload, don' upload it. Don't blame your followers for your own insecurities. Anyways, if you're going to try to make money off of these people it's probably going to be more damaging in the long run to be known as "that guy who blocks people because they complemented their art"

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Smart anon, OP dumb dumb tho

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When you've been on /ic so long you think compliments are a bad thing.

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