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Lmfao why do fundieniggers always harp on about perspective/vanishing points... Look at this fucking image, do the lines look like they are converging to one vanishing point? No, they are fucking parallel. In real life there's no such thing as a fucking vanishing point, perspective is intuitive and not mathematical geometry and last point if you want to follow little perspective guides and shit maybe you should have signed up to be a fucking industrial designer and not a concept artist or some shit retard this is art not math class.

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It easily fixes most problems artists have. It's a tool and is not reality, but it's quite representative.

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This is just two point perspective. Get a grip

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Uh... anon...

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Pretty sure this is one point perspective?

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Multiple people already told you in that other thread, you have to learn the basics of perspective so that it becomes intuitive. Post your work to show us this innate perspective you never studied. >>>/beg/

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no? we can see 3 (THREE) parts of the boxes. so it is minimum two point perspective. if we'd want to, we could add extra conversion to 3rd point (vertical lines) - thus making a picture in 3 point perspective.

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Actually my bad, from this angle this is an actual 3-point

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OP here, oops I got 1 point and 2 point perspective mixed up but at least my intuition was only off by one point, but it's ain't maths so who cares XD

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This is just coped so you don’t have to do your perspective exercises. It’s doubly hilarious because your perspective intuition is so shit you are surprised by the image you posted

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>Posts photobash
Hurrr intuition

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A thread died for this dumb shit

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I'm sorry OP, but your two 'parallel lines' are so thick and on a small detail, that they are irrelevant. At that size a one pixel difference can turn your parallels in convergent lines.

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>lmao guys i was completely wrong but im still right you know
this some shitty bait

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Can we get a temporary ban for threads like this?

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Low iq brainlet retard

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No, pretty sure it's 1 point perspective?

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you may not know this but thats not a perspective view, thats an orthographic view. there is no converging in orthographic view.

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there you are op, now you can be stupid somewhere els.

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go get a job you idiot.

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Report it for extremely low quality and hide it on the catalog

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Didnt objects can have different vanishing points mongoloid. You can have a building or wall angled different ways. You can mess with vanishing pts for different effects AFTER you learn the fundamentals. Now go back to drawing your gay furry shipping and tracing porn faggot.

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Does it look like these lines converge? No they are fucking parallel.
Perspectivefags BTFO

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Does it look like this new set of lines converge?
not within the size of this canvas
Perspectivefags BTFO

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Though they do not converge they're still in perspective; you are missing the principle of perspective all together if you really believe that perspective is all about converging lines at the vanishing point.

Your argument would hold more weight if the parallel lines were all in equal length.

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OPs lines arent even parallel holy shit

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>thinking perspective is anything but a meme better artists tell us so we don't improve

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>Report it for extremely low quality

I did.


What do you think I'm avoiding doing right now?

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>people taking OP seriously

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you dumb nigger.

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Perspective is simply too hard for brainlets like you, OP.

Stop opening dumbass threads, retard.


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i have trouble picturing bodies in my head in perspective

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sometimes the point at which lines convery is extremely far away, take the lines of your desk, from an above eye view, the parallels would seemingly go on forever. as well as something like that would not be so prominently decreasing in size. the perspective warp on objects is less the further it is from the lens.

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and FOV right?

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>Not realizing that the horizon line is upward
>Not realizing the the vanishing point gradually diminishes in a vanishing point from the top right.
This has to be bait, I'm so glad that I left this place lmao, it must be confusing as fuck to beginners here.

To beginners:
NEVER USE THIS SITE FOR ART ADVICE. Just grab pirated books/videos/resources/tuts and bail.

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Agreed, the resoures here are amazing. But evrything else is shit. Specially the art advice.. teal line guy was the exception but he is gone.

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you know ...i never say this to anyone on here but....post your work

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Multiple vanishing points nogger.

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Might as well ask here instead of making a new thread.

I know about 1, 2, and 3 point perspectives, but how do you determine where those vanishing points go? What's stopping you from arbitrarily moving them to different places on the page?

I think two of the points are supposed to be on the horizon, but what's stopping you from squishing them together or pushing them waaaaaay far apart? What about how far up or down the 3rd point is?

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no rules just tools.
actually you place them in different places in 2 point the 2 dots go on the H-line and if they are too close together it will look warped. so you place them far apart to make it look right. in 3 point you add a vertical point somewhere either at the top or the bottom anywhere the vertical lines should emanate from. this point should be far from the HLine.
to create slopes you create points the slope follows in space. all this and more in your next installment of loomis.

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well actually i guess you could put the vertical point near the hline if you wanted to .
one more thing if you put more dots on the hline you can turn objects in different directions.

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You place them in the direction your parallel edges are pointing to
Towards. It's really that simple.

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How close you put the vanishing points actually determines the focal length. If you put them really close to one another you get a wide-angle look with really distorted perspective, and if you put them far away you get a very flat telephoto look. So you can put them wherever you want, but it’s not arbitrary in the sense that your choice can make a huge difference.
I’m not sure but I think there is a way to determine the “right” VP distance for an object, but it was a while since I learned this stuff so don’t quote me on that. I’d recommend looking up either Marshal Vandruff of Erik Olson’s video series on the subject.

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A word of caution about perspective lads, prolonged exposure will drain soul out of you and may even drive you insane. I know a couple of promising artists who went mad after attempting perceptive perspective research.
You (sadly) can't avoid it at all if you want to advance, but please for the love of god at least mix it up with something more creative and chaotic, don't concentrate all your attention to this subject.

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>Look at this fucking image, do the lines look like they are converging to one vanishing point?
Yes they do. The vanishing point is far enough where you could get parallel lines if they are short enough (depend on how far is the vp.)
You even proved that there is a vanishing point by extending the edges with red notice how the space between the two red lines get bigger as you move further away from the vp.

That's why you can draw parallel horizontal and vertical lines in 1 point perspective and they would look correct that's because the vp for these line are so far away that they will appear parallel in the canvas space.

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Are all of you not seeing that the top line isn't even correctly aligned with the edge?

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