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For years I have honed my skill. Hoping one day I could be as good as them. Now I'm better and nobody inspires me. Art has beocme boring and there is no more challenge. WHat should I do?

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lot of retards pretend to be samurai when it comes to art, just like you

idk keep larping i suppose, unless you have the bushido balls to post your work

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My prediction, no work will be posted.

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i was hoping to here form somebody who actually can relate to this. thats why i made thread.

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You can't even relate to what you said...

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>Art has beocme boring and there is no more challenge.
Post your work or stop talking shit

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You can post your work.

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>no i wont post anything, because im a wussy pussy mangina

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its a technique i use to pull opinions from other people, or knowledge form other experience.

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I will be one of the greatest artists in another decade, assuming i live that long.

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Bold words for a post without attachments.

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you're like at the top of top of dunning kruger highs. hopefully you can recover yourself when you plummet from that high

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use your patiently honed skills to create something of worth ? something unique ? something new ? if anything's boring it's coming from you, you have to make it interesting

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You dont even know if you’ll keep breathing tomorrow. Post your work so at least we may save your legacy

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in another decade.

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anon dunning kruger is somebody who doesn't criticize themselves, they're blind. i have spent years cursing myself, never allowing myself to be of my work longer than 5 minutes. its not hard to know if you're good.

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That's not for you to say about yourself.

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>Talks like an anime bushido
>asks stupid questions that only idiots and beg thing of
>Talks like an anime mastermind but when asked to humble themselves they are not ready to face the consequences.
>can't stand on their own merit and can't even be confident in their future merit.
You are either a child or a delusional idiot. Come back and ask normally and you'll get answered. Here's a possible way to do it "how does one keep being inspired after surpassing everyone around him"

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anon, you're autistic. If you were good you would know that what you're feeling now is a high and it will simmer out soon or you'll be stuck in la-la-la land always thinking you're doing the best

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this is dunning kruger

okay but dont we all get that short high after a painting we liked? it doesn't last longer than an hour. that is the only way i have been able to delude myself into thinking my stuff is good. no im not autistic either.

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what im saying is. that short feeling is an indication there is something in your work that will appeal to others.

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Nothing left to do now but create something completely original

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if i post my work im going to physically feel pain. somebody will kick my ass. you guys are a like a pool of piranhas waiting for the meat to drop.

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Whatever you say, great master.

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because your incredibly fragile ego will be crushed that you hid behind to make you feel better? Fuck off

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Come on, dont think twice, just jump in, at worst you’ll get used to the pain.

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See? How can I even feel excitement when I am the epitome of talent. I have spent years studying Toriyama, Miyazaki and of course Kishimoto and surpassed them all. I have applied to numerous manga studios in Nihon and all they refuse to hire someone of such skill and expertise, there is obviously no one who is even able teach me further and now I sit empty in silent contemplation, a warrior with no opponents remaining.

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Clearly they're ashamed that a westerner achieved such talent and not them.

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This is an imposter posting overly rendered trash by that hack Ruan Jia. I don't need those flashy colours and effects, my line work clearly speaks for itself.

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the real NGMI

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you guys are stressing me the FUCK OUT. WHAT THE FUCK. How do you even now im a dunning bruger? i didn't even POST my damn WORK.

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>overly rendered trash by that hack Ruan Jia
yeah, thats not even over rendered ya dipshit. youre clearly ngmi.

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How do you know your a dunning carebear?

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4chans anonymous community allows people to air out their thoughts in an extreme way

/k/ anons always discuss optimal methods of killing, takedowns, confrontations, despite it being established that they are mostly overweight and out of shape. See any /k/ meetup. This is not to say that they are trying to convince anybody online of a tough nature, its just that they can air out those desires of being tougher than they think they are. Despite not having any real self confidence, anonymous posting allows for people to slip in naturally into the shoes of someone who does, as long as the posting language keeps up.

following example, /ic/ anons post shit like OP's posts all the time. The role of a master is assumed, or someone well established in the field. This is not to convince anybody on the board that they are in the presence of someone great, but to again slip into the shoes of someone that is, or to even air out the desires of being someone great. Because there's no need to post work, I can pretend I didn't see your post asking for my work. There's also no trail to link my words to my actual achievements. Basically, nobody ever needs to put their money where their mouth is. You can post comfortably assuming that everyone else just needs to take your words for what they are or just move on with their day, it would be a fool's errand to dig to the bottom of the source here. The age-old rule 4chan rule comes back - "The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact." IT rings true time and time again, as is the nature of anonymous posting that compels people to channel their fears and shames into creative writing.

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In other words, OP is a faggot.

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gj getting baited, you're almost as special as OP

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Bet this is Brian.
Since Illashit seems to have fucked off at last.

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Stop drawing people all the time and draw something else.

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