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Actually can't believe how unskilled some of you faggots are. If you actually want to "get good" and "make it" get off your fat asses and draw. I just finished this piece as part of a paid comission. My best work by far and might I just say a result of years of blood, sweat and tears. Get up and draw instead of complaining about how nobody appreciates you, retards.

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Man, I remember when people genuinely put some effort into their bait. This is just low quality.

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Why would I get off my ass to draw lmao get this gay trad shit outta here faggot

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Lol, you're just another jealous faggot. Read my post again, bitch

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>haha i'm sure my funny bait thread is going to get lots of cool replies!!
Sorry that's kinda embarrassing sage

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Yeah this bait, if you want to call it that, lacks a certain minutia. A je ne sais pas, if you will.

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Jesus fuck, you got paid for THAT?

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>actually cant believe how unskilled some of you faggots are

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>my best piece so far

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You're no better than I

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Can I see a redline for the lols, please?

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>That manly neck.

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bitch be overdoing dem shrugs

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>That masterfully placed elephant to hide the right hand
Bitch you ain't sleek

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Needs more Loomis.

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>lol le epic bait XD

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Never crit anything ever again.

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On the left knee you said "what" but it's clearly just a knee. The thigh is behind the knee because of the perspective, that part is fine, and you said "no ankle" while pointing at the ankle. Also that arm is right, I dunno why you say "No muscle knowledge". Though I guess the trans comment is right, she might be a tranny. About the only weird part in the whole drawing would be that thumb.

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>that neck
>that hidden hand
>that chicken scratch line art

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Someone help me understand why everything looks so flat

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because it's on paper dummy

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I love monster girls!

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welp, you got me there

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Here's another one of my old comissions I've done to show you lazy fucks what actually comes of putting in actual effort.
>nice bait xD
Fuck off, grow up and accept that you're jealous and your art is trash.

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It's just so terrible I am having trouble falling for the bait.

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>you got paid for this

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>reverse search
>only result is this one thread
G-guys, I'm not sure if this is bait anymore.

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I know in my heart of hearts we should just let this thread die but I want to keep it up for as long as possible to forever shame this loser. I've never seen somebody so prideful over garbage like this. I want this kid to keep posting images of his awful art.

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This is destroying my hope for humanity

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