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What are your opinions and critiques on Alphonso Dunn?
Please for the love of God don't bring race into it but i guess suggesting that is an exercise in futility around these parts.

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>"don't bring race into it"
I'm sorry did someone make you make this thread at gunpoint? What happens if we bring race into it? Blink twice if you're in danger, OP.

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he's good. I'm ok with his race. the fact that he's black's not really ever an issue in his videos he's jsut a good artist and very focused zero fluff.

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Either you're Alphonso Dunn or he's holding your family hostage

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Yeah you told him man xD Just like how Aaron Blaise shills here and James Gurney likes to shitpost about watercolors amiright man xDDDDD you see through all of us don't you!!!

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hes black tho

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I think he's over rated, I haven't found any of his videos very informative. I don't mind that he is a nigger though.

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>post on 4chan
>"don't bring race into it"

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His pen and ink book is alright. I would have bought any other pen and ink book instead though because he's not really thorough in his explanations. I didn't even know his race when I bought his book nor do I care

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lel, this

OP. whats the point of asking such a thing here, either you think everyones just being racist for fun and we're all actually intellectuals, or you're just making a show of things for your own sake.

can't ask a racist to stop being racist. that argument will never end.

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>I don't people to bring race into this
>So I'll do it myself!
Worked out great, you dumb nigger.

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For whatever it's worth, I am not familiar with Alphonso Dunn. But if you happen to be him, know that I will check it out now.

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I've been watching his videos lately, they're pretty helpful for a beginner and he seems pretty skilled. Just wish he would do less of those "how to draw [incredibly specific thing]" videos because besides just being a general excuse to get drawing they don't really help anyone and are just there to brag. Every single artist on youtube does that shit though because it gets views so it's not like it's just him.

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hes the author behind one of the books that many pros recommend to beginners so i doubt that he posts on /ic/

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Mediocre YouTube artist for normies

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I thnk everyone is being racist and we are intellectuals

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Do you even know what site you're on? Asking people not be racist on 4ch is like going into Auschwitz and asking the nazis and jews to start dancing together

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an racist is a intellectual

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>an racist
Yes, indeed.

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I like ballpoints and he works with them, so I like him.

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Aaron Blaise does shill here. I don't think I have to go through pulling up archives just to go over again how that 40 year old fatman shills during the holidays.

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I like the guy, has some good insights on drawing stuff and explains it good. Watched almost all of his videos and I would recommend him to a beginner or an intermediate with specific problems (rocks, drapery, crosshatching, trees etc)

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it's funny because no one ever gave a shit about his race until you brought it up, OP.

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James Gurney is the lonely and horny poster.

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How are you literally this delusional. If you ceased to exist that would be a net positive increase for the world as we would not have to put up with your crazy shitposting anymore.

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>I-i-i-i have p-p-p-p-pROOOF!
>s-s-s-sseeee guys people k-k-k-keep asking if i-i-it's worth BUYING thi-thi-thi-this well r-r-respected and i-i-influential aar-ar-ar-arAARON BLAISE AARON BLAISE AARON BLAISE A-A_A_A_A_Artists l-lesson p-p-p-p-p--p-pack e v e r y t i m e it's on s-s-s-ssale! PROOF PROOF I HAVE PROOF PROOF PROOOF

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His nose tutorial is literally useless as he draws off camera.

He is good at teaching everything... except figure drawing or anythng related to cartoons and anime which is what most people want so yeah.

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Get off my cock, Blaise.

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This is my head canon now

Dude nobody gives a shit about 4chan. It's a tiny website nobody cares about. These people don't even shill on Reddit, why would you think they shill here

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This site is bigger than you think. My file shares get thousands of downloads alone on /ic/. Just because a few 80 daily posters post here making it appear small doesn't mean /ic/ by any stretch of the imagination is "small". People are just afraid to participate chatting.

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OP already brought race into the discussion by mentioning it in the first place.

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>It's a tiny website nobody cares about.
>what are lurkers

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Yeah I think some guy stole my female atlas idea from a study I posted here. His execution was better and all and I can't scream at strangers on instagram but still, I found the chances of it weird, for the same idea to appear randomly to some other guy

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nigger xDDDDD

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I guess his videos you be good if you're trying to become better at pen/ink rendering and to become better at learning the best way to use line weight.

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Lmao, the holocaust wasn't even real.

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Please don't act like it wouldn't have happened if he didn't

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based and redpilled thread tbqh

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he seems like a really nice guy

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Not saying that but there's absolutely no reason for op to mention it in the first place.

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based and redpilled

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This anon can say this cause he's black and taking back the word

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You are completely delusional and out of touch if you think there are no shills on 4chan.

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I wonder if Alphonso Dunn has ever been caught shoplifting. Surely there's some footage somewhere out there right?

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Based and niggerpilled

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he's my art nigga. he cool

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>Please for the love of God don't bring race into it
That's it I'm gonna say the n word

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