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I posted a while back about starting art therapy.
ive done it a couple of times now and we came to the conclusion that everything I do needs to be planned and I cant just do something and feel good about it.

everyone else there has no art experience so they either draw like children or just color a fucking circle or some shit.

theres a 20min time limit, so far I plan in advance, do a test run to make sure I can do the pic I want in 20mins. its hard work for me.
I just want to be free like everyone else seems to be, but if I just put paint on paper without aim and hope to be happy with the result, I will be ashamed and disappoint of the result.

is it even possible to do that tho?
to do something not planned, in a limited time and be satisfied with the result?

this is driving me mad. please share thoughts?

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Have you considered that the therapy is recognizing this as a personal problem and trying to overcome it? You sound obnoxiously analytical and would benefit more from learning CBT so you can hear how retarded you sound and do something about it.

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>obnoxiously analytical
what does that even mean?

the need for planning come from my anxiety, and my inability to relax and be in the moment.

but my question is from an artistic point of view. is it even possible to make art without planning it out in a limited amount of time and be satisfied with the results?

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I guess. That's what doodles are.

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OP, I recommend looking at the doodles of the old masters, of Picasso, of the expressionists, etc., some of them are not as frame-able as you'd think. Doodles are doodles

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