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Like pic related

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Noise filter 30%, fake film grain.

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trace, colorpick their color ( otherwise it would be impossible to get the colors right since they aren't intentionally picked) and add cromatic aberration

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fuckin lmoa

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think neon and a bad camera

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hmm, best respond I've seen on this oh-so-repeated question

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apply asaro heads. Shade face following asaro head planes.

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>how do I learn to draw?

gee anon I don't know!!!

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>get the style right
I'm serious. everybody talks about how Otaking77077 's work look so much like oldschool anime and how Fighters Z looks so much like DBZ where in reality they both put no effort into things like mimicking cel behavior . If you look at pictures of cels taken with modern cameras, without any grain or cel shadows they still unmistakably look cel.

>color choices
>line style
>character stylization

After you got all these down you can then degrade the image

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>How do I use lensflare and filters
The absolute state of this board.

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>Celluloid behaviour
Not OP, but you might have opened a path of study for me. Interesting, thanks.
>Fighters Z looks so much like DBZ
Well, FighterZ doesn't focus on DBZ, it focuses on DBS(or the movies), which is modern. If DBS had good animation(like say, Kimi no Na Wa), it'd look similar minus the crispness and uniformity in the game due it's resolution independent-ness and the fact that it is rasterized geometry(which is again, resolution independent). You don't have to mimic cel behaviour in newer anime, because there's no cels being recorded in the video compilation(as far as I know), everything should be digital at the point of compiling.

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Sounds like low res + scaling.

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>draw and color an 80s anime girl
>then do >>3762595

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Clean lineart.
Flat colours.
Cel shading.
Texture overlay set to low opacity (pic)

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You gotta keep in mind how 80's anime was made. Traditional cell and ink in front of cameras as opposed to the mostly digital techniques from the early 00's onward.
-Softer ink colors due to real inks
-Naturally imperfect linework. Some details are bolder and scratchier due to working with real pens
-very soft film grain
-Slightly fuzzier and minor horizontal bleed due to CRT resolution. I've never seen anyone pull this off without approximating a filter
-Possibly a minor drop shadow if there's air between the cell and background, That'd be up to you
And then of course, there's just studying the artists and styles of the time. Looking for common shapes and proportions prevalent at the time

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This. People trying to mimic cel art forget about the organic feel that it has + mimicing cel attributes. Most don't even know what a cel even is, let alone how they're drawn on and painted.

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Some good info here. I think another big part of the problem is people equating NTSC characteristics and bad VHS to digital transfers into old anime look. It's more apparent when you look at the good and bad remasters of anime onto DVD/BD. A big thing people get wrong is oversaturating the shadows and designing shadows to connect at tangents or "obvious" points which should be avoided.

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Wider faces, less pronounced chins, muted colors, gaussian blur + noise

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Wait, is 80's style only about picture quality? It must have some style and color specifics.

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I still wonder why the style of those years is appealing tho. How come the human mind likes "flawed" things better cause digital is closer to "perfect", "clean".
Maybe cause imperfections make it more lively and cleaner things remind us too much it's "just a drawing"? No sure if clear, ESL

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I suck at color theory, I'm beg so a starting point would help if someone have an idea : any numbers on the range of what "muted colors" is? sat/light?

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Because the real world is filled with imperfect things. Things that are too clean but still try to appeal to a natural design might have a slight uncanny effect. Might actually be worth looking into

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hair fluff. skinnier faces. smaller nose, bigger eyes. neutral colors

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nothing in real life is perfect so anything that is too clean looks unnatural and uncanny to humans. humans are very good at picking out "too perfect" but feel comfortable with imperfections. imperfections bring believability but also might trick the eye into thinking there's more detail than is actually there so your brain automatically fills it in with no problem.

you can't think of muted colors as absolutes in a range of s or v/l/b. it's still relative to the colors in the entire image. saturation, value, and hue all play into a color's perception. muted colors are something that isn't a grey but isn't a pure color like what you think of when you think "blue" or "red". a 50% saturated red is going to look almost pure if the other colors are only like 10-20% saturated.

david hornung's color is a great book to study, pic related.

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Great advice thanks

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That's a pretty good idea; buy cheap cels from anime no one cares about, you can get them for like $10 a pop online, see and feel what makes it look the way it does with your own two hands

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it's inking then painting the back with acrylic/acrylic gouache/cel-vinyl paint. the problem is that it'll look more like some vector work from illustrator or inkscape

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Iirc the color palette was limited due to the companies making the inks used for painting cels offering limited colors to begin with. So this might be an instance where using the color picker to build up a palette might be a good idea.

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Do old anime actually use ink? I've never heard of this before, any source?

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they could still mix their own colors according to ratios/recipes

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how do you think they drew any lines whatsoever?

inked on the front, flip over and paint the back


and some stuff about colors now

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>FighterZ focuses on DBS
It 100% doesn't, in fact, I would say it's sole focus is to imitate the DBZ manga more than anything.
Character' heights and outfits are DBZ, more DBZ characters, more DBZ stages and coincidentally, most DBS chars in-game play like shit except for maybe hit.
Not only that, but what the DBZ anime did is focus more on being picture-esque rather than fluidly animated.
That being said, I also disagree with that anon, since FighterZ looks more consistent than the manga or anime ever did, simply because they used 3d models for it.

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All animation used to use ink.
Unless it was stop motion obviously.

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Actually, speaking technically, cell animation was just stop motion on a fixed plane

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also reduce the contrast

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please don't do that last step. :c

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lmao no at the noise and chromab in that. absolutely ruined

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>can't make 80's anime effect
hopeless fucks lmao

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This is good, but i wish there was one for Clip Studio Paint

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this is going to die.

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Don’t forget mild chromatic aberration

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Chromatic aberration is literal cancer

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it's not at all and if you had half a brain you could figure the relevant parts out

do forget it. it's fucking not there

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