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A serious problem:

How do I "scale" my sketches, drawings etc? While drawing from life I just copy the size of whatever I draw to be exactly as big as I see it (or my brain thinks it sees the object). When I try to scale I get weird distortions like vertically it's super thin while horizontally it's still the same as in life. The proportions are wrong.

I reached the level where my awful drawings could be just cutouts of photos taken at a position I did sit or look from.

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Proportions are proportional, aka ratios. Size of your lines shouldn’t matter.
Your brain might be broke..?

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By measuring. You need to proportionally transfer the size from real life to your sketchbook.

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>Size of your lines shouldn’t matter.

Any good guides to measuring methods? For people with broken brain, like >>3762632 suggested. I can't do the grid method well, either. I just subconsciously copy stuff on paper.

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