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>tfw get addicted to criticism
>the more brutal and harsh it is the harder I get off
what the fuck, bros

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Do you purposely make bad art and post it to alt so that the alters beat you with the long stick?

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can you please stop making retarded threads.

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No, I make unpurposely bad art of niche stuff and post it anonymously, but for some reason way too many folks praise it instead of pointing out vital flaws, so when somebody does finally say that my incompetent ass belongs on deviantart I can't help but feel devastated but in kind of a good way.

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Pyw, i can give you that fix

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Stop drinking this

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gimme that source

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Same. I used to show my art to my friends and they always just said it looked fine. I was happy they liked it but I almost started believing I was actually good at art and I felt like I wasn't progressing because nobody was pointing any flaws.
Then I found /ic/ and I started posting here and I started getting harsh criticism and being bullied and it made me upset at first but I'm sure that helped me improve and now I get unironically upset when I post something and people just replies it looks good.

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my friend who i criticize alot linked me this thread and i think he wants me to tie him up and burn him with candles while i insult his anatomy bros

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Post ur work bby so i can give you some of that harsh critic ;)

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Are you the mentally ill acrylic painting spammer?

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Let's Try Anal - Veruca James

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I feel if someone compliments my stuff that they are either lying to me or are stupid.
I need some kind of critique to take anything someone says about my art seriously.

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damn just found my new pixie

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Are you a girl?

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post an example

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You only get that from other artists who have no reason to kiss your ass. The only times I've found that were doing drawing sessions with someone in a completely different program with no overlapping social circles and a friend I paint with for "fun". The latter works because we are motivated by the process and not the lust for result, good luck finding someone who isn't driven by results (to the point that exceptional works invoke asspain at the thought of trying to figure out what went right and do it again) but still wants to improve.

Everything else is just asspats in the name of gaining social currency. Normalfags (very few people make art) can't grasp that platitudes like that are utterly meaningless.

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I don't see your being work posted OP. So you are obviously full of shit.

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If you prefer critiques be sure to list that in some visible place or preface all conversations with this fact if you are posting online. There's a general rule of courtesy that, if the artist doesn't explicitly ask for critique then you shouldn't give it (especially when it's not in a setting where critique is expected). Most people are willing to critique your work especially if you say something ego-stroking to the effect of: "hey I really value your opinion, can I get your input"?

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>if the artist doesn't explicitly ask for critique then you shouldn't give it
and that's how you get circlejerks

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