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Are you drawing right now?

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why is muscle girl fetish so popular all of sudden? has something to do with males getting more feminine by each year?

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If you consider grinding drawabox exercices as drawing, then yes.

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yeah check it out

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No, im browsing /pol at work

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Like 5 of your threads just got pruned. This one next?

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Good work

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is this the trash you guys eat?

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it had a really hnnng reference, might use again

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I genuinely don't see how people can see this as being attractive. It physically makes me cringe when I look at those legs

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imagine fucking that big ass

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I can't even imagine how she would begin to wipe down there. She must have shit smeared between her cheeks.

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its only smells

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Not understanding how anatomy works ngmi

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cuz she squishy!

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She would have to be drawn by sakimichan to reach in there I'm sure.

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fucking legend

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I'm drawing big titty lewds to post on my anonymous Pixiv account, how about you?

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sharpened my pencil and fixed the face

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p good but you hands look kinda gross
also might wanna check perspective on that face

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hey, we didn't joke for nothing that she must be the usual refs for saki

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Imagine being this white

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Takin' a shit.

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Wipin' my ass.

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ye, next comes the body

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