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So good at art?

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We are?

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According to that one anon it's because of your forehead

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>So good at art?
I'm not.

т. Cлaв

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Same reason why slavs are good at music and literature.

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Living in a frozen wasteland where your only escape is indoors?
Orthodox Christianity?

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Handrolled cigarettes, terrible alcohol, and depression, coupled with rampant poverty. It creates literally the greatest artists on earth.

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Diamonds in the rough.
Not everyone makes it out tho.
Some succumb to the suffering.

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What type of art?
Best commercial art/books/courses come from usa since 20th, most notable industry artists as well

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History, faith and enviroment. all of it makes the slav effect. especially in the art business.
Also slavs are less greedy, which means they think of the soul more than they think about the cash they gonna get for that piece.

Soul comes first.

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Лoл, нeт.

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Cцyкa, нe пoцpeoт штoлe!?

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Are you saying that because you've only read and seen American art and American books about art?

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It's been a while but
Я гoвopю бeдныe pyccки языкy

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Бывaeт :)

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>Also slavs are less greedy
Not true.
While there are exceptions, you'll mostly find people trying to get maximum profit with minimum effort. Companies are looking for people who can fill multiple spots, do multiple tasks and get paid for only one of them. This is because of the shit tier economy compared to the rest of the world. Americans and europeans can afford to pay for art or any kind of custom-made entertainment. In Russia, Ukraine and other slav countries you'll have to try really hard to find somebody willing to pay for art.

As an average slav artist you either get international commissions or you succumb to drawing whatever brings more money. When a person struggles to cover the basic living expenses he doesn't really have a choice. Many people here have jobs they hate and do work which only brings suffering but is necessary for living.

So every good slav artist is usually an artist who got recognized by the world or an artist from the Soviet time or earlier.

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The cultural Marxism is the poison USSR brewed for you to destroy your society, we don't drink it ourselves.

Our art schools are still traditional and not infiltrated by the modern/degenerate art.

Picrelated is the level the applicants are supposed to have to be accepted into a Russian art school, while in the post-modernist art schools they only teach you to smear paint over canvas with your dick.

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And this is the shit that 2nd year students are doing.

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Im talking from experiense, my own and certain people(my colleagues), not from some theory or political views, hatred or whatever. sorry if you disagree but its ok.

>In Russia, Ukraine and other slav countries you'll have to try really hard to find somebody willing to pay for art.

Sorry but I go to the street-vernissage and sell my stuff like hot buns. I even got lazy because of easy sells.
Your comment fits more to the deep village artists but not city ones.

>So every good slav artist is usually an artist who got recognized by the world

The best Artist I saw, or in other words, my fav artist is alive today, he hates fame and he will never be
but he makes more $$ than me (in art)
so your little theory is just an opinion buddy.

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>other slav countries you'll have to try really hard to find somebody willing to pay for art
Don’t know about Russia or the ““““““““country”””””””” Ukraine, but in any of the more notable streets in any Slav city there will be dozens of artists selling paintings and other artwork or painting on the street and people will stand behind them and watch for an hour and buy the thing right there.
That’s not to mention actual galleries. There are 7 galleries on the same street next to where I went to school and all of them have been earning money for decades.
I know people that earn a living solely through painting icons on wood blocks.
And we’re among the poorer Slavs.

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Also, I’ve worked in Australia and been to New Zealand, and their houses are fucking barren and more importantly completely tasteless.
The closest thing to normal artwork I’ve seen was a framed replica of the Treaty of Waitangi. I have seen 0 actual paintings, just prints of paintings hanging on walls. I’ve been in houses with, I shit you not, framed motivational posters that probably came with the frame.
If that’s the state of the entire new world, it’s no wonder artists are always complaining.
Every single home in my country will have several actual, unique paintings, and many of the old city apartments have walls literally covered in paintings.

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Dont bother he doesnt know whats he talking about, aprntly he learned only from /pol/ shills.

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Where are you from?

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>stalin and hoxha
>albo flag and burning bible

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lol what, there are only like a handful in history, mostly from renowned soviet schools who got their knowledge and teaching origins back in Italy and central Europe.

Their general art scene is pretty shitty, like everywhere else, maybe even more so.


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>they think of the soul
>that webm of a slav in the club and when they ask what the most important part of a woman is he says the soul

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Good lord.
If you'd see 90% of the output by my school's art majors it would seem like preschool arts & crafts.

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>тфв нo cлaв apтиcт бф

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are they though?

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Дaвaй aceчкy

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Пидopa oтвeт.

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Their schools and tradition aren't poisoned by (post)modernism. Look up "art of gold" on youtube, is a good documentary. Wish I could go there.

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Back again for more ass woping, faggot? Last time where you tried to shill russians and it gone wrong wasnt enough.

Go and chocke on a dick, your shit meme, cherry picking and relying on what people dont know about the topic needs to die.

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>shilling russians
Are you legitimately restarted or what? Do you even know what shilling means?

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Kuciara, Beksiński, countless old masters.

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strong passion to do honor for mother russia

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You can romanticize russia all you want, but for every russian genius there are 49 completely retarded russian retards.
To be honest, I'm not really sure if this is a good trade or not.

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Slavs that are successful and talented that you usually see are just the tip of the iceberg

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>omg, russian are soooo guud, muh western degeneracy, russia superior
>uh, what? how dare you say this is about promoting russians and shitting on the west.
One can only be so stupid and you still managed to expand on that.

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writing icons is a very codified form of art/craft. It has so many rules and constraints that you cant really put creativity into it unless you deliberately decide to break them.

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Икoны тoчeны, дeды дpoчeны.

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Hallo. Any Russian/East Euro talented artist beauty want to become the American citizen and give me the many children? I am so very lonely ahhh.

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>Our art schools are still traditional and not infiltrated by the modern/degenerate art.
Too bad NGAHA died.
I got dropped out from there for my own selfish reasons, should've tried to finish it.

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>Why yes, I am retarded and don’t know what shilling is, thank you

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I’m up for it, but don’t expect me to smuggle all of them into the country myself.

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>t. doesnt know what shilling is
go and be stupid somewhere else

if they were so guud like some want to make it look like, they would be all floating in money and super successful world wide, but they are not, they are just a more expensive version of the chink human photocopier machines, that shit out 8 remake rembrands a day

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Those are clearly not 1 for 1 copies in your pic, you delusional dk faggot. Shadows are deifferent, beard is different, the one in the middle of the pic is painted en face, for fuck’s sake.

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>they are not good copying machines
That renders the point moot because of what?

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post your work

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t. jelly perma/beg/

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How does any of that has to do with the arguement?

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>tfw no butiful horny and lonely pajeet gf with big milky habibi bobs

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Your argument was already beaten by your own pic, now we’re just stating facts.

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The fact they are shitty copy machines doesnt counter anything said there.

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>they just copy things!! look at this picture!!!
>those aren’t copies, they’re studies
>w-w-w-well they’re just bad at it!1!1
LMAO keep seething bitchboy

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>they are studies
Those "studies" that get sold by the bulk on chinese web sites.

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>they doesnt manage to make good reproductions that means they are good art
cut the paint thinner

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>he doesn’t sell his studies when he’s done with them
lmao got gud, what else are you supposed to do with them, keep them around for posterity? throw them in the trash and not make money?

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>Chinese Art Reproduction Website Sells Cezanne And Monet For $20

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they aint studies you mongrel
what you trying to tell next? that the badly soldered radios tinkered together in a chinese backyard, to be sold on some third world market aint made for sale, but for learning to solder?

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>same /pol/fag still shitposting about slavs in /ic/ because he hates them in /pol/

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>same /pol/fag still shitposting about slavs
>and in reality in the same thread: muh degenerate west and the jew perverted western art

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>muh degenerate west and the jew perverted western art
This is true. Modern western art is just money laundering scheme by jews who traffic children. Slav art is pure as God.

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they aren't

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>picking and relying on what people dont know

That picture literally is a mandatory entrance exam.
Everybody is drawing geometric compositions and the best ones get accepted.

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>REEEEEEE it's not real, modern art is good!!!!!! You just don't get it!!!!!!!

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>tfw 32 and I wouldn't even make it through the entrance exam
Excuse me while I kill myself real quick

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>he thinks it only can be jews doing this
>he believes made up stories from image boards
One or the other, maybe both.

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Don't let those slav faggots and ching-chongs trick you with fancy techniques.You know what's really matters

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Go away Shlomo

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>be accused of something
>get it purposely wrong
>talk about how it cant be this way because you are talking about something else that aint ment
Yep, that is a russian.

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Who could behind this post?

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Because they know how to to do dark, horror etc. properly.

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Interesting, where is this from?
Lot of skill to put down a head in such a manner.

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This is the way western master artists like Sargent used to paint before shitting into a can became art. It's not exclusive to russia but it has become a rarity in the west.

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And this picture is supposed to be something special?

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