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How many drawings did you do today, /ic/?

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I did two! Two!

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Still working on the same one all week, probably the slowest one on this board.

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4 fun sketches, 2 studies, 1/2 full piece

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0 cuz i keep making new pieces and leave down incomplete all the time.Rarely finish those wips too

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not true

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Sorry I lied, I actually haven't done shit all today.

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Probably ten and i'm planning on doing more.

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2 or 3 if you count comic panels separately

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2 little sketches.

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None, I have a life.

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So do I honestly.

Also, I could instantly recognise who drew OP's pic because of the chromatic aberration.

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when ppl tell me to draw, it's like telling babe ruth to draw, only it's something else instead of baseball and I'm not nearly as talented

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Winter break started so I’m trying to crank it up. Did around 30 quick head studies so far and one longer one.

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today i did one okay-ish sfw comic page, and two pornographic drawings. staying off the computer and playing ps2 games instead the past week seems to have taught me to or allowed me to focus my attention on a single task for longer periods of time. i recommend it.

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>want to get good at art
>but putting the stylus on the tablet is the hardest thing on the planet
>no energy or motivation to draw, just forcing myself to put the work in for some meager 1-2 hours a day
what is this /ic/? how do i fix it?

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1 and its shit, mixing programming and painting is a fucking bad idea.

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the texture is kinda cool in the eyes, if not in the face. if it could be made to where the grain follows the stroke pattern, drawing across the surface of the form might help? was the texture stuff programmed in or were you just trying to do two things at once?

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I have the same problem. Been working on and off on this one piece for like a month and it's not even close to finished. Can you post what you're working on?

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i was trying to do two things at once, do you like it? any critique?

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I had the same problem a year ago. I took the pencil and paper pill. Haven’t looked back since.

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I wouldn't say I like it, but I don't dislike it either. The painterly effect seems cool and maybe worth pursuing but the drawing itself is flawed/stylized in terms of accuracy in ways seemingly typical of a mid-tier beginner. It's alright, but your post implies that isn't good enough for you.
Learn to draw noses and study some hair are my suggestions, whether from reference or artists you like, because it seems like the way you drew those was less out of choice and more out of a lack of some fundamentals.

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None yet since it's still early but I'll do the last two digits of this post

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Change your goal to five minutes, if after five minutes you still want to draw, keep going. After you're comfortable with a five minutes routine, double your goal. Then repeat.

Also maybe this >>3728732
If you are a beginner pencil and paper feels much better, also keep paper and pencil handy at all times. You're more likely to start drawing something if your tools are at arms reach.

Can't really have an idea of how bad it is by looking at a cropped zoomed in image, anon. If you draw zoomed in like this, stop. Painting zoomed in like this should be just for little finishing touches, and I would say you don't even need to go this far.
Try practicing more from reference and really pay attention to measurements:

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What is the punishment if you don't deliver?

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I'll only be cheating myself if I don't man. 39 studies at 10 minutes each is doable with enough caffeine, it's all good.

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I'll be waiting

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It's called ngmitis. Seriously. Either practice and get good, or don't and suck forever. It's that simple. Quit waiting for it to "feel right". That's what just do it means. You are literally just making excuses whining about having no motivation.

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Need finish a request for /sug/

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i used to draw with pencil when i was more casual about it, i switched to digital because i feel more at ease with the medium and i enjoy it more

i thought about it from a discipline perspective rather than enjoyment or motivation.
what scares me is growing to hate drawing as a result of forcing myself to do something not out of fun but as a "job" you need to punch in hours every day forever. and that it will burn me out.
like pros experiencing "industry burnout" or whatever

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About 150 i think.

Im animating

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Working on two images, one for myself and one for /aco/. Hard to draw consistently recently since I'm renovating my house as well.

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i've done 4 so far because i can draw like kim jung gi and have evolved beyond needing to do a construction

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About 20-25. will do another 20 before I'm done at least. Did about 200 last two days, I went pretty crazy. Its all raw sketches and anatomy.

This habit was extremely hard to build so don't worry, you only need practice at practicing. You'll enjoy it in the end.

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Anyone can pump out 20 practice sketches in a sitting. You should try to actually finish something.

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art burn out is very real and it hits people the hardest when they want to do stylized stuff then people tell em to do fundamentals. unfortunately, if you are prone to this then you are already disadvantaged

dont make it a job if you dont want it as a job and you can take it at your own pace

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Nothing yet today, but yesterday I only did a couple sketches and a few hand studies. First time in 3 months that I don't put out a finished piece... And I feel bad about it

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You have no point. Practice involves frequent repetition, I sculpt digitally, if I was to focus on "finishing" stuff I'd never improve in the most critical areas. Don't be a render gimp.

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<3 (less than three)

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thats truth

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oh thank you, i was picking who am i going to copy, my type was ilya kuvshinov and Wlop but i think they are hard to copy. I used to paint with oil pastel and felt paper but when i switch to digital mode my stuff goes to shit, i have to learn how to use the software and its a mess of a learning curve. Anyway i think painting anime faces is a one stupid idea and only good for making fans love you.

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for once i actually drew today, did a few panels on a small comic i started on Tuesday!

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Zero and I have been a big crab on this board for the past 24 hours
Bringing people down in the bottomless bucket of despair brings me comfort
I quit drawing years ago.

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