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You ever feel like you have too many ideas. Like the opposite of writers block. I have all these pieces that I want to produce but can't seem to pick and choose one to commit to since I'm always interested in pursuing more. Every time I want to get going on a real piece of work I just dick around and do more drafts of other pieces I want to make.

Does anyone else ever encounter this issue? I'm under this kind of funk where nothing I make ever reaches it's potential since I just move on and abandon it for something else that also doesn't get finished.

It's a really miserable place to be.

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The page is empty because you're empty.

Grab your tablet/pen/whatever the fuck.

What's the first one that comes to your head?
Draw it, right fucking now.
If it's shit, do it again.
Repeat until you're somewhere you're happy with it.

If you leave it a WIP, I swear to fucking Vishnu, I'll find you and I'll snap your fucking cintiq over my knee.

get out there and make some fucking art instead of browsing 4chan.
close this fucking window.

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It's a sort of procrastination.

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commit to all of them or take note of each one and tackle them 1 by 1. I am currently got 2 drawings in queue, did the sketches 1 after the other then grabbed one and started working on it

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I've got no problem thinking of idea.
I just can't seem to commit to making them reach their potential. All my ideas stay as preliminary sketches.

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This. Deep down, OP is absolutely terrified to push a work to completion.

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>Also cintiq
Miss me with that faggoty ass digital art shit.
Pen and paper nigga

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