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i dunno how to draw a hand anyway

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well if you do 500 you'll be better than where you are right now

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drawing hands is completely pointless. just grab a reference or look at your hands

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>drawing hands is useless just draw hands

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not if you draw them like shit.

Then you get 500 hands into the "drawing like shit" pit.

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I want to make a plasticine model of a hand to help studying.

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i meant drawing hands by themselves. there's no story, no point. you'll only need to draw hands in some of your artworks and for that you can always use a reference.
drawing 500 drawing is a waste of time

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and i'm assuming the point of challenge is to be able to draw hands from imagination

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You know, in order to impose a challenge you must give info on how to do it in the first place.
This guy just says "draw 500 hands", yet he doesn't say how to draw a single one in the first place, which defeats the purpose of the challenge.
>"Here. Draw 500 hands."
>"B-but I don't know how."
>"Not my problem."
>"Then how do I draw them?"

You may as well ask somebody to breathe without lungs.

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you literally draw what you see

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>he needs lungs to breathe
lmao @ ur respiratory system

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>he doesn't use 1 lung, ngmi

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You'll just instill bad anatomy into the hands you regularly draw since you're probably rushing through them without thought. If you want a good exercise then draw a hand from reference( I find mirrors are better since you get to draw from life too) but after you've drawn one or more referenced hands, turn the page or hide them then do it from memory. Figure out what you still need to learn until you can draw a realistic, doesn't need to be perfect, hand from imagination

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He's clearly using reference for these gestures, so just do the same.
imo '500' hands seems like an arbitrary number thats stupidly high for a realistic challenge. He also expects to have it done in a single week (72 hands/ day). This is unrealistic and unfun, why would anyone subject themselves to this? just doing 100 hands in a week is a realistic art college program assignment, 500 seems like your setting an unrealistic expectation that you'll hate yourself for not finishing because you were busy one day.
Ahmed is just a masochist, who wants love and laurels for doing something he forced on himself.

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Did he provide 500 hand refs? No then what's the point.

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Hear that drawing something for so many times makes you better. By contrary, some folks never improve and I'm skeptical of drawing 500 hands in a week will make me better at hands. Should I them waste my time understand how the hands connect, the perspective, the shading?

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it's better to do a thorough analysis like pigeon does

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Unless you're a fucking amputee, you oughta have 2 hands attached to your body. Even in the video he posted he draws all the hands from life by posing his own hand in front of him.

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Why would I listen to this scam artist towel head?

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>500 a week, 71 per day

That is just going to cause people to burn out. They'll just be drawing the same shit 71 times a day so they'll get bored and then they'll stop caring so they'll just make shitty hand drawings.

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You are one stupid piece of shit. It's almost like hands are attached to your body and can't do as many poses.

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who is pigeon

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website of birb?

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This. Some months back I was disappointed with my hand drawing ability. The hand drawing phase would always stall my drawing longer than the entire rest of the drawing. So what I did is, I set a small goal for improving that I could stick with daily: 10 self-reffed hands a day. That's it. Did that for, missing 3-5 days tops. By the time I was

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This. Some months back I was disappointed with my hand drawing ability. The hand drawing phase would always stall me out longer than the entire rest of the drawing. So I set a small goal for improving that I could stick with daily: 10 hands a day (self-reffed, life). This in addition to whatever other hands I drew from imagination that day. Did that for at least three months, missing 3-5 days tops. So I must have drawn close to 1000 hands from that alone. By the end I could visualize and draw hands so much better and to this day, while certain complex poses can be challenging/require reference, hand drawing is not this monster I dread. Work smarter not harder. I'm not even sure you'd be in a receptive learning mood by hand 30. Life isn't some anime where you break your limiter in a short time by punishing your body and mind.

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Is ahmed affiliated with al quaeda or isis? Sounds terrorist

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Does wackmed have severe sleep deprivation? He seems like a mentally ill crackhead sasquatch

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Did it two years ago

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Here's some more

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And some more

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I challenged myself to draw 100 hands once, I stopped myself around 65 because it was clear for me I wasn't learning anything new anymore and needed time to digest what I learned. 500 hands seems way too much.

It was a good exercise and I was way more comfortable drawing hand after, so I encourage anyone that suck I hand to try it (I would start with 50 tough)

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>Ahmed Aldoori
Isn’t he the fag who was massively butthurt because his patreon got leaked?

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I get the vibe watching his Instagram story he's gonna kill himself soon. Something about the look in his eye

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he doesn't look so good too

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Where I’m from Muslims have a reputation of becoming mad unexpectedly. They can be your best bud one moment, chugging down beer and pork sausages, and the next they can snap into fanatic mode

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This is unironically a good challenge to do.
>b-but if you can't draw hands, what's the point?
Then use a reference of some kind. And study hand anatomy. The point is that many people suck at hands, yet never want to draw them and so they never get better. Myself included. Strudy and reference, then draw some hands, and analyze what went right and wrong. Think critically, even though I know it's a rare thing to do now. People will do every other fucking meme challenge under the sun but when it's time to draw hands, they pussy out. And that's how you know this challenge is actually helpful.

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kinda spooky

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Fell for this meme already, about three years ago - I drew around 700 heads, then I compared the newest to the oldest thinking the progress would give me motivation to continue. There was practically no difference.
I wasted so much fucking time.

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your meme story doesn't help much.

there's many possibilities for you not seeing any progress.

how do I know you weren't being a brainlet? the way you practice matters a lot, no matter what you do.

a friend of mine had 3000 ladder matches in SC2 and he was still platinum(this was during early WoL era).

if you're going to the same thing in the same manner a billion times you won't learn anything new, you'll just enforce the same bad habits and potentially become worse.

of course it's also possible that you actually improved but only barely, and your "eye skill" wasn't high enough to distinguish the differences between old and new drawings.

progress is almost never linear

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man do I love you crabs complaining about everything lmao. go watch the video you faggot

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I've seen many artists/musicians/youtubers create challenges to get more views/followers

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