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What tools do you use?
What paper do you like.
Give the reasons and if you wanna post work that’s finished then list the pencil/ paper used.
I’m not sure why ic doesn’t do this regularly when posting trad drawings, but let’s change this!

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I'm no longer buying Koh-I-Noor products. Their pencils are cheap and noticeably lower quality than other brands. The graphite has a lot of clay in it, and tends to be more "scratchy" when drawing.

The other thing is moving away from those Canson/Strathmore sketchbooks. The tooth of the paper makes pencil look messy almost no matter what. You can get better lines and a better gradient of value with smoother paper.

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Yeah, I don't know what happened but everything is noticeably shit from them the past 4 years or so. They used to make some of the highest quality shit.
>The tooth of the paper makes pencil look messy
A sharp pencil and deliberate lines make this a non-issue.

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just get a set of Mitsubishi uni pencils.

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Most of my stuff is Koh-I-Noor, I don't know what you mean

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I think Koh I Noor is like a cheaper version of Rotting, especially for America. Cheaper in both ways.

Also yeah, I have those Canson Artbooks and the paper is very rough... At least for what I do. Problem is it's kinda difficult to find good paper where I live.

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Those and staedtler mars lumographic and caran d’ache graftwood And fabercastell 9000 are the ones I’m trying out right now.
Well, I don’t have the staedtler ones yet.
But so far I like the hi unis and the caran graftwoods a lot.
The graftwoods have a lot more graphite in them, see pic in op.
I will be putting all of them thru their rounds, doing one excercise with each.
So far I like all of them.
I kinda hope one brand will have a clear superior advantage so I can settle down and get a bunch and be supplied up for a while.

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Anybody else vastly prefer mechanical to standard?
I've got a graph gear 500 in .5

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i just use general's kimberly graphite and their primo euro blend charcoal. idk i just like how they feel

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Yeah I got a couple of their charcoal pencils and sticks.
I do like them.
But charcoal is harder to control for me so I’m going to stick with graphite for a while I think.

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Can anyone recommend something like shitty Koh-i-Noor fibre pens for children? I like the tip on them and they don't seep even through printer paper. But they always come in sets of minimum 4 colours. And I don't need anything except black.

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Yeah, that was the only pencil I used for 2-3 years! I recently switched to a rotring 600, and it has such a nice and balanced weight to it. The only thing I miss about the graphgear was that the grip was further from the tip, which I preferred. Drafting pencils, expensive as they are, really are the best...

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Why not just combine this with the art supply thread?

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There was not one to be found.
There are at least a few tablet threads, software thread, desk thread, a watercolor thread, but no supply general.
Plus I like the idea of a pencil specific thread.

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what's everyone's favorite paper for tonal shading? i always end up getting sketchbooks where i dislike tonal shading in them

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I s cond this request.
Also just some goog paper for academic style realism.

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