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X Ray vision. Draw through and around. See it as glass.

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Does anyone legitimately set all of this up when making a drawing that isn't just a study of the method itself?

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You know is tard i just explained it.

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Low IQ*

It's just showing you to think in 3 dimensions, not to go all autismo with diagrams.

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you must become a human 3d printer

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I used to overthink it like you. Then I realized these books are for literal retards who don't even know what "perspective" or "three dimensions" are. Remember these books are created with the lowest common denominator in mind, so a total dipshit retard needs to be able to read these books and learn how to draw.

So to answer your question, no, you don't need to do the demonstration in the pic.

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Thanks anon, have a good weekend

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Yes. It’s useful for 3/4 views if you understand pretty well how the front and side views of the object work

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Post your work fag

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Loomis is a meme.

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It’s actually a little amazing how far ahead of his time this guy was. The OP image basically describes the ucrrent modern day set up for basic 3d box modeling. You would set up three planes with your source image from three angles and then create then create the basic shapes from each angle. When I learned to 3d model, it REALLY helped me start drawing from imagination. Anyway, cool image.

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They probably did that for traditional sculpting to, but yeah. Sculpting and drawing have a lot in common.

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Um, you realize that linear perspective is a couple of hundred years old right?

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So why do globetards use the horizon as an argument when the horizon line is man made? Checkmate satanists.

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Loomis approach to orthogonal projection is pretty damn casual

Scott Robertson takes it to pretty autistic levels. So yes, some people do set up all of this when making a drawing

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This still blows my mind

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wait, isn't the earth flat?

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Looks like a still from a 80's techno music vid

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like my version? : -)

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Yes I do. Is that traditional or a print of some kind?

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Isn't this the guy who got so obsessed with drawing these that he forgot how to draw people

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no, it's an inverted taurus

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kinda falls into the 'belongs on a t-shirt' category, which might not be a bad thing, when i notice it in my own designs i try to own it lol eg.

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