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Doodled through my teens, and only recently decided to really learn how to draw (started roughly a month ago, drawing almost daily.)

I suck at proportions. My heads are often too small, the distance between the ribcage and the pelvis is too far, arms are too long, and even though I'm aware of this issue I can't seem to fix it and only realise the issue too late into the drawing. I'm studying Loomis and Drawabox lessons and already read through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, but none of my pencil strokes feel right. What am I missing ?
I've thought about drawing ribcages and other forms over pictures using a tablet but I'm afraid it won't help my eye get used to not having a direct reference to "trace" over.

I also struggle building with forms and shapes but I've only recently started so I hope it'll click at some point, as even though I understand the concept, I can't quite apply it.

Related is my "work" and sadly, the best I can produce at the moment. Will post more.

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Also fairly recent. I'm not sure what's off but I feel that it isn't right.

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This is from when I started. Those ape arms goddamn. That bean face.

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Wtf is that supposed to be?

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Head the size of an orange. Worst is, while drawing I noticed it, so I would redraw it, think I THEN drew it too large, start over and make the same mistake.

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...a squirrel...

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Learn human proportions and measuring. Just search for "how to proportions" on YouTube.

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Proportions are always in reference to something else. Try to find or develop, for things you plan to draw over and over again, convertible units for measuring different parts.

Loomis’ figure drawing book is good for this because he has units like
>nipples are often one head height apart
>calves when pressed together are one head width end to end
>elbows reach the belly button
>Belly buttons are 3 head lengths from the top of the head

And so on.

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OP, you might need to slow down and just reevaluate your current skill set. When you get down to the heart of it, proportion is just creating size, shape, and structure relationships between forms. If you understand the simplicities of the concept, you can make simple exercises - a good way to exercise proportion in a dead simple way is still life using children's blocks. Don't worry at all about tone. You can shade when you have a better understanding of how to place forms in space. When you do the still life, only focus on perspective, establishing the forms with outline and edges. Once you've done this, try and determine with your eyes whether the blocks you've drawn on paper relate correctly in size and distance from each other. If they do, wonderful! You can move on and try to draw something more complex. Otherwise, make a new still life by just rearranging the blocks. Don't get discouraged either, it takes time, but you can do it.

When I first started out, I bought an incomplete Jenga set from Goodwill and used that.

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I think that's best. I'll do just that, re-read the books I have and go back to basics.

Thanks for the advice !

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Are you learning with the Proko video on how to draw from imagination?

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Chill man, and just carry on. Don't get to down about it tho. Maybe focus on drawing after reference practice what you were told in drawing on the right side of the brain. When your studying drawing stuff you gotta do the exercises or if there isn't any just practice the things the book discusses. If you focus more on drawing from reference then you are going to get better results fast. Which works as a motivator and feels great. Good luck on your journey and don't get to focused on studying, you gotta have fun too. Draw something you like. Also Pic related for you figure drawings, it counts on the whole body.

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What a high effort redline.

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