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Bumping thread early.
dON'T LET It diee!

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Honeypot thread. Sage and report.

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crabby today!

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You should probably use something not obscure, like drawpile or something.

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Absolutely Based

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dude no.

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T. Drawpile Dev

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This program sucks ass

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negative nancy here.

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its true

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i like this one. its bad ui is what makes it so good.

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myazaki was here lmao

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Which one of you fucks erased it?

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>jizz on the forehead
Good taste.

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there are sooo many dick drawers on here. its annoying

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>not drawing dicks

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where are all these good artists in the /alt thread?

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Redpill me on the mysterious *SNAP* poster.

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First the autistic rating poster and now we’ve got orange dude. This board just keeps on giving.

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what is the point of giving every fucking drawing a ''''''review'''''''''?

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Autism. Guy probably doesn’t even draw.

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Looks like there's two reviewers now.

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Fug, looks like the autism is spreading.

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how opacity works?

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at least the other guy is giving some nice advice

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>work on perspective
>use reference to guy doing Miyazaki studies
Meh, seems somewhat genuine but advice is bland. Better than red guy tho.

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mmmh, this reminds me of the good old times back at flockmod.

Nothing but furies, roleplayfags and other degenerates there today.

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And now there’s a third autistic reviewer. Where’s the eraser guy when you need him?

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What's wrong my dear anon?

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>eraser guy
everything but this guy pls

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The board must be purged by eraser guy anon, just like it said in the prophecy. This much degenerate autism must not be allowed to fester on the board or it will spread.

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Agreed. Eraser guy if you're here could you do us a favour and clear the board? We need a fresh start.

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There's a war going on right now between some guy scribbling over everything and some guy erasing his scribbles. Quality entertainment.

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Was feeling overwhelmed. Much better now. Hope you're doing good, too.
It was empty when I stepped in, but I hope we can all draw together, sometime.

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Ah, I know that feeling all too well, good to know you're feeling better anon. Good luck on your art.

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Thank you! You're kind. Back at you.

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not him but i can't fucking getting over the frustation of not drawing what is in my head
i wake up and go to sleep thinking of the same image but i can't fucking draw that and that kills me fucking kill me already

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I know that feel, I think every artist does desu no matter how good they get. At the end of the day you have to get the idea out of your head and try to execute it to the best of your ability. Even if it's not as good as you want it to be realize that it most likely will never be as good as you want it to be. The better you get, the higher your standards will rise. I was watching a video about Katsuya Terada and even he was talking about how he has doubt and dissatisfaction with his art all the time. It's not easy but all you can really do is be content with the fact that you tried.

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so this pain never ends?

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lmao ye. To an extent at least; you have to learn to adapt so it doesn't stop you from creating art but instead fuels you to push yourself to greater heights. Draw not for what you can create today but what you will be able to create tomorrow. Here's a noice quote from Hokasai that might make you feel better.
>“From the age of 6 I had a mania for drawing the shapes of things. When I was 50 I had published a universe of designs. But all I have done before the the age of 70 is not worth bothering with. At 75 I'll have learned something of the pattern of nature, of animals, of plants, of trees, birds, fish and insects. When I am 80 you will see real progress. At 90 I shall have cut my way deeply into the mystery of life itself. At 100, I shall be a marvelous artist. At 110, everything I create; a dot, a line, will jump to life as never before. To all of you who are going to live as long as I do, I promise to keep my word. I am writing this in my old age. I used to call myself Hokusai, but today I sign my self 'The Old Man Mad About Drawing.”

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what a pretentious cunt lol

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That's the mindset you get when you make it.

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i'm feel like giving up

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Don't give up lad, draw! If you give up now you'll only regret it.

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>watching the monalisa guy
>15 min later
>got erased
someone saved?

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How the fuck do you zoom out in this thing

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you don't

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ctrl- and ctrl+ to zoom in and out on PC.

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What will you pick, anon: very nice and chill friend that likes drawing just like you or having a fun time playing computer games with da boiz that won't shut up about how drawing is for girls? Yeah... I'm not a smart person.

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never heard anyone say drawing is for girls, must have some pretty insecure 'boiz' there

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Ladies and Gentleman, take the plunge.

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could someone add a detailed bulge to the 'Hit or Miss' trap?

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How did you fucks erase the finish line already?

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>Just tried this

holy fuck dev fix this thing

remove stabilizer shit, slows everything down and smooth flowy lines are not an option

add color picker
add undo
add shortcuts like increase/decrease brush size

but fkin priority that vector stabilizer or whatever needs to btfo

also this huge canvas format is pure insanity, shrink it down 200% and feature a couple rooms instead

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Original OP here. Until the Dev fixes up the board, I think it would be a good idea to start a new drawing board every thread.
>reset canvas size
>no poop
>that feel with fresh start.

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I f-feel honored at least two people saved my PePe

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whoever made the green catgirl is a champ

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and what is the one who erased half of it?

>> No.3712597

wait there was another half? Eraserdude is kind of like the dude who chipped off the nose from the sphinx, very rude.

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honestly, this should be part of the regular board. could hiro be tricked into hosting it?

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It didn't even stay up a day, eraserfag has some potent autism.

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how do i make things look dirty like this?

>> No.3713176

>make things look dirty
What do you mean?

>> No.3713206

Look closely fag. It's just hatching with short strokes.

>> No.3713210

Try hatching along the form. Break up the silhouette a bit for more dirtyness.

>> No.3713224

cute. it doubles as a critique on the bizarrely vast canvas

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when I search the link, it says that "This site can’t provide a secure connection"

>> No.3713385

don't open it, it's a crypto miner rootkit meltdown spectre variant trojan

>> No.3713388

It also installs lostboy.exe in system32 and sets it to autolaunch on the next boot.

>> No.3713393

Ran the boot check and no virus here (-:

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thanks derek

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thanks derek

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YOU FOOL. The hacker 4chan is now on his way to your house. You just gave him all your information. Good luck, I expect this is the last message you will ever read.

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Is it just me or this drawing platform is fucking horrible.

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yea fuck this site. shit just got chopped in half.

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more like /ic/ level is fucking horrible

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sleep well guys

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I think it's okay, nice and simple. Although the stabilization and infinite canvas is a bit annoying.

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Time to sleep. Whoever drew Nakamura and Saeki, I appreciate you. I hope we make more ambitious collabs like pic related.

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Hey, that was me. Thanks.

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cute thread

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i still remember day one. before the cancer.

this site is almost as toxic now as /b

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we're saved

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extremely gay

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see you guys at the wedding <3

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oh good you saved it

>> No.3714605

our tiktok queen is gone? the absolute state of eraserfags

>> No.3714606

She's not the same now...

>> No.3714609

I like this one too

>> No.3714610

What does Kurimushiga mean?

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Oh my. Glad you like it, guys.

I'm digging pic related. Guy doesn't stop.

>> No.3714749

the right dude with the scenery behind him is pretty damn cool

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Pretty cool, Tsutomu Nihei inspired?

>> No.3714979

It's a quality meme anon. Nice work. I'm gonna be posting it on other boards too, maybe others will end up using it as well.

>> No.3715155

What time do you guys usually draw? There’s like no one there every time I get on.

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anon, call me

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Is Goblin Slayer actually any good? May give it a read/watch.

>> No.3716074

did The color wheel just get updated? Based dev.

>> No.3716076

It's an okay anime to kill time. It's the "top" pick this season to watch. I'm enjoying isekai slime and unironically SAO more than it GS though.

>> No.3716119

Did it? Seems the same to me

>> No.3716160

It seemed different on my phone but it's the same on pc. It was probably a resize thing and I tweaked.

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This was really really fun for the first couple days but now it's always dead as fuck. Are there any similar sites or programs like this where I could draw with random people that are a bit more populated?

>> No.3716317

skycow and flockmod but quality varies heavily and autism/faggotry is rampant.

>> No.3716331

Thanks anon I’ll check them out. Hopefully their autism isn’t any worse than eraserfag.

>> No.3716591

person that drew this must b a cutie confirmed contact me

>> No.3716596

The anime is fucking terrible, I haven't read the manga but I know it's some sort of cult hit. Billions of better animes out there to watch, I'd recommend made in abyss.

>> No.3716608

Hopefully when we start a new thread with a new board it should liven up a bit.

>> No.3716614

We should host regular Google Hangouts instead. Maybe it can get the community together

>> No.3716628
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How would that work for drawing?

>> No.3716629

Of course it is, pretty good. Although you'd ofc get deeper value from reading the manga, but after all this is a uniquely crafted experience that brings that world to life with motion, voices, atmosphere, and music. The way the sorceress is talking is making me hard af https://youtu.be/NUAN-BRfgoY?t=33

Other than that you have Golden Kamuy and slime-kun this season

>> No.3716639

also those who say it's bad haven't watched further than episode 1, since they got triggered that the standard jolly fantasy-group anime trope doesn't apply here, and that it's probably the biggest SJW seething magnet in modern anime history

>> No.3716645

someone erased my skinhead tattoos and the word "niggas" oh no no no this cant be happening

>> No.3716649

You just draw on your usual software and you stream that window together with other anons. Not exactly like OP's link, but similar enough.

>> No.3716654

It's terrible for other reasons besides goblin rape buddy

>> No.3717236

why is /ic/ so obsessed with male genitalia?
i have literally 0 dicks in my sketchbook, but for some reason is the main subject, by far, on this thing

>> No.3717238

I see the notification number grow but I don't see people drawing reeee

>> No.3717278
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Pink drawing anon you have a fan blog now

>> No.3717282

You have to have a high IQ to enjoy Goblin Slayer.

>> No.3717288

>he doesn’t fill up a sketchbook a month with penis studies

>> No.3717306
File: 324 KB, 1142x964, d5d915b03277d94965f3389ac5aba064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like for real I would watch this mofo draw the whole day fuck

>> No.3717312

Stop bumping this shitty thread for god sake.

>> No.3717317

Why are you so triggered by other people drawing you drawlet?

>> No.3717318


>> No.3717321

How's that guy doing those stencil-like perfectly replicated drawings? Is he using macros?

>> No.3717329

Yeah probably some sort of automated script or something

>> No.3717455

I'm not triggered but this thread is just stupid, the app is cancer, the drawings are mostly shit and erase faggs keeps ruining the whole experience.

>> No.3717476

I like this app but it seems too easy for anyone to come on and mess everything up. Have we considered drawpile as a possible alternative? I doubt most trolls would want to go through the trouble of downloading a program just to troll, and only those who really want to draw would download it as well.

>> No.3717501

Seconding this. I would like to draw with you guys once in a while. It's fun and even inspiring when there's good artists around.

>> No.3717510

perhaps he's just tracing the drawings on his tablet, i do that sometimes when i don't want to scan

>> No.3717517

>downloading a program
dropped. not gonna run a virus on my work machine

also, if you don't want people interacting with your shit drawings, you better stay away from the whole social drawing thing: that's what i do

>> No.3717520

>legitimate program run by thousands is a virus
are you straight up retarded?

>> No.3717521

t. drawplie developer
nice try

>> No.3717530

thirded, /ic/ nsfw drawpile room when

>> No.3717558

Even so, why complain about a thread where people are having fun drawing? There's like 12 off topic shitpost threads on the catalog right now.

>> No.3717560

it's just some console wars thing: some guy want us to download his app instead of using op's site

>> No.3717568

What's so fun about an app that barely works? Unless kissing other artist ass for a shitty drawing is considered fun.

>> No.3717569

I like it because it's simple. Everyone's on a level playing field, just like those old oekaki programs.

>> No.3717649

Gah I've been missing out on the fun this week. In the middle of moving to a different state

>> No.3717652

Don't worry, it's still fairly active.

>> No.3717683
File: 31 KB, 346x450, A9AB091D-5CA0-4714-B78C-79929A2AEF56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3718226

yes, I run scripts
basically it just a vector-art (or autotraced pics) converted to mouse stokes and no any hacks
A.I. and their robotic neuronets will kick people from the intdustry btw
just friendly reminder

he do it for free

>> No.3718231

yeah, they'll kick tracers from it. We've got decades before AI can do things other than recombining and tracing shoddily.

>> No.3718242

>kick tracers
stay in denial, dino
ten-twenty years and we are there

>> No.3718270

literally all this does is make it easier on the 3d artists, which are still going to be needed to actually use the program, unless you want hyperrealism.

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