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hey there lads, daily reminder that itll be ok. art is a learning process. youre not the best today but you will be if you keep drawing. i believe in you. draw what u like but dont forget the fundies. youre doing great anon

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My daughter Asuka is so cute.

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you don't even have to grind the fundies too hard to progress, just try to do something differently for every drawing you draw, even if it's small.

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You're only creating this thread to reassure yourself in the false hope of "making it" and to cope by starting a circlejerk with other faggots like you to who are incapable of going throughout the day without a form of acknowledgment and the attention of others. Please kill yourself.

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so many qts

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I have arthritis I'm never going to make it

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Thanks anon. I'm sure I'll make it. I hope you'll make it too.

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Stop projecting, child.

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Stop being gay for a second.

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tfw you're already pro haha.

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The only loser in here is you, everyone else has confidence.

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Fuck you asshole.

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op here. i dont know about making it but i hope everyone in this thread gets good enough to make good art consistently. i hope ur instagrams boom and u get a good following willing to commission u so u can make a good living.

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sometimes art gets rough, it can be stressful. op recently went through some bad art college stuff and hes still recovering from it. but op has to learn that as long as hes getting better then thats all that matters. and he is.

positivity is a great thing to those who need it

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based and redpilled

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i dont know why i typed that in the third person

inb4 autistic

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I got in mind to browse /ic/ less, there's too much negativity in here. The crab bucket isn't just a meme. It's good to have your work shit on, but not too regularly.
Loomis guide you anon, you'll make it. Cheers.

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>>satanic trips, nice.

yeah, io feel like everyone skips the constructive part of constructive criticism yanno?. i dont know what the crab bucket meme is but ill presume its bad. thank u friend, i hope u make it too. all u need is a little faith yeah?

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you're a good guy, satan

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I can't believe satan is abandoning us

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Whenever I'm feeling down about my skill, I always watch Bob Ross. His show never fails to remind me about the joys of making art, no matter how small.

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