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>life of a pro mangaka

>work through the night
>wake up 4pm
>start drawing
>too hungry to draw
>become tired
>go back to resting

How are you holdin up bros?

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Who is the l' artiste?

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Well it is Japan so yeah it's something that put your body and your spirit to the test, but I can guarantee you that if your published in France it's not the same stress, 6/8 months for a volume sometimes even more, I'm currently working on my first chapter 52 pages for now and it is tiresome, for now I do this by passion and I have a job as well, so if I truly become Manga artist perhaps I will be faster but for now I keep drawing at my own rhythm.

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I am pretty sure perspective doesn't work the way that girl is positioned

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Japan is a shit tier place to live at we all know, their society is advanced but their culture permanently stuck at feudalism. I even feel sorry for them.

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Problem in the west, in my opinion, is that art is not appreciated like in Japan. Working that hard without an audience will get you into depression, because we all want something rewarding after hard work.

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pretty sure thats not what the head would look in that perspective

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It's manga

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the head is wrong

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redline pls

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Indeed manga is part of the Japanese culture as for us in the west cartoons and comics are part of our culture, but Manga in general is really popular in France since the eighties, I don't know for America and the rest of Europe but here it has become a cultural phenomenon, for example a radiant a french manga has it's own Anime adaptation by a japanese production,everything takes time and dedication of course when you are no one and you to get published it get depressing as hell but if this truly what you want, you must push forward!

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I should move to france(from eastern europe) and create my own manga series.

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redline it bros

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just look at the fucking chin lol when the head pivots down that far it should be almost touching the clavicle and definitely hiding most of the neck. it makes ti look like she has a tiny ass head

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>manga in france
>have to suck dick to get published or being a former youtuber because the editor/ are too poor/lazy to do promo(easier if you are not white)
>get paid 80usd(before taxes) per page any way
>have to do 180pages in 6-8 month alone
>dont get paid when you are in convention or book signing

unless you draw like picture related (yes this was published by the same publisher than radiant) you better go nsfw if you want to live with it

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Trust me, even worse in Germany. Literally any artist job here is about freelancing.

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>hiding every face
Was this done as a timesaving measure or out of laziness?

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>(easier if you are not white)
What do you mean anon

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Germany is awful when it comes to art and entertainment in general. No idea why everybody is moving to Berlin lately.

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How do you get those automated construction brackets?

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That guy is just depressed and doesn't realize it.

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>construction brackets
do you mean perspective grid or ▪▪▪¿

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Don’t they make almost nothing and work shit hours? Fuck Japan’s work ethic.

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doesn't matter if its close to nothing, as long as it can sustain your neet life and minimal human interaction. i still want it.
not everyone's dream is to get rich.

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Absolutely based, I see that we share the same view on life.

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Literally dreaming and then crush badly. If i would Art fulltime i would go to Japan etc.

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Doing commissions is easier. Draw one sexy pinup, make more money with one figure than a comic artist does making a page.

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do you really want thoses faces...

the majority of new author are women,black and asian

i aggre with you but he talking about 18h 20h work tho
based i' do this and i aready getting paid better than french author

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>covering the guy's entire head with a speech bubble
Holy fuck my sides.

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have you tried looking at the moonrunes

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This is the level to be published in my own country are you kidding me!?
Not trying to suck my own dick but what the fuck is this?

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told you
you dont need skill you need to know the right people
the manga is "double.me "

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Imagine scratching a living making "art" that's only there for people to occasionally jack off to--the most base desires.

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Why the fuck would you braindead copy manga? Why don't you try and use your foreign influences to make something unique? It always shocks me how stupid artists are. You're so obsessed with the technicalities you've forgotten you can create something better than an imitation.

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Well like I said people in France especially the eighties generation grew up with Manga influence,we already have our own comics and cartoons influenced by our culture so having our own type of Manga is only natural, the true distinction for me must come from the story, ''art'' is not really relevant for me it can be Manga or comic style, for me as long as you incorporate your culture your personal touch you have my intention (I speak only for myself here)

But yes it always ridiculous when I see a french manga using Japanese names just to appeal people..don't do that please.

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I'd like to know who the artist is, I can't read moonrunes.

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ベルゼマン (beruzeman, or beruze)

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I'd let you watch, I would invite you but the queens we use would not excite you.

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>draw futa/furry decently

>10k+ patreon guaranteed

ez life

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