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Are there people here who draw anime who aim to be professional artists?
Isn't it a lot harder to work with an anime style in a western market? At most you would get commissions and indie projects, is that really enough to live from?

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This isn't the early 2000s. Do your fucking research and stop shitting up my glorious board with your anime thread spam. There are plenty of western companies who publish anime illustrators works if you cared to actually look into it.

But I get the feeling you want to be reassured yourself.

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There's like 2 other threads about anime, what a crazy thing on an art board.
And I don't think there's that many published anime illustrators here.

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That's 2 threads too many.

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youre right i should stop drawing stuff im interested in and be rendermonkey#98127310 drawing dragons

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Count again and rope yourself.

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