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Why does this painting fill me with disgust?

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It's heavilly stylized with very few advanced techniques and most importantly, the subject matter is not underage asian strippers so it bores you.

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Because you're a fag who can't appreciate some good pointillism.

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probably because of the grain-like texture caused by the pointillism

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Dem asses though

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because the artist probably went OUTSIDE

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Because it's full of french people

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Because the people on the pictire have cilinder forms.

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Ah yes. the artist has truly captured the character of the urban middle-class on a casual Sunday afternoon. You'll notice the artist has chosen to place the focal point at the center of this piece, creating what same may call a "boring composition" but here it is not so! The artist has skillfully directed the two figures at the center toward the viewer, creating a contrast with the surrounding figures. The woman in red is judging the viewer. She's saying, "When was the last time you went outside?". You must have subconsciously understood the underlying theme of the painting and thus were disgusted with yourself.

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I don't know you tell us. The painting from composition, color, subject matter, and rendering is very soothing and calm.

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A few people are in a perfect profile position which you wouldn't naturally see in a crowd. Throws it a little off for me, but other than that it's nice.

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because this is how everything would look if you where dehydrated

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I feel like you hit the nail right on the head. I can't see op getting a better answer than this

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'cause you have no taste, back to your anime.

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It makes me feel some paranoid schizophrenia vibes. That whole gang stalker idea, of people just purposely planted in an area to seem genuine. I'm not crazy myself but I feel like I can empathise with what they must feel in this painting.

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It's child-like in its cliches, sappiness, and in its drawing in some areas (trees). Also kinda reminds me of naive garbage art drawn solely with colored pencils. But he helped develop an ugly and autistic method of rendering an image so I guess we all have to suck him off for all eternity.

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Forgot to post his portrait of art historians sucking his dead ghost dick. He could see the future.

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Because pointelism is a redundant art form. When it premiered it would've been mind blowing. But in the modern error it just looks like TV static and in the 21st century the same effect can be pretty much be achieved using noise or grain filters in photoshop.
It looks gross and redundant because by modern standards it just is...
If you're a modern day pointelism painter you fucked up.

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That's like saying Caravaggio is worthless today because you can achieve the same effect with a cheap camera and some lamps.

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Because the perspective is slightly off? The woman in the pink skirt should be about the same height as the woman in red by the pond. Perspective wasn't the focus of the piece anyway but I could see how that would throw some people off still.

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the monkey freaks me out

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They look soulless. Particularly the little girl. They are like automatons or aliens/demons playing at being human. The girl also has a similar size and peg-like form as that red and white inanimate object near her. Anyone know what that thing is?

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