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does anybody have any japanese anime tutorials? post some if so. I'd like to start the thread with one but can't find any T_T

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Tutorials aren't everything, you gotta study on your own!

Do it with the pictures you chose. Break them down to mannequin-style shapes, then do a wireframe over them to understand its 3d form. If you're feeling bold then try and apply what you learned by trying to imitate the picture you just studied, but in a slightly different angle.

Therefore, you end up studying shape, volume and even apply what you learn.

Now, making a whole thread for this isn't advised, so visit the anime study thread more often.

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Why is /ic/ so obsessed with japanese art, particularly anime?

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Go to pinterest and just type "anime tutorial". You can find tons of them.

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>he doesnt know

4chan started off as mainly started off as an anime forum

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>learn how to draw
>put anime head on it
Do linework and practice, but starting from anime and working put from that will make u garbage

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This.Also dont forget the baby face hybrid proportions.Anime chicks got propostions similar to babies.

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Awesome reply

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If you can't draw anime you are in the best position. People started out on anime have too many bad habits to break. Learn to draw first then get into anime.

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How do I fucking draw like this.

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Shut up faggot

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Trace or practice for 10000hours. Use thin lines and ctrl z a lot

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yeah for such an elitist board they sure like some garbage styles

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