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I remember the days when "pros" would go through insane lengths to fake "no reference used" and made elaborate fake step by steps to prove that they were not tracing or heavily referencing photos (when they did) to keep up the myth that really gud pros never ever look at reference or draw from anything other than their imagination, this is a rather prominent case where it backfired, because people recognized the jap porn model he traced. Any other cases like that?

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I brow in tomorrow mode

that pic makes me click randomly on the page

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literally who and why should anyone care

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>because people recognized the jap porn model he traced.
And they're proud of that because?

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Randis Albion, the prototype for all those conceptart.org speedpaint attentionwhores.

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i remember some chick got completely btfo for doing what now would be pretty standard photobashing, except she repainted everything.

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I remember this. I think it caused some drama on Sijun, if I'm not mistaken. Linda "Enayla" Bergkvist was perhaps the most prominent example. Sad that she quit art altogether, I was bummed out for so long after that. Never did get so see the smoking gun(s) for her pieces that was posted though.

>mfw i was the same age in 2003 that most young upstarts on this board are now

I feel like a grandpa all of sudden. Get off my lawn you lazy entitled millenials!

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She was ahead of her time. Nowadays she would be praised for it. Some of her work looked legit awesome as well. I remember that painting of those 2 chicks and the dead birds and flowers, no matter what photos may or may not have been used, the end result actually looked good instead of the shit someone like Brad Rigney, Shaddy or Maciej Kuciara would do with the same photobashing process.

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It's interesting how something like this was able to destroy careers (lying about using photo reference, not using it, there's a difference) and these days people shrug it off if their favourite tracing attentionwhore is just weasly enough about it.

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>>3564885 (me)
ah that's the one i was talking about here

can't believe it was 2007 i read about it in like 2014

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I never understood the whole "integrity" bullshit, other than that they lied about it. When I say literally everyone was doing it, I mean literally everyone. Photoshop was so shit, you pretty much had to photobash a little.

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Still want to see them.

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>trace meme
nice thread

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Whos more of the attention whore? Someone making art and posting it online to whoever bothers to look, or the autist spending hours scouring over images to find traced work then posting his findings everywhere attempting to show people how smart they are for finding it?

>destroy careers
Whose career got destroyed? I keep seeing 16 y/o anons on here talk all this shit about all these tracers losing jobs but only ever see the same handful of examples for years. Big whoop. Who cares.

What's with IC's obsession about art purity? A bunch of non-arts and lazy wannabe's complaining about bashers and tracers sullying the reputation of a profession they don't belong to and will never be a part of? IC has become a LARP forum. I guess if complaining about niche shit that no one cares about makes you feel better about your shit life then more power to you. Just seems like time would be better spent actually trying to get better and build a career, who cares how other artists make art since it doesn't impact you in any way.

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>/beg/ painting

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If a painting was made from photo ref I usually dismiss it immediately. that's just my point of view. there is no lack of incredible work in the world. so if photo ref makes a painting incredible, it doesn't justify it at all. it only let's a mediocre painter compete with the incredible ones, and that's not right.

inb4 all incredible painters use photo ref

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Nah, they just painted from life instead because photography is barely 100 years old.

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My nibba there's nothing wrong with using reference, but if you're redrawing a photo 1 to 1 then it's only respectable on a technical level, not a creative one.
There's a distinction you know, using reference doesn't automatically mean an artist is just xeroxing.

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>inb4 all incredible painters use photo ref

What realistic painter do you possibly believe doesn't use references, you dumb fuck? Literally the only differences there are is that some painters use photos off the internet, others take their own photos and others draw from life models.

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The is world of difference between using reference in a creative and intelligent way vs. copying photos more or less 1:1.

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Both are fucking losers

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if you can take a photo reference and make something better than the photo then it's good art, if you make something worse than the photo, just think of it as a study that you learned something from. i don't understand people who trace, though. i've never seen a traced drawing that looks better than the original, so what's the point? one time i got so frustrated with a ref that I traced a part of it and then felt sick about it and couldn't finish. idk if it takes massive balls or just plain retardation to trace something, finish it and then post it online for the world to see.

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>so what's the point
Point being that the nigger made a tutorial claiming he drew this stuff from imagination.
Even going as far as faking his "step by step" sketch process. And that's super embarassing.


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>so what's the point?
The point being the guy made up an elaborate tutorial where he faked doing a step by step construction from rough sketch to finished image, while claiming no ref was ever used.
And after he got busted for something like that ended up being super embarrassing.


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overall it looks way worse than the original photo, so i just don't see why someone would go to the trouble of doing all this

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The result doesn't even look too good
Don't trace kids

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>so i just don't see why someone would go to the trouble of doing all this
Ego. Randis had a pretty huge following and probably felt insecure about constantly doing photo overpaints so he did those fake step by steps to prove to people how legit he was.

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holy fuck this is hysterical

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crazy how in 2003 this sort of shit got you offers to make tutorials for art sites and magazines and nowadays people would tell you to go to /beg/ if you posted a crappy photostudy like this in the draw thread.

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Well let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's not like doing this shit (blatantly lying or at least being creative in how you interpret the truth) wouldn't get you a job these days but people got more cautious about not getting busted

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come on, the BIG cringey signature should be enough of a clue. Bragging about no using reference is only proper of complete beginners that don't know shit

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The finished piece looks amateurish.

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Not for 2003. You don't get the point of this thread, this is a piece art history for digital painting.

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He's still around, 20 years later.

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That's a good point. I don't think the first accredited major program using digital came around until like 2003 at the earliest and the first full frame digital camera that wasn't retard expensive came out in 2006. Digital art was the wild west.

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Well not exactly. Capcom was already using digital art for efficiency reasons and workflow in the mid 90s. I recommend capcom design works for some great examples of early digital concept art. Gotta remember all of capcoms artists were traditionally experienced before making the switch to digital art though. In the west you had a lot of people with neither experience in digital nor traditional who bumbled and faked their way into the games industry, leading to that "wild west" atmosphere.

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well, he improved and it doesn't look like he's tracing anymore.

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The unchanging face is kind of suspicious though.

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True, but others were still using gouache, photgraphing it, and scanning the negatives until the 2000s. I don't want to pretend digital wasn't in heavy use in certain capacities in the 90s, but the "concept" of digital art as a dedicated medium didn't exactly exist. It was the realm of video game designers who worked with paints before Photoshop got useful, and of rank amatuers with tablets. It was super niche on the hobbyist level and something you had to learn on your own at the pro level (graphic design and some digipen courses notwithstanding).

Overall, I agree that it's been around and in use for a long time, it just didn't exist as its own discipline the way it does now.

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>shrug it off

lol keep thinking that and keep on tracing and photobashing ya hack

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>tfw he's still doing the same shit
How long will this list get?

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wow...this is so blatant it's criminal. some of these would be fair as "fanart in my style" but a lot of them are just straight up theft and all of them combined are just a bad look

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One thing I remember from the early days of the internet was that good digital art didn't really exist in any capacity and no one would believe that something was drawn with a tablet. Bad shops were also on the cover of magazines so it goes to show how much we've changed as consumers.

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What's wrong with referencing?

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>he completely defaced Lain
That's the only one that bothers me, if he's going to just going to 1:1 the image why not at least try to retain the characters features

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>what's wrong with creating a tutorial to prove you're not referencing and then making a overpaint and faking the sketch and roughs and all in an elaborate process to appear as if you're not referencing

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the dante one is a bit of a stretch but honestly fuck this guy. that asuka is so fucking bad.

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>face is already finished in the rough stage

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The dante one is stitched together from two different images actually

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it's like he created a soulless asuka husk and drained all anger and passion from her eyes

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You have to know the fetish to be able to draw it.

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Poorly copied references aren't tracing. They're a different sin.

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lil crab grew up

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>"Photography brought about a tragedy in the life of the artist Konstantin Kryzhitsky. It turned out that Kryzhitsky used a still in his painting called “A Whiff of Spring”. Another painter, Yakov Brovar, used the same still in his piece “A View in Biafowieza Forest”. The resemblance in both images struck the eye, and a debate in the newspapers ensued. Kryzhitsky was accused of plagiarism and, unable to withstand the disgrace, killed himself."

It was even crazier in the past

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Sounds like /ic/ should learn a thing or two

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>Still drawing pin-up/chicks with swords.

This is what happens when you let the anime take you. Wake up, anon.

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Tracers are gay.

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Because mtg fantasy pinups and warcraft inspired moba concept art is so different? His style looks more western if anything.
Get over your pathological anime hate you projecting crab.

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>pinups of girls with swords
This isn't the 90s anymore you boomer.

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I think this anon was referring to the artist's subject matter not changing nearly a decade later

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>he thinks you grow out of liking big tiddy anime sword girls

kek what a faggot

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ilya and guweiz do the same, what about wlop?

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Wow I needed a laugh. That guys template face is even more disgusting. Where do all those sameface tracers come from and what is their goal?

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>Where do all those sameface tracers come from
>what is their goal?

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Guweiz and wlop are impressive don't be mad

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>pic related
explanation required for an understanding of the joke

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hes lying to get efame. not really complicated

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>I'm sorry I ruined her career, she is a capable artist, I saw her draw an eye once
This is some next level white knighting

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