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>Runa is literally breeding the next generation of super artists

well what now..

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Porn, they can't do that in China.

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Shit man, puts me to shame. I'm over here with my "How to Render" book barely even working, and those people are way ahead. How do I get from /beg/ to that? Is there really a clear road? Or is it just SHEER VOLUME that makes it?

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No worries, it's a niche style that has gotten boring already thanks to the army of copycats.

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That’s it, I give up.

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there is still this

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well considering that he can't make a good painting nowadays even to save his life I'm not exactly scared much. Also, no shit trainig under a teacher allows you to make fast gains, self-taught /ic crabs should take notes.

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just looks like the front page of artstation

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Even if it wasn't him, the sheer number of Chinese artists means there's little hope left. Unless India and Africa develop their own game/whatever industry the market will die of oversaturation. It's just a matter of time.

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Yeah but HOW do you get that good? Is it just sheer volume? I've been reading books and videos and shit about how to do art for years, I'm tired of it. What are these guys doing to get there?

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can anyone do some research and find out all the homework they do?
might be something worth trying

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chinks are good at memorising things, no soul though.

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They literally spend triple digit hours on their pieces.

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>Op pic is good
wew ladie.

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>I've been reading books and videos and shit about how to do art for years

Maybe you would have been better if you were painting and making daily studies all those year instead of reading a lot of theory.

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secret chinese tricks man, he unironically made them semi ruan tier in one fucking semester.. even the worst of them have developed some unique upgrades for their own style

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Maybe it's time to re-evaluate the focus on extreme individualism and the belief that hand holding is always bad.

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Stop blaming these fantasy constructs for your failure. Hordes of Chinese artists, a zombie apocalypse, AI advancing so much it will take away your jobs, none of this will ever happen in your lifetime no matter how much you hope it does. The sad, cold truth is that you will live your entire life at a time where the entertainment art industry is bigger and holds more job opportunities than EVER before in history, yet you will still never get hired because you simply aren't good enough. Not because of Chinese artists, not because of AI's and robots, not because you are a man, but because YOU as an individual are simply not good enough.

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I wonder if any of these robochinkartists are female and would be interested in a white boy lover. They would have to teach me all of their ancient Chinese secrets of course.

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Chink meme art will be everywhere

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>this is just one sheet out of 6


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dream on

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It's not an online course, there's nothing to upload. And even if they upload their personal notes, it'd probably be posted in some obscure forums no one outside china knows it even exists and you won't be able to read it anyways

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no, they do have online elements. And he's also teaching at multiple schools throughout asia atm, kinda like workshops

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What a bunch of generic fantasy trash. Everything is the same - this all looks like the work of 1 artist.

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>standing in the way of true love and artistic growth

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I will never understand why this trite, poorly done shit gets so much attention.

Well that's not true, I do. It's got shittily done shiny armor and shittily done pretty faces with nothing resembling a grasp of fundamentals and beginner wannabes eat that shit up.

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guaranteed all your favorite artists have a ruan piece in their Likes

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Plenty of artists I "like" (is that a noun now?) have pretty shitty fucking taste in art that they enjoy. That's nothing new, anon.

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Is Ruan Jia the chinese equivalent of merc wip? The rendering is pleasant but the subjects are so boring and generic it gives me a headache

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So, guys, maybe it's time you stopped fretting about 'ooh is my artwork good, am I popular, do people like me?' and instead, work towards finding your way into a personal journey of study and growth, in which you explore themes and techniques and particular atmospheres and moments and emotional states through art that interest you for their own sake, and make this your life's work.

This is what real artists have always done. And it is something that cannot be taken away from you by a bunch of chinks grinding out impressive illustrations and concept art in a sweatshop somewhere. It is something that can't be taken away by anyone or anything.

If art is to mean anything at all then it is to be a way to understand life and your own memories and experiences and subjective view of the world, and to achieve a kind of enlightenment and suspension of time through encapsulating pure experience without the illusory nature of personal will to obfuscate it.

If you're really vain enough to only care about looking awesome and impressing people with your totally wicked concept illustrations then I've got news for you: you will never be good enough. You will never be the best. You will always be anxious and jealous about your work. And you will always be completely fucking replaceable by some kid who's stumbled upon cool stylistic techniques. Oh, and you'll become outdated after a few years.

Stop wringing your hands. Do what you must to live, and make art.

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