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lmfao. there is legit absolutely no resource out there for drawing in an anime/manga style that isn't a complete pile of shit waste of time. lierally none.

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>Literally pic related

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You just draw a person but make the eyes big who the fuck what the fuck where the fuck are you idiots coming from?!?

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>where the fuck are you idiots coming from?!?
Probably Crunchyroll.

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I noticed that in many cases anime style is simple gesture without details or derivative of simplification.
For example dark outlines of "anime eyes" is actually simplification of eyelashes drawn not in detail but as simple form.
I learned it after trying proko tutorial on eyes and ending up with "anime eyes" after failing at eyelashes.

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Oh and large form of anime eyes drawn in straight lines is derivative of classical drawing where you learn to draw stuff with straight lines to better capture the for.
Its just less detailed than full blown realism.

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No shit Sherlock, this isn't rocket science

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Apparently it is for OP, otherwise he wouldnt be making this thread.

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It's more than that. It's an exaggeration of optimal proportions and lines.

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Well, it is still something you can arrive by yourself trying to draw realistic stuff.
Its like OP never even tried.

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This board is retarded.

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>SOME of the posters on this board are retarded

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is this still the same guy who made all those 'how do i draw anime' threads a while back? I keep seeing these braindead threads pop up and they all seem very similar

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Have you tried making the eyes big?

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Who's this artist?

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>Not all men!

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No, I was the guy who made those. I stopped doing that when I got banned (rightfully so) but those threads were only ironic and done in good spirit in the name of funposting

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What do you mean you "were the guy" I was the guy!!!!11
Stop trying to steal my laurel you thief, you fraud, you...

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whoa dude, whoah. just take it easy man.

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There's a lot of sources out there on how to draw anime. They all say the same thing.

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If you're talking about western books, then yes, you're correct.

If you want to learn how to work in the Japanese style, you need Japanese reference work.

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>open random anime thread after grinding my daily 100 boxes
>two guys falseflagging as if they were me
now this is absurd. I've been the one shitting up the board with daily "how to anime" threads, you have no right to claim my hard work

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The problem is there is no distinct "anime" style, you have a wide range from Namori's super moe style, to Murata's much more realistic and detailed style, to the other Murata's alien faced lolis, to classic anime style that had much harder edges.

You can't say "anime" style because it makes no sense, a lot of the western styles are more "anime" than some of the actual anime. Disney is anime as fuck for example.

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this is a meme
learning how to draw old men and roasties won't help you draw actually appealing work at all

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Learn jap and read the resources they use.
If you care that much about finding some resource it will be worth it.

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/ic/: anime uses simplified anatomy and less complex forms than realism


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No I'M dirty dan

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Because you don't "use simplified anatomy". (YOU) simplify said anatomy, from what you already know.
Of course, some might go to the extremes and suggest you need to be a first rate artist to even think about drawing anime chicks.
I say you just need to be a good one, not exactly the top 1%. >>3547098 For example you don't need to be able to do that masterful lightning and shadowing, nor the skeleton. But being able to do a decent body that decently approaches that level of anatomy and being able to change its pose makes you good to go.

I doubt any of the hentai artists that make me orgasm so much per day know how to draw a goddamn skeleton. Or maybe they do, but it doesn't show.

Without a good grasp on anatomy, your drawings are simply incapable of being appealing and will look like they were made by a kid like pic related

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Upon closer inspection, that's a bad image I used. I think the author does know about anatomy, the proportions are right and judging on the head/necks I can infer they did construct a base model first.

It's just that they plain coloring and lack of any details is shit. But they look human enough.

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Aren't you tacitly implying in this post that Jap artists that draw hot doujinshi porn don't have a solid anatomical foundation oftentimes, yet still draw appealing art?

Aren't you refuting your own argument?Obviously it helps to study human anatomy but if we're discussing what is absolutely necessary to draw appealing anime, there's clearly a "fast and dirty" way to learn that doesn't involve traditional study or bargue plates.

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I'm saying they do have a solid enough understanding, a middle point. But /ic/ sometimes goes overboard with how hard you must study and shows drawings like the first post that only a few select guys are probably able to draw with that level of perfection.

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how to draw manga:
>learn fundies
>study anime artists that you like and deconstruct their images using what your fundies

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Fundamentals are most important in making good anime, poor fundamentals will show and make for poor anime. Anatomy while important, isn't everything as long as you can create believable forms in space, that applies for most cartoons imo. Biggest difference in western vs nip cartoons is the face, so trace that shit from your faves until it's muscle memory but always think in 3D.

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>You have to know fundamentals and anatomy to draw good porn
Explain why all the hentai I fap to can't even get the gender's genitalia right.

checkmate loomisfags.

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There's literally thousands of hours of it. It's fucking called anime.

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Because philosophically speaking, anime is heavily rooted in visual dynamism and appealism, meaning that aesthetics are the single most important aspect of the piece in anime art. But anime is not an island and you can see the various sources that they pull from for inspiration in all sorts of anime, Osamu Tezuka’s relationship with the earlier Disney cartoons is a prime example of this, or Miyazaki’s rebellion against Tezuka’s movement. Anime as a movement is in constant flux but the constant of simple dynamic appealism is a constant. Now back to the subject of hentai (which is art) having the “wrong” genitalia. Again, like Tezuka drawing from Disney, the insertion of phallic symbols in the world around us has been a constant. This isn’t something that is simply constrained to art either, look at the Eiffel Tower or the Washington Monument. These are very obviously phallic images used asked as a way to convey a wide range of both positive and negative emotions. The potential of the phallic symbol can not be understated. And back to hentai, what they do is really genius, truly. They take the phallic symbol and everything it represents, really everything it encapsulates running the gamut of French and American history and mood it into their own by attaching it on to the opposite gender. By doing this they have completely turned the idea of phallic power on its head and revolutionized the art world. The use of dicks on chicks in anime has had an impact on all our lives in incredible ways and yet many of us do not even realize. I advise you to indulge in more hentai and refrain from calling chicks with dicks “wrong”. It is a very deliberate artistic choice and a stroke of unbelievable genius. Do not dillute it or sully it but instead embrace it my friend.

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lost steam when you started using dicks and chicks as it loses the scholarly feel of the argument.

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how do i get to that mid point as /beg/

pls dont say loomis

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anime heads and bodies are 5d objects that completely change in shape as they rotate in 3d space
if you want to learn anime, you have to animate, study anime frame by frame, understand why the deformations take place

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That was a deliberate choice on my end anon. Like the African American community has taken the obscene and hateful word “nigger” and transformed it into a word of empowerment with “nigga”. I am aiming to do the same with the crude phrase “chicks with dicks”. It is built upon the persecution and vilification of anime enthusiasts (the most persecuted class in 2018 mind you) such as myself and I think this is a goodbfirst step in empowering those who indulge in that which society can not understand. It is my hope that in a few years, “chicks with dicks” will be used in a much more positive connotation in the future.

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>anime heads and bodies are 5d objects that completely change in shape as they rotate in 3d space
I love having space and time bending statues available for $20

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Not him, but if you look at an anime statue head from the side you will see it doesn't look as good (or as accurate to the anime) as it does from the front.

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Depends on the figure. Most look better than sidemouth non sense.
Might not be a perfect representation of actual animated anime, but that's budget tier shot anyways and were talking style.

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Do you also feel frustrated by drawing animu

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>80% of ic makes animu threads

what's your point faggot

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Well, any established art teacher's learning material is interchangable as long as you put in the time and effort. Loomis just happens to teach the kind of anatomy detail level most japanese artists use where they focus more on form and perspective and anatomy just needs to be serviceable.

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no IM the Anime Man

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thats where youre wrong, youre studying shitty mass produced anime that takes shortcuts. stop doing symbol drawing, its the most basic thing. you cant skip learning the basics

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Just learn anatomy you faggot, then simplify the forms (generally just the least required outlines to define shape), and stylize the facial features, which can easily be learned from copying any anime style of choice.

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>Just learn anatomy
like bro just learn anatomy lmao

i had an easier time learning differential equations compared to self-teaching anatomy. it is so damn hard and /ic/ just gives meme advice

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Nobody said its easy anon, but you just have to learn it.

>> No.3548505

That twitter link was the most useful thing in this thread

>> No.3548508

saying "just learn anatomy" is basically implying it's easy

"just learn laplace transforms lmao"

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It's not hard to memorize some 3d shapes wrapped around 3d shapes when you ARE a perfect example of it. It's easy, you're just retarded.

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fuck off crab nobody cares

>> No.3548544

it unironically will.

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>/ic/: anime uses simplified anatomy and less complex forms than realism
That's what that pic says.
You absolute fucking morons.

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You call it meme advice but you have to realize that it's a skill. It's like playing an instrument, there's no advice that will make playing a violin easier, you need to grind hours doing basic shit until you get better at it.
So stop crying about it not being easy and just grab one of the beginner books and grind anatomy.

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"just learn anatomy" is meme advice. it's not real advice

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No it isn't peabrain. If you struggle with the human form, you need to go learn anatomy. You grab a book on the subject and you grind that shit.
I can't grab your hand and do it for you, I can't whisper you a secret phrase that will magically bestow you with the experience, muscle memory and knowledge, you have to do it.
Just fucking draw anatomy.

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lel, this. why can't beginners grasp this concept?

>> No.3548594

he's right tho, anatomy is just about putting the time in. If you consider learning methods acquired, it is amongst the simplest things to learn in drawing

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If I ever voltuneer as a math tutor at my college I hope I get an /ic/ shitposter to tutor for his liberal arts math class and I can tell him "lmao bro just take the derivative like lmao just apply the chain rule lmao just multiply by the conjugate"

>> No.3548615

How about some food analogies while you're at it. Just face the fact that you just need to practice and you can throw around all the math comparisons you want but if you want to get better at drawing you'd better spend that time grinding anatomy.

>> No.3548624

Who cares if it's hard? If there's something you want to learn, it doesn't matter if it's easy or hard. What matters is that you want it. The good news is anatomy is something you can study piecemeal. If you notice your arms are fucked up, or you don't know how to shade shoulders, study arms. Even better, it's a subject where knowing a little can take you a long way. And it's not like you can't draw your mangas inbetween actual studies, the all or nothing attitude is stupid. Also Jr college mathfag you'd probably get more millage if you explained what your problems are rather than saying 'anatomy is hard'

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let me know how that art career goes

>> No.3548633

You're actually retarded. Math is learned repetition like you are claiming anatomy to be. But math tutors actually explain how to learn it and don't just tell you to fuck off and read a textbook because they're not idiots unlike stuckup artfags

>> No.3548634

If it wasn't obvious Im not pursuing a career in the arts. I'm an art hobbyist with a STEM background.

>> No.3548647

Pick up a pencil, look at anatomy, draw it. Then post it here so you can get "tutored" on your mistakes.
There, I explained how to do it. Good luck math-kun.

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okay ill teach you the formula for drawing cute anime girls: learn anatomy, learn perspective. if those terms are too broad for you ill break it down for you, practice drawing faces, including eyes, nose, mouth, lips, ears, etc. practice drawing bodies including chests, torsos, legs, arms, necks, back, butts etc. once you learn these things and dedicate them to memory we can move onto more difficult areas of study

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Well you're obviously a little retarded so good luck in stem. I'd say at least you can depend on networking, but you're clearly socially retarded too

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Anatomy is about breaking the body down into its components. Once you know what the calf muscles are and what they look like, you'll understand why a calf looks different from the side than it does from the front, and so on. You'll also learn its size in comparison to, say, the quadriceps, so you understand the proportions of the average person.

Just like in early perspective exercises you learned how to rotate and move boxes and cylinders in 3D space, now you are learning to rotate and move bones and muscles in 3D space.

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Intel detected

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anatomy's fucking easy lmao how dumb can you be bone and muscle never change shape outside of their intended function you're not being asked to draw a diagram for med students

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Even if you were it's just like drawing anything else detailed plus it'd be great practice

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