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>he wants to draw actually appealing anime girls

So what now anon? Are you still using SAI or have you jumped to CSP for those moist brushes?

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draw the fucking hand you coward

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Just got CSP actually. Never used SAI. I was using Krita all this time. Krita's good for beginners, I will say

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This tits and anatomy are unrealistic as fuck.
Artist never seen real woman in his live.
>muh style

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>muh realism
lol look at this fucking retard

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real women are shit

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You can't just put "muh" before a word to discredit the concept it describes.

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Post your work

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You know, I think you're right. Now that I look at it, it looks nothing like a real woman's body. I think maybe... just maybe though, that the artist wasn't trying to draw a realistic body.

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You can't justify any lazy hack job by whining about word "muh".

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>this tits
>in his live
Poster never seen real English in his live

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post brushes

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>lazy hack job
>better than anything you ever posted

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why is she an amputee, anon

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>NGMI crab, crabbing in his natural habitat
well at least I got my fix. Thanks for posting, see you next thread.

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perhaps she put her hand in a garbage disposal. It happened to my friend's mom

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draw the fucking hand coward

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it's not my drawing crab, draw literally anything I dare you

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things ive drawn in the past 2 days I don't draw hands either so I know op is a fucking coward

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alright, I will grant you that then

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I hate OP! FUCK!

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How different is CSP from Krita?

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Pretty different I'd say, in the interface and the hotkeys and the way most tools function. I mean you can do practically everything in one program that you can do in another though. CSP feels higher-quality, though. I have noticed a few bugs in Krita, most notably random quitting/crashing. This was pretty infrequent though, only happened like three times in the year that I used it

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Why are you guys hating me.. I was just asking about software

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If you just drew the fucking hands that would be the end of it, coward.

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>things ive drawn in the past 2 days
not yours

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Someone please post a brush like this. I switched to CSP and want to make those sort of soft lines. It's killing me.

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it is mine you weirdo I posted them on the dad gallery (mercy) and u can talk to me in the dad discord under the name mercy

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>That hand


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It just looks like the artist mainly used a hard round brush to me. Maybe the "soft" lines comes from using a air brush to apply the base color or using a very soft round brush to do the initial outline.

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Post your work bitch

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I was using Sketchbook Pro 7 before switching to CSP.
It's like I finally enjoy drawing, even though I thought I enjoyed it before.

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Stay toasty

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Yeah I know right? Anime is shit. Western cartoons have way better anatomy.

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>>3479988 I use both

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im still stuck with sai i feel like sketching with sai is alot more fun and "less laggy" to draw on for some reason. I feel like everything is slow on csp maybe because im not used to it..

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I use both. Brushes are good on both. SAI for illustration and CSP for animating

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Photoshop seems like the better tool but I use sai

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Does anyone in here know if there's a way to turn off the brush icon in CSP? It gets in the way of areas I'm trying to paint all the time.

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What do you mean? Can you take a screen shot?

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can u share sai brushes mine are utterly trash.

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Source for artist?

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how do I color like OP's picture? I have CSP but I can't do shit other than generic 2 or 3 color hard shadow shading and such. I wanna get into drawing soft looking milky anime boobs but all mine end up looking like 90's anime and not soft and milky

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I tried to screenshot it and it only showed the circle that shows the brush size. I guess that little brush icon is actually the cursor, but I don't know how to capture it. I guess I can try taking a phone pic tomorrow.

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Of all the examples you pick you pick the character designed by a Japanese man

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>literally not op

found the autistfaggot

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animating? is it really viable?

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I literally use the default brushes with some settings tweaked. If it helps, i use the marker tool at max opacity with the flat bristle form for lineart. You really just gotta play around until you get something you like.

Yeah. I used flash before and CSP has a much nicer feel to it.

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just find a picture like OP or better and copy the shading/shadows

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if youre using the same water tools/blending brushes, then its a color problem...study color theory. or just retardedly color pick your favorite renderers

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>color pick
no one needs color theory

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only problem is a lot of the best color artists use a lot of adjustment layers to get to their end game, so just color picking youll find your shit looks fucked up unless youre copying pixel for pixel which is autistic. works for sakimichan copiers though

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What blending tools and brushes would you say can achieve this kind of look in CSP?

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i can get this same effect with default water color and oil in CSP. ive yet to tinker with settings to make it more intuitive like i feel SAI is superior in that it does more of the work for you. but thats probably just because i havent made or downloaded custom brushes yet

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How do you manage to blend like this without it becoming too uniform and overly smooth? I can't seem to ever keep any texture in my rendering.

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From my experience it's less about brushes themselves and more about controlling the pressure level, then understanding how to achieve effects you want to use. I just use default stuff with only slight adjustments that might not even work for you because they're made for my tablet, stylus and hand.

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hmmmm good question. utilizing round brush with opacity pressure/lowered for blending is probably would gives harder edges. I use both a tweaked pen tool and water tools to render. when I want more value and a harder edge ill sketch/hatch where I want it then hit parts with a water tool to maintain the texture where I want it and soften it where I dont

explore how the tools interact with each other for yourself there is no secret formula

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What are water tools? Is that some kind of blending tool? I haven't seen it in CSP. And don't worry I'm not looking for a secret formula, just gathering new ideas to try because through my various experiments with it I hadn't figured out any way to get some natural texture and brush strokes to show through. Even when I start with some texture each stroke blends it out too much so it never builds, only flattens over time. Maybe I should turn off the ground mixing feature on all the brushes for a while.

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water tools in CSP are under "Brush" theres Watercolor and Oil, which are similar to the tools I used to use in Sai. I cant help much because ive only just played with CSP and I'm used to Sai. Just my cursory experience with CSP I get the impression that sai is superior for keeping hard edges whil rendering with water tools. But that might be a matter of tweaking the settings

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Ah okay, I never knew those were what people referred to as water tools. Well thank you and you as well >>3481335 for sharing your experience with me, I really appreciate it. I'll mess around with some of these ideas and hopefully I'll come across an interesting method.

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are those actually considered impressive enough to be worth stealing

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theyre not impressive anon just expects everyone who posts regularly to actually be shit tier at art

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