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yes, I work for WSJ

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Wait till September. Then I'll come back and tell you.

No you don't.

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yes i do

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no you dont

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yes i do

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Post proofs.

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Currently doing concept art and writing for a small indie game, which makes me happy so 'yes', though I'm not making much money yet. Soon I hope.

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i want to fug Satania

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This isn't an argument.

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Neither is not posting proof you work for Wall Street Journal.

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An "argument" is a series of connected statements intended to establish a proposition.

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Look, if I *argue* with you, I've got to take up a contrary position!

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I know that peter mohrbacher used to come here, and he's made it pretty good. If I remember right, dave rapoza came here too. Legoman comes to mind as well, and I know there are plenty others. But a common thread I remember hearing for most of them is that they would come here for ref and crit when they were good, but not great. Then they left and that's when they improved and moved it

It's not really because of /ic/ that they grew so fast and well, it's not even like it's in spite of /ic/ as well. It's more like something inbetween that

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Define "made it"

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No it isn't!

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***BING*** -thankyougoodmorning

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That was *never* five minutes just now.

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… it wa-as

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No using 4chan decreases your chances of making it by 99 percent. Its just a distraction where people come to procrastinate. Real artists dont use social media.

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I make a living off freelance illustration. US based.

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this, no one will make it if he is sitting here

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How to make it like you?

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I have seen an illustrator I like post a couple of her pieces here... I think she made it, she works in a studio. Although I don't know she was a regular poster before. At any rate, the best choice is to stop making this kind of threads and just focusing in your studies

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Read this thread >>3450659 , and be sure to read the image shared in the OP. It's what I do.

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This is embarrassing anon.

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>If I remember right, dave rapoza came here too.
only once

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The merc wip guy did

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>has anyone made it
I make every drawing i post

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by not drawing

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