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What's the key factor that makes anime anatomy look realistic and believable?

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they study animals instead of humans

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Appeal maybe, I wish I knew. There's so much wrong anatomy in doujinshi and shit but you either don't notice or fap anyway

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Pretty much because it's mostly realistic.
On that one the only thing that is stylized is the face, the shading and the line.

You can see it yourself if you crop the head. It's not too far from a "realistic illustration"

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Is this realistically portrayed?

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no because vaginas can't talk

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fucking source

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Tell me there's a higher quality version of this.

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It's realistic because it's literally traced or heavily referenced. They all do it. This looks like it's come out of a Hyper Angle book or something similar.

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This. They trace everything from hyper angle book

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omg kek

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Honestly I'm not sure if I'm not right about the Hyper Angle suspicion. OP image looks
suspiciously like the body of one of the models they frequently use in their publications.

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Yeah, This is pretty much Original Pose Do Not Steal. It's invented by Hyper Angle. Hell this book invented extreme camera angels in art, movie and photo industry. Even body types.

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This is the type of person who is ngmi.
Assumes that after 10 years of of hard work that it's still impossible to draw a human body without a reference.

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lol no, it's specifically BECAUSE I've been drawing so long that it becomes pitifully easy to identify when somebody has heavily referenced something for a piece.

Honestly if I could be fucked searching I could probably find the photograph used for the OP, that is if it indeed from a Hyper Angle book and not buried in some Japanese teen's nudie wank mag debut.

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Dude look at the stomach, that is 100% referenced.

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Yeah you're right, that shit is beyond the human mental capacity to invent

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You can't draw this without reference. Vaginas are too complex. Fact

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>that left leg tho

ugh idk..

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It's not beyond the capacity for certain artists sure, but judging by this guys butchered attempt at a head you can tell for sure that he didn't draw this from imagination. They don't match up.

No idea why you're so salty about this. Maybe stop worshipping Nips?

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This really makes me think about how much of a master Yabuki is. His mind must have devoured a ton of references to be able to create all the things he draws. His room itself must have even more references.

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>It's not beyond the capacity for certain artists sure

Maybe if I practice for another 20 years, I'll be able to invent stomach folds

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God your so salty at having your Mongolian chicken-scratchings called out lmao

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I'm gonna have to go with this was heavily referenced from one image or possibly traced

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I don't even like anime (nice projection tho). I'm just playing along with some /beg/ who thinks inventing stomach folds is some arcane skill

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Please take your insecurities somewhere else.
When you make it as a literal porn artist, please tell me how it's impossible to draw something realistic.

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>for certain artists
False. Only one artist can do this in our timeline Kim Jung Gi.
He probably forced his wife and daughter to do all that disgusting shit. And recorded everything on camera. Japan is truly degenerate.

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try again, all heavily referenced and traced bud. no human can draw that purely from his mind

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>no human can draw that purely from his mind
Not gonna make it.

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no (you) for that post, buddy

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one guy misses the sarcasm
the other guy accuses (You)

h-have i made it yet?

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How to keep rendering and coloring from becoming muddy in the long run.. Also how to nail loli?

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You can forgive him for missing the sarcasm considering that there are posters here that legit think that OP's image can't be done without heavy reference and/or tracing

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Shuten is lolibaba. Characters like Alice, Chacha and Abi are true lolis.

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Pandemonium by NaPaTa

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>calling others /beg/
Post ya werk.

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they can. It's just a matter of knowing the anatomy. Something very few who post here do.

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How to know anatomy?

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Classifying anything in generalization will only hurt you. You need to look at each image individually, and see what ambitious things it succeeded in and what things it fell short in.

A common theme with anime in general is trying to make details extremely simple so that they look good without having to contest perfection or do construction.

So for instance by copying the OP form of anatomy you could either pump out images super fast or do anatomy in perspective with a timeframe thats not insane. The downside is that your anatomy will be kinda capped in contesting master works.

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that's actually decent anatomy

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It's referenced. Use references and your anatomy will look as good, also in case you were don't listen to those retards that equal referencing to cheating. They're retarded and ngmi

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You do like me. You study it.

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with this piece the shading isn't very complex or highly textured, it's more painterly. so you can keep shapes/colors pretty distinct by using loose, faded strokes in the background and chunky strong strokes for the foreground. and the loli is the most smoothed out and rendered so she doesn't get lost in the more painterly aspects and stands out easily as the focus

drawing lolis is easy, get "good"

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It's an idealized, clean, semi-realistic view of people.

Look at all the creases and curves. Those CAN happen on women, and do, but only with clean, perfected, slender skin. The anatomical features are mostly correct even in the smaller details creating a believable, ideal figurine of a human.

Then you have the face, which is an exentuation of the more appealing features of a human face taken to a more abstract visage.

Those are features we as humans find appealing. And it makes the more sem-realist anime appealing too, and arousing. At least, that's my take on it.

I think honestly a study on this should be conducted and as to how the common manga art style is so appealing to people aesthetically. It's an interesting subject.

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show your lolifu anon

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you're good anon, pleased to have people like you around.

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T-Thanks. I haven't been around here in a while, I was grinding, but it's good to talk about subjects like these. I've been wondering this for the longest time so it's good to let it out finally.

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its close enough, it looks "right" and at the end of the day thats all that really matters. Anatomy obsession is a huge hinderance to progress to people on this board

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forreal, 90% of this page is just people who are experts in anatomy/perspective/ and what art "should be", but cant put any of that knowledge to practice

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