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>Looking for: art buddy
>Requirements: boy/girl, no age restriction, good manners, willing to improve, skill level similar to krenz
>What I offer: in-depth chink and nip knowledge, a friend

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>skill level similar to krenz
lmao good luck with that

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Fuck is krenz? Sorry, don't follow shit artists.

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I'm 10 years in, 3 years in as a "pro" and I still don't have any art buddies. It's tough to find social people, who are roughly at the same level as you or better. In fact, it's highly unlikely for me to find anyone at this point because pros tend to be pretty cliquey. You either know someone that introduces you or you get in because you're so incredibly good, that they want to pick your brains. Being a freelance artist is an isolating experience.

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I'm willing to be your friend, but I'm not even close to krenz.

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>shit artist


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>not wanting to befriend someone below your skill level so you can be their mentor and watch them grow


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Its actually pretry difficult making friends with artists because many of them just arent very social peiple and arent willing to expand their friend circle past people they met as online as teenagers.

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Post your art and your discord. I'll be your friend.

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What do you mean skill level similar to krenz? Someone like Krenz is too good to hang out with anyone from /ic/

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I tried making a few art friends but man I cannot click with any of them! Maybe due to our different art interests? But I would love to make new art buddies, problem is I still suck at drawing. I wish I can find an art mentor/sensei/sifu/watever...

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Like the other anon said, post discord and we'll see if we get along!

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What's your art interests and what's your drawings look like?

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>not surrounding yourself with beginner artists so you can feel superior like some insecure girl does with uggos

why live

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wow i was so happy until i saw the required skill level

anyone want to be friends with a noob "artist"?
(actual friendship not just art related stuff)

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there is some truth in it : I
just exchange with other artists you admire, to your surprise, they might feel the same about you too.

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same as you but even worse because my english sucks so its practically impossible for me to find art friends

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that's because they fear of being hurt anon.. make the first step

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post your own requirements anon, no need to limit yourself to OP's. A lot of people just want someone they can draw with and exchange interests and fun ideas.

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Sure. i will be your friend. You don't have degenerates taste right?

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people should probably just post their shit + some of the artists they admire so everyone knows what they're getting into

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I feel like I would probably hate all of you :\

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Good idea!

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That sounds fun. Would anyone like to be my friend?

Mid 20's or older, will help point out flaws in my art, enjoys video games a lot because that's all I really talk about.
>What I offer
Cartoony poop and I'll try to point things out in your art too. Maybe we can get better with anatomy together, give challenges to each other or draw the same idea and see how different our works come out?
Honestly, I haven't drawn much in the past two years and I want to improve anatomy along with drawing more dynamic pieces.

I just use Discord, but if anyone is interested, let me know! Sorry this picture sucks and it's actually two years old now I think.

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Me too

>Looking for: art buddies
>Requirements: obervational eye, willingness to listen and not sugarcoat but not eviscerate, just generally friends who want to improve and we can mutual crit and give advice
>What I offer: I know some photoshop tricks I guess, understand marketing pretty well
>Discord: Aberration#3681

I don't have enough art friends.

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Seriously, me want a circlejerk of friends like noill

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Circlejerk leads to stagnation. Generally you want people who won't hugbox but also won't be needlessly mean.

You also want people who can handle crit too obviously.

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Anon can we be friends? Do you have an email, ill send you my discord

Pic relates is some of my work, i know its shit and really sketchy, but i hope we can maybe help eachother get better.

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I do! I'll be a little while to respond because I'm at work right now.

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Fudge. It didn't post my email.

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I had art friends a few times and it was always terrible. It started fun then went downhill. Everyone would get jealous of each other and try to give bad advice and fuck up each others progress while pretending to be nice. Everyone would talk shit behind each others backs. It was always girls though so maybe artbros aren't as catty.

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So who is krenz again?

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>not having a best friend art buddy since childhood
>not constantly helping each other to improve and develop better taste
>not creating masterpieces together in iscribble and then drawpile
>not sharing memories of epic art battles against the world
>(or, in other words, drawing dicks where they aren't welcome)
>not finding even more creative friends together

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Got dam I really like that style. Do you have a blog or something?

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Sup dude, I'll be your friend.

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google krenz cushart

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Being the best in an art group is suffering.
It takes very little time for others to become touchy about their stuff, no matter how careful you are pointing out things they can improve on.

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Yeah i know that feel, i want to give advices but afraid they will be bad.

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at least you’re not the worst


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>Looking for: buddy
>What I offer:

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I like chinks, post your email.

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Pointless to try and make friends I will just stop messaging because of autism and be forgotten.

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>Looking for someone who is better than me so I can leech off of.
Forever alone OP

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post discord I want to be your friend
not krenz level though fuck

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You described me pretty well.

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What do you offer though, do you draw Cirno

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Cirno is the only one here with her head on straight

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Is this your art?

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Your art is qt, I'm interested in being friends, i'd like to get critique on my work as well.

I like your art too, can I email you my discord if you don't mind?

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Nice i was looking for an ESL, let's be friends

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I wish.


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Then what do you draw CirnoBro

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I swear, good artists are a way to filter out retards like you. People who are insecure and can't even figure out how to google make for the most worthless people on this planet. You will never be good at art let alone anything and no one would want to be your friend and I hope you die alone virgin.

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Right now I'm drawing circles and lines!

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meant to

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lol stay lonely fag

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What do you want to draw after that

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Cute things and cool things. I can program well so I'd probably end up making a game of some sort.

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>krenz is considered "good"

smile more anon

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So why do you want a buddy

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Thats the point. Don't tell me you didn't get that anon.

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Krenz isn't considered good, he is objectively good. Not sure how fucking insecure someone has to be to pretend otherwise. do you actually believe you are better at ANYTHING art related than Krenz is?

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whats the point of having art friends

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canonically at that age gatsu was being raped my a merc_wip

>> No.3442205

posing nude for each other
having sex to relieve artistic frustrations

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Thanks for good copypasta. Also learn to stop falling for obvious bait, you absolute moron.

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still sounds pretty pointless.

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phew calm your tiddies anon(s), it's like you started drawing yesterday

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What do you think fills the space between her collarbones and her shoulders?

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her mad traps?

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ic discord 1


ic discord 2


d discord 1


d discord 2 is gone atmm

r9k has many discords, including SFT. youll have to find the others


always be wary of autism

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theres also a third ic discord, but you socialize with ppl here also from DAD and from drawt/alt

get your art out there and get friends

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>that conversation
jesus christ

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>skill level similar to krenz
Why would a professional artist, who probably spends most of his time working, want to be a friend with some random from 4chan, or any random person from the internet?
just because you share the same passion, doesn't mean you'll inevitably click.
this is not how friendships are made, you autistic dipshit.
autism is also the reason you don't have friends, if you still didn't get it.

and if you just wanted to funpost with some greentext, then fuck you even more. stop putting garbage on this board.

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>hi I need a mentor because the internet guy with a lambo said i "kneeded knawledge" or something
>please im "passionate" and a "leader" and

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Invading Drawpile together to fix anime's anatomy.

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need artist gf
big tits only please

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This is true :(

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>I like your art too, can I email you my discord if you don't mind?
Sure thing! I still haven't received an email from anyone to be friends, so I'd be happy.

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Need girl to webcam with to do naked poses for art purposes, i swear.

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>busy atm
>Stay safe okay?

what the hell is this lmao

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What a dick. Playing games instead of being busy studying. That person reacted in the correct manner.

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maybe because any friend, from 4chan or otherwise, is better than having no friends at all

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