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Is anime just advanced symbol drawing? Did they just keep drawing until it looked good without using "fundies" or whatever.

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why is this the third thread weve had for the same question this month

theres a beginner thread for a reason

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>theres a beginner thread for a reason

Yeah you can keep grind boxes and not actually draw anything.

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I have yet to see any japs unironically using a loomis ball.

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If that's what it takes for you to understand, then yes.

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You’ve never even clicked on the beginner thread, you dumb lying faggot. Stop parroting the box grind meme.

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>Did they just keep drawing until it looked good
Holy shit you figured out this whole thing, good job OP!

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>being this new


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Badly meme'd

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Learn to draw classically first. Train silhouette as much as you can. Do that much and you'll draw better than 90% of the crabs here. You can then move on to perspective, construction and anatomy. But doing any of the later ones before you get a grip on drawing first is a bad idea. Japs have good art classes in highschool that teach classical drawing. All they need to do from there is train their eye to see silhouette, and it's really evident that most of them draw that way. Basically keys to drawing.

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You must have missed the last thread we had on this subject then.

Also, it's called a sphere, not a "loomis ball" And contrary to what you might believe, heads in asia aren't squares or triangle shaped, the sphere is still the most logical representation of a cranium in asia as much as it is in the west.

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It's just one guy spamming, literally

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>Is anime just advanced symbol drawing?

To some anime artists it is.

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This has nothing to do with the topic at hand. And yes, even a monkey can draw badly drawn manga. Just like a monkey can draw badly drawn anything.

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>even a monkey can draw badly drawn manga
u can't

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well it's about the symbols they use in manga. mainly it's funny though. plus it's interesting that it correlates with the thing about asians being more focused on the eyes then the mouth

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oops missed a page there lol

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It doesn't really help your argument that the mangaka whose pages you are posting is significantly worse than any japanese artist who does use construction.

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>Contour drawing
>Constructionist methods tell you not to do this

Who is meme'ing who?

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he does use construction though, it says it right there.

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I honestly don't understand this argument. How exactly is it less time consuming to have to search through countless of manga and references or take photos of models/yourself every time you need to draw a figure? Isn't the whole point of learning to draw the human figure so you can be faster because you no longer have to search for reference for every simple pose?

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What constructionist method tells you NOT to do it. Most drawing books recommend it as an exercise. There's some nuance here in what they tell you to do and what contour drawing actually is (vs. what beginners do). You need both.

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Who ever advocates for contour drawing other than crabs on /ic/ who can't draw? Obviously the ones who aren't memeing are the ones who can actually draw and those all use form and volume in their drawing, i.E. every professional and legit teacher out there.

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Who is meme'ing who jesus christ

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it's a near enough is good enough kinda thing i think, plus exaggerated for comedic effect, i think the implication is actually that good mangaka don't need to construct or use references

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Stop asking stupid questions for fuck's sake. Listen to PROFESSIONALS and established TEACHERS. Have you ever heard any of those say "construction is a meme, don't draw through the form, use contours instead."?

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construction is something that just becomes internalized. Every mangaka sketches, none of them draw manga with direct ink to a blank page. So why wouldn't they show form in a quick sketch? Literally all construction is, is learning to draw through something to show form and perspective, nothing else. Go watch manben episodes on youtube where you can see actual mangaka work. Every single one of them uses construction. No one starts a figure with an outline.

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How can you be so dumb?
Anime is just a simplification of reality. Just like any other kind of stylization.

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You just told him that any manga he draws automatically is good.

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Are weebs the shittiest fanbase of this decade?

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Remember what site you're posting on and then kill yourself.

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From the AOT artbook

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Stylization is not symbol drawing.

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I don't get it

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I don't know. Is scooby doo advanced symbol drawing? What do you think OP.

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i.e not symbol drawing.
and >>3434078
and also https://youtu.be/feU9wnQXA7E?t=490
8:10 to 8:20, a case in point

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>Is anime just advanced symbol drawing
yeah pretty much anyone who says otherwise is new

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reminds of this really great art book i had (digitally anyway) that came with some hentai game, it had a lot of wip drawings like that with the shadows indicated by colored lines and all that weird stuff they do, wish i could remember what game it was now

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I'm pretty sure most of these pixiv hobbyist didn't learn realism first to draw this and they still draw better anime than me.

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Okay first, by realism, I'll assume you mean the fundamentals.

Let's say he didn't study fundamentals beforehand (though I believe he probably did at least some construction practice from the hundreds of pixiv tutorials out there).

Over the course of 8 years, this guy have made 2000 submissions and that's not counting the multiple pages inside each one of them. Taking that into account it could easily clock into 4000-16000 drawings submitted in total. And that's only counting the ones he actually submitted to pixiv. But even after all of that the person have not reach pro level and barely improved throughout.

It's basically pure and relentless brute-force

Unless you want to go through all of that and still not reach pro level, then you better study the fundamentals properly

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>prove your worth

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