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>Be me
>Study art(anime drawing actually) in South Korea
>Lurk on /ic/ to check current western trends
>Everyone talks shit about loomis here whereas my art teachers&classes say I should master his book

wtf? What happened?

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Anime is shit
learn some true art

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Tbqh I don't give a fuck about muh avant-garde (not even sure I spelled correctly) fine art, All I want is just becoming good at drawing cartoons.

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>wtf? What happened?

meme saturation. loomis is good, don't worry.

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>What happened?
You decided to learn anime instead of art, so you have to study shit like Loomis. What's so hard to understand? If anything, this thread is a perfect example of why Loomis is a meme.

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vilppus head construction is superior desu
there's still value in learning from different sources though

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Loomis became a meme because he's good intro material for a lot of important artistic skills. Then because he was a meme people started shilling him for everything. Then when people realized that studying Loomis didn't turn them into a god overnight they threw the baby out with the bathwater and said Loomis was useless.

If you come here, accept the fact that this board is polluted with all or nothing retards who don't understand nuance.

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What are you doing here?! This is the WORST place to come if you're studying art.

The only thing you'll find here is a bunch of losers who can't draw telling people that can draw that they're doing it wrong.

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there are better book than loomis out there depending on what you pursue. people just recommend loomis because it works and it's free.

try everything and do an educated judgement yourself.

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Newfag here, the hell is a Loomi???

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loomis is my papi

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>things that never happened
Lol okay retard. No one here in S. Korea even knows what a Loomis is

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because you are a disappointment in his eyes?

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Baws/10 Based

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you're so cute

welcome to the crab bucket, enjoy your stay

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I am art student too actually (I study in Japan) and all sensei say that Loomis is shit.

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And who would that masterful sensei be that is teaching you this wisdom?

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proof plx

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Whats that thing he's got on his hand?

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