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You're all watching this live right?

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incase you don't know

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it's over now, you're late

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>generic rpg garbage
I'll pass, I don't plan to waste my time wageslaving creating artwork for MgT or some other shitty nerd bullshit

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there will be a video later you can rewatch if you want to...

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link to vid?

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good good.

now try harder and more subtlety

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please anon...

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share please

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UNironically this

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anon-kun.. where

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>wageslaving creating artwork for MgT
elaborate on this. what's better?

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ru jun copy cating?

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how dare u craig mullins is old enough to be ru jun's dad

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white male, of course


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Who the h*ck is ru jun?

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mullins is so good at stealing art/styles from others, i dig mullins work, but not the last few years i feel like he "cheats" more than he use too
before he had clever brush work no photo manipulation,
now it seems hes rushed? or something ... photobashing. . . . .

post the stream image jpeg for better analysis please!

pic un re late d

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like where stop lying

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wtf are you on about anon

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Where can one watch the video now?

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look at that fucked up leg lol

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complete hack amirite toplel

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no he's a god but it's just funny seeing that one weird twisted foot on a too short leg right in the middle of a gerome knock off

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Geez, I don't know
>Creating artwork for your own comics/books
>Creating a different stylized artwork for more niche books/games where you can actually be creative and original instead of copying some generic style used a thousand of times before
>Creating art for the people/things you love
>Creating art for your favorite characters from your favorite universes
>Creating art for books ( both covers and/or pics inside )

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There are lots of jobs that may pay more, and mullins has probably don those too.
Working in movies, advertising and other shit like that. Illustrators who want long and prosperous careers do tons of different type of work for tons of companies.

Sounds like some "Muh taste" moron who opines on about how his vision /work is so much better and how he'll never "work for the man". When in reality he's a shit tier loser with no motivation who will end up working at CVS for the rest of his life talking about how grand his ideas are. Meanwhile people like Mullins and others have created a buisness for themselves with a decent life and career doing "wageslave" work. But you'll show 'em Annon, good work.

Fuck the man! Workers Unite! Or whatever bullshit you snowflakes believe nowadays.

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I like how based on this board now passes as advise that will have you working a minimum wage job forever. lol.

No wonder no one on here is any good.

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>Picking art as your passion just so you can wageslave for someone else
Most braindead opinion ever.

If you gonna wageslave there is a thousand better careers out there, the good thing about art is self-expression, freedom and creativity, and when you wageslave for a big company you lose them all. So what is even the point of being an artist on the first place?

Also this shitland influenced some good artists, with InCase being a prime example
>Drawing what he wants when he wants
>Over 2k people on his patreom
>Making a bank while enjoying life at his pace, and people know his name more than some shitty rpg illustrator
>inb4 hurr durr incase is shit <insert generic cuck wagie> is way better

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who cares maybe he likes drawing the same style of rpg stuff

its probably why he puts all that effort in to it

you can go do all those things if you want, but i bet you wont make money.

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and when so it happens that what you like is already a big successful thing, you are not allowed to do it because that would be wageslaving?

maybe some ppl don't want to do their own thing but want to be part of a bigger thing, how can you call yourself artist and be so close minded?

there is ''no should'' or ''should not'' in art
and let me copy that because it's important

there is no ''should'' or ''should not'' in art

you can think of this as the new definition of art if you are looking to define it

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woah heres something for ya maybe drawing doesnt have to be for passion, art, freedom or creativity.

maybe this guy likes drawing rpg monsters and wizards n shit for a company he likes

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I enjoy my job and it pays well, hardly wageslaving. Art isn't my passion, it's my profession. Also having creative interests outside of just art helped me enjoy my job more. It is possible to find a balance my dude.

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>Acts all smuggy and shitty about independent artists who want to live by their craft freely
>When someone shoves in your face your pathetic philosophy of being nothing but a slave for those who actually create, you get butthurt and come with moral highground talk
>''hurr durr I didn't mean that, you can definitely be happy doing each own''
>''Some real artists like myself always dreamed of working as a underpaid slave without creative capabilities for Marvel Comics, so I could work on the legacy of my man Stan Lee, I don't really care about making unispired stuff that I don't even really like or believe, I just like to work on something ''bigger'' than myself''

Yea, you are a over-glorified monkey who learned how to draw, you have the mechanics, but you can't create. Which ironically is the most important thing in any kind of artist.

You lack soul, and that is something you will never learn or buy from non-one.
Enjoy your existence as being nothing more than a tool other people will use to materialize their dreams, or shitty mainstream garbage that will make a shitload of money but will be forgotten sooner than your own existence.

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>4chan is a single person other than me

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lens is too wide angle or some shit

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you will never make it

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