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Hey, so I just got rejected from art school. Is it worth get into animation alone? Where do I start?

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Now is the part where you start going to bars to rant about communism and Jews

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>mfw that’s way more topical than it has been for almost a century
Why did you get rejected OP?

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I guess I failed the art test and I'm a college drop out, I'm guessing that's the reason
But I don't know exacly I just got off the phone.

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time to go to Mcdonald's and get a job there. Try to see it in a good way, at least you'll never be an artist, you're never going to get good at art and most of all, you're not going to make it in the art industry. Isn't that fun OP?

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frankly, being a professional artist is overrated
keep art as a hobby, get a stable good paying job, retire early and make art into your twilight years

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sad stories bro

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i mean was it a good art school? or one of those ones where you have to be a complete brainlet to fail

post work

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wait, i mean OP should post work. not joke anon

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Don't worry too much. Art school carries no guarantees, as most graduates can tell you.

Personal advice, study on your own, and take occasional classes a la carte from REPUTABLE online schools if you feel you need a professor's feedback.

Also network with other artists as much as you can.

Oh, and if you're like me, you may want to spend a couple of years getting your basic art skills up to snuff before really diving into animation. I think that's what screwed up my animation goals the first time, and I'm just recently getting back into it.

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That's a really sound advice coming from a book with a bullshit-sounding title, maybe I should give it a read

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The school basically saved your life. If you're obviously a person who just decided he wanted to go to art school a month ago you don't belong at any art school except the abstract ones that take peoples' money and give them nothing in return; you having to ask this dumbass question makes me believe you don't belong in any school though. Go get a job dude, you aren't good enough now for their program to benefit you.

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hangout in some bar, then enlist in the army OP!

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>you aren't good enough NOW for their program to benefit you.

that being said, there should be somewhere to get your skill up to meet those requirements. But sadly, they are not, so you will have to take your initiative and make that happen OP.
Find yourself an art teacher or a few art buddies and give a go at this thing called art for a few years. After which you will be ready to spend another few years in art school. And remember that after you get out of school you will need another few years to get experience.

I am sorry to be the one to break it to you, but the years you spend in school so far did not help you develop the skills you need for the carrier you just choosed. And that puts you a few years behind those which chose something else like your ex-colleagues.

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these are mine.

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