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Literally the best goddamn things for perspective. All you need is a front and side view and you can do anything

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can i have more of these? where you get these from?

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I'll post a mega tomorrow for you lad

Also, pinterest

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Are you tree grid poster btw? I am happy to see someone like the method as much as I do and help you out with how it's done

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Here's another, not sure if you can see the two small pics next to this

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Skip to 1:54 https://youtu.be/DaG-cBidCBw

James explains it pretty well but he skips the basic shit about orthographs I didn't really get (I'm dumb)

Basically you draw something, anything. Box it in, then you draw it in different views from top bottom and side.

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This has some of the poses in the student homework, it's already layed out in the poses and orthos

Basically you just want to make each orthograph makes sense to each other like this, but for figures. So what he did is take Loomis and make an orthograph and make it 3d.

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You'll also want these:
How to Render for shadows and shit

How to Draw (this is the good shit you need for grids, changed my goddamned life)

Modern Day James also has videos for going through the concepts in the book here, pretty good imo: UNDERSTANDING PERSPECTIVE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgKJMTFp_25iQVZ6ItpZKTSN9Yo44YSTs

This pic is how he rotates boxes in perspective quickly

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The greentext link is a torrent sorry, you can download it straight to your phone with the utorrent app

This is all I can upload for tonight but expect a mega tomorrow with more. If you get all this and want to scavenge more just really check pinterest. A lot of stuff I didn't know existed of his is there scattered from people uploading. Pretty neat

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Great info

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>utorrent app
use flud

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Godspeed, grid anon

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Gridanon here you go, good luck on your journey

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>posted 3 incorrect links in a row
Good luck tree anon

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its simple just use 3 models kek

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How do I even fucking visualize this shit
It has to be bullshit, they're referencing a model offscreen and building a grid around what they draw

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Yeah he does use refs all the time offscreen


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for me, it takes more effort to draw those frameworks and cubes than it does to get the perspective correct off the bat

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Prove it

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I don't get this image or the logic in it. Is he rotating a smaller box inside the grid based box? It's not the same box size wise. what's the top figures represent?

Also I love Krenz method but I have so much trouble dealing with it with when trying to make good gesture or stretch the perspective. It seems counter intuitive then.

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It's worth it though

It's kind of a quick way to rotate, I don't really get why either but it's supposed to mimic placing different vanishing points while keeping a 1:3/2:2/3:1 ratio faster

Also you have to do the gesture at the very beginning then box it in to capture it or else everything looks stiff

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It's useless since those are three different boxes.

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Maybe, you don't have to do it if you don't want to

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this is literally the thing i tend to think of. i just didnt knwo what i call it. thanks very much for this.

i'll definitely use these

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Still seems weird/like the other anon put, useless though. Each of those boxes are different and don't look the same sizewise. It makes me either think I'm misunderstanding the technique or it's just wrong.

Also the biggest thing that confuses me about the grid is that the box is still ultimately decided by running a line from each VP into eachother.

Like I can't tell if I'm focusing too much on the idea of vanishing points, or even if how I'm thinking of them is correct. Perspective has to be my weakest subject if it's more than 1 vp.

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Obviously they don't match up, it's forced perspective. It's not supposed to be correct, it's supposed to be dynamic. The old masters did that shit all the time, too.

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alright, well as long as it's not demonstrably wrong.

Like I can free hand a square moreso than follow VPs etc to be semi accurate and "force perspective" but I always assume when in a learning situation these things would be pretty close to accurate, kinda like how the scott robertson books are. That top planes just bugs me.

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About those grids, do you suggest trying to use them as much as possible to internalize the concept and get a better sense of perspective or use them only for serious drawings and projects.

Right now I'm just trying to exercise my sense of perspective without relying on vanishing points, exactly like MDJ does in his streams. I'm just rotating cubes and planes trying to eyeball everything.

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<3 im glad people like these I wanted to share, Krenz is pretty amazing

I mean he just did the one top part of the box a bit off, in his tuts he freehands a lot but you still get the idea

You can do whatever you like but I would say wait to eyeball anything until you have everything down pretty solid like him

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Instead of doing 900 hours of autistic maths, can't you just draw it?

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you do this to understand how to just draw it, otherwise you end up with its still funny for some reason syndrome

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>technical drawing skills applied to the human figure
>autist maths

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>I would say wait to eyeball anything until you have everything down pretty solid like him
Yeah but I fear that I might become too dependant on using vanishing points if I use them every time, so I'm looking for a way to improve my sense of perspective, being able to guess the angles of convergence.

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But you won't need it everytime
Its ok anon you gotta believe

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didn't notice it's actually incorrect, but it's only off by a bit/minor distortion.

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