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You ever look at some of the big name artists on Deviantart and get the feeling that they're either cripplingly dependent on references or even outright trace?

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Prywinko is one of the legions of "artists" who are nothing but Sakimichan clones. Due to the fact that Sakimichan's style gains easy popularity, these clones are getting a lot of views and popularity now too. But I wouldn't consider her one of the big name artists on Deviantart. and yeah, she probably has no real independent skill.

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here's another one I found not long ago. Started her account 7 months ago and already has 71,000 views. you can even tell which piece she copied off of

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Is this shit for real "big name artist" work?
Its pretty bad desu

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why do they draw the most random shit as well?
>you know what, today I'll draw d.va as a korean cop
I don't play overwatch so I could be wrong

better than 99% of /ic/, you included.

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its one of her existing skins. people draw what popular=views

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jesus look at that fucking anatomy, take off that fancy shading and that thing turns into an anatomical atrocity, just look at her left leg, or her torso length, or that clawlike hand

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Post your work.

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This is what I'm working towards myself. Why do you care so much, if you think its that simple do it yourself.
You have nothing to lose by trying, except maybe your own false confidence and ego.


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That's what I thought

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keep asking that question to anyone that criticizes anything on this board, anon

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literally better than 85% of /ic/. Don't be upset she worked on social media and started making a living off it, a large amount of /ic/ would love to be where she is at.

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As we just saw, your criticism was quickly invalidated. But prove us wrong, post your work.

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talk for youself anon, also how would posting my work make my criticism any more valuable?
you know what they say anon, you don't have to be a chef to know your steak is burnt!

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why do you have all those pictures and nothing of your own... oh right.

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There's a perfectly good reason why the artist you're criticizing is successful, and why you are failing to reinforce your statements. I am simply asking you to provide us with more of your input as pictures speak louder than words you could most definitely have good reason to provide that bold criticism however unless you show us where you are coming from you remain invalid.

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>great way to shut down all discussion on why something is bad so that others can avoid said predicament

anon this is an artwork/CRITIQUE board, not a circlejerking board. let's just shut down all discussion just because the OP's work in your opinion is subpar

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>anon this is an artwork/CRITIQUE board, not a circlejerking board.

LOL what is this thread supposed to be then? not a circlejerk?

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Post work.

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I believe this thread was meant to be about the use of reference and OP's ignorant personal bias against it. Thats why he is being btfo for being a faggot.

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you know what? you win, here's my portrait of George Romero

>There's a perfectly good reason why the artist you're criticizing is successful

sure, go on her deviantart profile take a look yourself

>only fanart, with only one OC which is just a bust with a sameface of her previous work with blue hair, wow.
>sexualized flavour of the month girls
>overwatch girls in bikini
>deviantart, also known as the den of horny teenagers

really makes me think, I must be blind for not noticing such a rising, original artist, that totally isn't in for that muh patreon cash grab.

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>(slang) Any group or group activity indulging in mutual gratification.

Nobody is indulging in gratification but the freak anon that's parroting "Post work post work post work"

Op's point is correct, there some strange proportions going on that all they've really done is learned how to blend properly, the first post is a piece destroyed by color dodging.

With stylization it is fine to break some rules of anatomy but as long as its an organism with limbs there will be proportioning

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Why am I not surprised. Stay golden, /ic/

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>going around to smell other peoples shit when you have a fat pile right in front of you

get back to work

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sorry anon but you aren't allowed to talk shit about my impressive art until you post your own work, your own rules right?

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yes, I've also noticed that a large percentage of artists that become massively popular at deviantart lately, have been accussed or suspected of copying/tracing/heavy referencing often without crediting (Ilya, Guweiz, NUMYUMY,etc)

you could say that the easiest way to become popular on dA is by copying the poeple who's at the top and usually hits the front page, a lot of the people on dA doesn't care about how original you are or how well can you draw without reference, they just want to see shiny sparkly art and cute/sexualized girls

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These are the "people" who give critiques here. Never forget that.

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>being so jealous of my work that you feel the need of shitposting

Post your work.

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sure, i agree she's better than /ic/, but a cheap copy is still a cheap copy

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I get that too much of anything is bad but what exactly is wrong with references?

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I dont see any purpose in getting so jealous on an anon board when you can just decide to do the exact same thing that they did

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It makes jaded people like OP feel better about themselves and their shitty art. "I-I'm not shit, it's just that I value creativity and IMAGINATION instead of of using evil references! That artists a big fat phoney!" Or "how does this have so many views? If you zoom in 5000% you can see that they didn't even add the bicipretal nerve that flows underneath the bicep through to he jugular. Ngmi!" It's all just pointless bullshit that these guys use to feel better about themselves. They'll spend more time complaining about "shit" artists that are way better than them instead of actually improving their own skills. At the end of the day they'd rather FEEL like they're skilled artists instead of putting in the work to actually BE skilled artists.

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but what OP says is true. if you were any good you would be able to spot when an artist isn't all-around skilled enough to be able to do certain things in their artwork without a lot of difficulty (heavily referencing poses to a T) or tracing. all they do is learn to render from patreon videos.

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pathetic. You posted that furry oc to make your work look better in comparison and whoever drew it has a better understanding of proportion than you do.

Fucking christ you faggots suck.

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Post work if you're so good

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>the people on dA doesn't care about how original you are or how well can you draw without reference, they just want to see shiny sparkly art and cute/sexualized girls

This is the best answer here so far. Normalfags don't give a shit about creativity or artistic integrity, it's no surprise so many scummy artists rise to popularity there.

What's mind boggling is how there are so many of their fans on /ic/. Although it is possible it's just one or two guys spamming.

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>What's mind boggling is how there are so many of their fans on /ic/.
>implying I didn't just want that faggot to post his work
>implying I didn't know he was talking out of his ass
>implying I didn't know he himself was shit and let the whole /ic/ elitist get to his head
>implying I didn't want to teach him some humility
>implying I was actually defending the shit that was being posted here
>implying implications

I couldn't find a smug enough chinese cartoon in my entire folder, congratulations you stupid cunt.

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picasso was sketching guernica and drew it all out then painted it...

pic related

so if someone as talented as him is essentially painting by number why are you upset people in their 20's who do digital art are?

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>You ever look at some of the big name artists on Deviantart


>> No.3071663

looks they're dependent on their crippled eye, look at those terrible colors, blegh.

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>the "post your work" cretins actually believed that

congratulations for talking shit about http://lorddragi.deviantart.com/art/Portrait-of-George-Romero-694162845
however, you must refrain from being this mean until you post your own work, have some "humility" my friends.
here, have a reaction picture """"I drew"""" for this sole occasion ;););)))))))))))))))))))

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>someone as talented as him

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Post your work.

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>These are the "people" who give critiques here. Never forget that.

>Making fun of someone's art when you're probably ass yourself.

I'm getting tired of the amount of pretentious retards on this board. Get over yoursleves.

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>tfw you're considering doing this kind of work for awhile to gain views then switch to your own work later

>> No.3073132

>painting within your own lines

are you retarded?

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Is OP Numynumy or Ronin?

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>retards can't adapt to new technologies and changing times
>whine and shitpost when they see other people using tools to get ahead
keep reading loomis and drawing boxes while other people get real work done and get real money. losers

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Found this on the front page of art station kek

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tracing and using references aren't new technology, retard.

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Overwatch is fucking everywhere man

I see a nice galley I find out half of it is OW characters. I don't know what this shit has that drives everyone crazy

>> No.3073527

money, people like money

>> No.3073554

You know absolutely nothing about art or the process. Vargas, Mucha, Rockwell, Pyle, Cornwell, literally every fucking artist ever uses photo reference. Before photography, they had other tricks.

Stop being a retarded highschooler.

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Someone else did it therefore its ok? Thats not justification for an action at all. Why is everyone so eager for the easy out, yes reference is valuable however aim to make your imagination even better.

>> No.3073586

ITT: Retards that love to misinterpret OP's point.
Using references and then internalizing what you can learn from them =/= Relying on them pretty much all the time so they become a crutch.

>> No.3073621

Aren't all these new sakicopycats basically just jumping on the bandwagon with the one who came from YouTube ?

>> No.3073623

Jokes on you, we where only pretending.

>> No.3073625

>Someone else did it therefore its ok?

This absolute obsession with working solely from imagination is an /ic/ tier meme and not representative of the reality of being an artist.

I'm not saying being able to work from imagination is bad, it should be trained like anything else and vastly increases your flexibility, but most of the old masters used references extensively.

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>your criticism was quickly invalidated
no it wasn't! the draw on the Op is god fucking awful.
It might be 'better than 99% of /ic/' but it's still incredibly awful, how can you not even see it? it's among the best examples of polished turd you can find on this board.
You know very well no one is going to post their work, you know how people are on here, and i'm 100% sure, if someone did, even if you end up liking what you seem you'll still trash it down because of him criticising the hideous op pic.
It doesn't matter what work get's posted here, anyone who is aiming to be good can tell this draw is horrendous, anyone, doesn't matter if it's a beginner or someone more advanced, at best it'll only make some more mistakes visible.
Hell, i don't need to be a top actor to know Adam Sandler sucks. That draw would still be garbage even if i couldn't even draw a motherfucking face

>> No.3073640

post your work.

>> No.3073647

Don't be a dipshit anon. You "show your work" shillfags are just as cancerous as the "it's shit never draw again" niggers.
The truth is that artists on dA and tumblr etc do copy each other and learn "bad things" imitating popular artists. You're too young to remember but a while ago everyone was drawing fucked up torsos and hips and you could tell that they were all imitating Slugbox. most of them even had Monster girl OCs (I can't believe that was a fandom).
That said you are a retard, because a person doesn't need to know anatomy to critique it. I'm no doctor but I can tell that a cripple's hand is fucked up even without knowing proper anatomy. People have to study and learn in order to reproduce believable anatomy, but even normies can tell when something looks off.
>show your work meme btfo

>> No.3073654

Post your work

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what do you mean money?
Is overwatch giving people money?

>> No.3073793

artist make profit off of generic fanart because thats what people commision and like to see

>> No.3073809

oh, we're on the same page then

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does somebody actually think OP painting is good? you're right in that this is the definition of a polished turd. I still blame sakimichan for all the obnoxious flashy lights all these people are adding to compensate for no actual knowledge of lighting.

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I don't know shit but wtf is with the texture of her ears I'm pretty sure that's not how you draw fur

>> No.3074094


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Illustrators copy from ref

even Loomis did it

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>>3070934 DESU one of the greediest scammiest artists on deviant art. Copycatting several artists not just Sakimichan. All over the place with spammy posts of 100 pics a month just to squeeze as much money out of people as possible .

>> No.3074195

DESU one of the greediest scammiest artists on deviant art. Copycatting several artists not just Sakimichan. All over the place with spammy posts of 100 lo quality pics a month that all look rushed to hell

>> No.3074475


>> No.3074489

I don't remember Loomis copying Rockwell and Rockwell copying Gil Elvgren etc. Those guys all took their own photo references and there's obviously nothing wrong with that. I always wonder just how bad of an artist someone like you must be to feel the need to defend these types of hacks.

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