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What does you think about that ?


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I'm happy that all of the most loved artists on DA are mostly drawing portraits of women in various styles - inspired by Mucha, Van Gogh... even though a lot are very similar and imo boring - and not some abstract or totally haram contemporary art. It means either they're uneducated plebs who 'don't get it', or that deep roots are not reached by the frost. Digital will save our souls.

Just kidding. I find most interesting the fact that some of them gained a lot of followers in a short time. It's hard to understand why because the most popular all seem to do the same kind of stuff.

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Study their success like http://guweiz.deviantart.com/ did

And in 2-4 yrs you will have a better patreon thank him https://www.patreon.com/guweiz

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most of their fanbase are 11 to 20 year old girls that grew up watching anime, no surprise THAT art is popular

also damn Loish is old

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damn he sure likes to rip off Kuvshinov-Ilya

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he makes money while doing it

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what the fuck he/she's only been actively drawing for 3-4 years? Goddamn, 2k on patreon in that amount of time, crazy success.

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lesson of the day /ic/ just trace and make money

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Nice dubs, but how is this even a bad advice? Give people the cute sameface they want everyweek to make some money, and do your real art on the side until you're internet-famous enough to have fans to finance your real projects.

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Gotta find that niche first.

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It's the ultimate hack list. theres like 5 great artists in there,if that.

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I was thinking like you, but looking at that list, it seems half of them are drawing the same girl, so the secret to success may be to find some common denominator.
Hell, I've regained respect for Genzoman for not doing the same emontionless black haired chinese girl all the time, he limits his pottery to reusing the same pose 20 times.

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A majority of his work is fanart

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Sounds like he uses Ross Draws techniques https://youtu.be/f9uOrIIV1z4?t=2m24s

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Ross' drawings of his mother make me extremely uncomofrtable

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Samefaces, samefaces everywhere.

Yuumei hasn't done anything appealing in years. This is my favorite of hers. Loish is still good I guess. The rest draw animu shit.

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then draw your sexy mum

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His stuff looks better/more interesting than kronprinz's now I think, but you can see how copying has hurt him with this image. Copying all those portraits has left him with a poor understanding of anatomy and posing, so if you look through his gallery it's all above the waist, and most full bodies are girls in dresses that cover up the legs.

Also he seems to really like overcast settings.

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I like Guweiz's art but I can't stand his attitude, for some reason he has always looked like an attention whore to me whit all of his "I'm just a noob" and "I just started to draw 2 years ago" crap, and all of his copycat history and how he basically just ride the popularity of other populart artists by copying their styles and ideas just makes it worse

hell, even his explanation of why he copies other people's styles to see "why things look good and why they don't" looks like a copy of Kuvshinov Ilya's explanation "I start to copy (or imitate) it to understand what's so good in it"

but yeah, maybe I'm just salty, sorry for the rant

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The problem is : if your real art is too different than your generic sameface, the audience might not follow you as much if you focus on your real stuff t some point. In addition, your generic sameface might "bleed" on your real stuff too...

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Loish is by far the biggest offender of shitty sameface stylization. I also take animu over generic Disney style any day.

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I don't get it. Sakimichan's shit looks terrible.

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Not for "normies"...

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Nor for artists. The only people who think her work is shit is a tiny fraction of dunning krugers on /ic/.

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>Nor for artists who do the same shit

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Any artist who understands appeal knows why her work is popular. No matter how you slice it, her work simply does not look terrible unless you invent a new word to describe actual terrible art.

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>her work simply does not look terrible
If you look at each picture individually it's not bad, even though it's obviosly not very good either. But if you take "her" art as a whole, then yes, it does look terrible.

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Yeah, after further inspection, I can see why she's seen as a talented atist... I guess that this place's elitism took over my eyes too quickly. She's not drawing stick figures, it's just that her gallery isn't varied & is plagued with same face...

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I used to think her art was brilliant. This was just when I started drawing though so I didn't know shit.

Most DA users don't constantly browse and follow the artists they follow. They just follow them cos they like the first piece of their work they see. Sakimichan's work looks nice when you see it for the first time. Normies don't care about sameface

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>Not for "normies"...

a lot /ic/ will never accept this

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I really like sandara. Watched her since day 1

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>bunch of unoriginal fanartist

fucking garbage, art is dead

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not even as a little weeb I liked her art
every picture of her looks so fucking cold and neutral, she uses way too much blue and I don't like how every picture of her is a character to the waist with bad cropping so they never really fit into the picture

Loish's stuff has a much better color harmony for example, but maybe this is all just my shit taste

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Guweiz worked on Ghost in the Shell movie

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His works are mix of referenced poses with Ilya and Wlop effects/stylization. If someone's willing to be this shameless, it would be very easy to produce works like him.

pic on the right is nad4r's because I couldn't find the original photograph, but still recognized it.

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>prepare to feel very very jealous

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jellyfags, jellyfags everywhere.

post yer work faggots.

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>Sometimes when I try to draw a complex pose and fail, I break out in sweat from some mix of panic and doubt.
You know why this happens? Because he's not actually skilled. It is in fact very difficult and time-consuming for someone who just copies from references and other artists to do anatomy poses they don't actually have any understanding of. This is why newbs always say they spend 9 hours on a piece that would take a pro 40 minutes

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Oh what the fuck?

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of course hollywood blockbusters outsource their concept art
jews be jewing

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When he says "I was inspired by photos of zebra crossings" in plural, he means specifically this one http://imgur.com/a/08xC7 which he basically copied to the last detail and never credited it in any of his accounts, he even got a DD for that picture and pretty much all of his followers believe is his own idea as well as a lot of other pictures where he uses ref but never credits

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>where he uses ref but never credits
i seriously suspect that's 100% of his works. Now it's not so mystifying or impressive that his works are so "good" despite being relatively new. also,

>He gave it a go, and managed to replicate the picture pretty well
>favorite artists: Ilya Kuvshinov
kek. That's all you need to know about him.

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Whatever you guys say.after seeing this I'm deciding to just foloe this after I make some money to get a tablet and then just start tracing. I was born a great tracer but was trying to make myself betterbsine thee past 4 years .

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>took up drawing aged 16
>now 21

SHIT, I never should have given up drawing when i took it up at 15. The thought of what i could have become plagues me

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Someone should make a post calling him out on it.

But then again, someone did that for kronprinz and most of his followers just covered their ears and flat out disregarded the evidence. Seems that being good now means just copying a photo 1:1 and then applying color balance/chromatic aberration to it.

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he only started with the fundamentals 2 years ago. in the rest of the article he talks about how he was completely clueless for the first few years and just drew mindlessly getting no where. so it hardly means anything that he first started at 16.

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>Someone should make a post calling him out on it.
call him on what? using photo references? even if he used them heavily and didn't credit, 98% of artist do too.

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Guweiz has been drawing for 4 years, and you guys are stuck here drawing boxes and copying loomis?
haha what an absolute joke, get a grip you people

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why loomis if you just can trace photos

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it's easy to be like guweiz and all of the other copycats, tracers, and slaves to reference who found quick fame and money. but if you wanna be a respectable artist, who can draw complex scenes with ease and have no skeletons in your closet for people expose and ruin your reputation later on, you need to go about it the right way.

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>it's easy to be like guweiz

Why isn't there a thousand Guweiz on DA, then?

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I think people who make it by being popular on social media are not primarily artists but Internet personalities. These folks are closer to YouTubers than actual professional artists. They're e-celebs, call 'em however you want.

In the end being an artist by trade doesn't have one path. You can be a concept artist, a storyboarder, a comic artist and so on. In the end the only thing that matters is that the job market for every single alley is incredibly saturated, it's incredibly difficult, frustrating or degrading and it pays like shit.

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i know plenty of DA users doing the same thing and making $2000+ on patreon despite being complete newbs who couldn't draw without heavy reference to save their lives. at least 4-5 of these are sakimichan copycats, here are three I know by name. The last one had to leave DA because she exposed for being a tracer so many times, but still has a patreon.


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it could actually work in some way, it probably won't make him lose followers but maybe he'll start to give credit and do his own work instead of being a lazy fuck that steals from photographers and other artists works and ideas

I'm pretty sure there are, but they're not popular enough for us to notice it, also a lot of them probably prefer to copy from Ilya than Guweiz since he's more popular

I remember the numyart case, she scammed a lot of people with traced art and commissions and almost got away with it but she committed a lot of mistakes and lied so much that at the end she couldn't take it anymore so she flew to a new account, last thing I saw from her was an attempt to grab quick cash from her followers by taking paintover commissions that honestly looked terrible and half assed

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Peter Paul Rubens copy

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Engraving by Svanevelt on top
Copy by Girtin on bottom

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Giotto on left
Copy by Michelangelo on the right

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Titian on top
Van Dyke on bottom

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Veronese on the left
Rubens on the right

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Caravaggio on the left
Rubens on the right

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Gericault on the left
Cezanne on the right

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Veronese on top
Guardi on bottom

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Fragonard on left
Delocroix on right

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Durer on the left
Delacroix on the right

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Basically my point is that artists have copied other artist since the dawn of time. So stop your jealous rage boners over popular patreon artists who use references because that shit aint new.

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just because this shit is old doesn't make any difference. it's still a piss poor copy with no originality

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eugene delacuck is NGMI

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Rubens made no mistery of making a lot paintings after works from Titian (especially in his last years). It's honest, you know exactly what you're looking at. It cannot be compared with people taking Sakimichan paintings, painting over it and then acting like it's an original (Numyart for example got caught doing just that).
It's the lie that's a problem. Guweiz is upfront about it, he likes Ilya Kuvshinov and sucks her tits, people shouldn't count it against him, we'll see how he evolves once he stops playing the young gun card.

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it's one think to like an artist's style and try to do your own thing with the elements you like from them, but Guweiz straight up steals concepts and styles from popular artists (not only Ilya) and photographers without acknowledge it misleading his followers to believe that it's his original work, if he's going to heavily base his work in other people's work he should at least give them some credit

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Nobody has to credit somebody
for example
Hyperrealist credits photographers?

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Ilya is a male

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