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How did Dave Rapoza get good? His old works he posted on conceptart.com weren't good at all, yet he made a solid progress during these 6 years and everyone will agree that he's a really good artist. Hell, even /ic/ won't dare to shit on him because he does all of his works with no references or photobashing.
>inb4 he studied
Ye, but how? I watched several interviews with him, and he said he was practicing 12 hours a day but that's not saying much, it's like the scene from opm when saitama says his training consists of 100 push ups squats and sit ups. Ive seen many artists on this site that were dedicated like him but after ten years maybe one or two didn't stop progressing after the second year, and it's my personal fear, even though I still haven't proceed in studying, I don't want to waste years like these guys did

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lmao you're making this post instead of cramming your head into a book and trying hard to improve your draws. something tells me you've already wasted years xd

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Being16 y/o means wasted years?
Fuck off reddit

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He has that self-hate self-depreciating character trait but doesn't allow it to drag him into all out despair. So he can see himself objectively, ridicule himself a bit, but then try to figure out how to improve instead of giving up and crying about it or making excuses.

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Its all about 'deliberate practice'. You see artists like sycra practiced everyday but never gets anywhere.

Deliberate practice is all about knowing your intention and do studies to achieve it.

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See it like this. You can go to the gym for 50 years and never really improve greatly in strength. But if you would eat 400 protein a day and lift as heavy as you can and focus on the core lifts, deadlift, squat and bench press, you would get much stronger in weeks/months. Same applies to art. Focus on the fundamentals and your weaknesses and you will see results. /pro

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The real thing you are asking is how you should get good. And the way you answer that is by looking at countless people who have gotten good. Algenpfleger. Mike Azevedo. Miles Johnston etc etc. So that you can minus out the subtleties of Dave and figure out the common threads between all of these people.

I already did this a long time ago. I'll recall for you my thoughts.

1. They all tried to make the best images they could every step of the way, they never waited until they were 'good enough' to be creative. They had ideas and tried to say them even though they were flawed artists.

2. Draw a fucking lot. Sort of an obvious one here.

3. Community. Get some fucking art friends that inspire you.

4. Fairly consistent style from a certain point on. Change style or goal too much and you'll never get good at anything.

5. Take people's feedback and advice until you have enough understanding to devise your own ways to train yourself.

6. Study purposefully and in a way to help you get better at the art you want to create.

7. Still lifes, photo studies.

8. They all managed to get past that point where people can't help you anymore. Your work is good but not great at this point. You might get some advice here and there but nothing groundbreaking. This stage is all you and requires your honest introspection, why your art isn't connecting with people, dealing with or managing personality flaws if necessary, etc. If you can get past this wall, there's nothing really stopping you. You may hit some sort of walls after this but you'll have the integrity to deal with it. So many stumble because they don't know how to get past this wall.

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