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how do i draw like sam youn?

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Artstyle is really nice but also reminded me of >>2862730

Just learn Photoshop I guess.

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>learn fundies
>try to draw like person you want to draw

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just look at his art and try and find the proportions he uses. draw a circle to start and see where stuff lay. do it to as many of his art as you can. see what the similarities are. Use his proportions and see what you get. tweak it to your liking.

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>wanting to draw like a mong

love the structureless, long, ayyylmao necks he gives every character

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Here's a thing. Once you are able to draw like him you will probably prefer to draw differently.

Study real life. Just use other people's works for inspiration instead of making them your end goal.

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I really find this resonating with me

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he only draws sameface girls tho.

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Find pieces of his art and copy it exactly. If he streams or has videos of himself painting, watch those and learn his methods and his tools. Once you've got a feel for this, start taking his methods and think about how you'd apply them to different things.

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Tzuyuuu... I tried to draw her too but I don't think it worked out quite as well

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uhh thats a painting anon

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>sam youn
the guy struggles from same face syndrome

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