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at what point do you start calling yourself an artist? what point did YOU?

my drawings are so awful I wouldn't dare wear that label

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Just a few here do.
I will call myself an artist after i finished this big painting (it is my first real artwork because art is 50% aesthetic 30% Metaphysik and 20% philosopy) i started months ago together with some kind of manifesto.

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I prefer the label "disappointment" myself

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look at this empty thread, goes to show the number of people who actually draw on /ic/

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Wouldn't you only call yourself an artist if you make a living out of it?

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After a ton of people kept coming up to me and calling me an artist, I figured I am an artist.

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no one calls you an artist

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No, if you life for it. If you paint for money you are a painter or illustrator or something.

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I just call myself an illustrator. ''Artist'' seems pretentious

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Calling yourself and illustrator sounds pretentious. Do you even make money?

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I started to dare calling myself an artist when I had my first commission. ( I didn't untill this time )

If my art is worst selling, if someone is touched by my art to the point to give me money, then I did my job as an 'artist'. So I consider myself an artist now.

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If you make art, you are an artist. The word itself carries no implication of ability or success. Not every artist is a professional, practicing artist.

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I've always felt uncomfortable calling myself an artist. I love art... aside from video games it's the thing i love the most, but I'm still not at a point where I'm "good". Calling myself an artist feels dirty, like Salvador Dahli is an artist. I'm, I just draw.

...that's me, i just draw.

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>I'm a...

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I cringe at the thought of calling myself an artist in front of anyone, i just feel that it's such a pretentious label, u know? Or maybe it's only problems i have with self esteem

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It's your self esteem

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I'll just call myself an artist when i do something relevant

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Different anon.

You're right, they call us "drawers", those illiterate scum.

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you misheard, they were calling you an autist

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I've put enough time and effort into it that I'm happy to think of myself as an artist. Just not a very good one.

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tbqh its better to call yourself on a specific label such as illustrator, animator, actor etc. because calling yourself an 'artist' also makes you equal to a drooling retard who splashes a canvas with his shit and also calls himself an 'artist'

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