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When I look at these kinds of drawings, I really wonder just how long it would take to get to this kind of level. It makes me feel like I'll never be able to get there even though in the back of my head I know I have to keep drawing and learning. What keeps you going

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I enjoy it and the result I get
Also I somehow managed to create a habit where I can't be happy without drawing anymore

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This reminds me
You need more than just one thing keeping you going
People tend to only think in short or long term goals
But you need goals in the middle too
Not so much goals but perhaps achievements is the right word
Without them it's a journey to unsatisfaction

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Why do nips always fuck up basic foreshortening?

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I like how even that floating symbol is in perspective, feels like it's there floating in air and not like it was added on paper

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It's probably a fisheye perspective.

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this, pretty much. Although some do fuck it up even if they are going for a fish eye perspective. And it's not really a Japanese thing.

The reason to go for fisheye is to be able to capture a scene better. It probably started being popular after it was used in movies. (Western movies)

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Also don't forget that this is a comic, so that you don't necessarily have to have the best art or the best grasp of some things since the's other shit to worry about, like story telling.

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>comparing a panel to a two-page-spread

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the first panel isn't a spread, and even then for the last 2 the compositions/values and atmosphere have tremendously improved, you can tell he's much more deliberate and confident with all his fundamentals now

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oh GOD my DICK!

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This is a bad way to think about things. Progression for a comics artist is not based on getting better at certain fundamentals. It's based on how well you put your mind and intentions on paper. Of course drawing ability, fundamentals, character design sense, and all sorts of different competences will grow from working on a manga series.

Why do I bring this up? The 2008 and 2015 panels are saying something different, but it's clear that the 2008 panel is supposed to be comical, and the 2015 is supposed to inspire awe. You can't compare art with different purposes and say he improved immensely from those two pieces.

In terms of him growing as an artist, I will say that's true. But I think, if we look at his body of work as a whole, you/we are seeing that his aesthetic taste has changed and what he wants to express has changed. Those feelings are what induced the changes and the differences in how he uses fundamentals between 2008 and 2015. It's a natural progression and not one that results from purely focusing on fundamentals, but instead from changes in what the artist wants to express. It's not just him getting better at fundamentals.

1. Bakuman. Kakukaku Shikajika.
1. Seeing myself improve when I try hard to.
2. The desire to make a top-tier manga-inspired comic.
3. Getting past difficult plateaus. You do it so many times and you realize there's nothing wrong with you as an artist at any time, there's something wrong with how you are being.
4. Having gotten somewhere from zero, being able to really help people in their drawings, making posts that people really agree or benefit from, and to make artwork people enjoy or like.
5. Courage. When I draw and it's worse than I thought it'd be, or I thought I ought to be able to do this, it can be difficult. You need to keep going despite these feelings. That's courage.
6. A writer I wanted to work with turned me down because I'm inexperienced in comics. I need to start drawing my own comic asap.

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Nah, you are correct in the fact that both panels had a different intention, but the 2015 version is a way better executed picture fundamentally, even if you consider both within their respective intentions, it's just a much more intentional and controlled picture, which comes from a lot of mileage focusing on fundies.
Even if his feelings did evolve, he wouldn't be able to express them at this level if not for the fundamentals, this is exactly why they are named that way, as they support everything that the artist wants to express, and the stronger they get the bigger his range gets.

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Yes, you can't express the panel from 2015 without fundamentals. Yes fundamentals support what an artist wants to express. But, you can't get rid of the fact that an artist wanting to express something different is also what drives the gaining of skill and has great influence on the appearance of their comics.

Anyways, I don't really get why you chose the 2015 panel to demonstrate control over fundamentals. What I see is an image he spent a lot of time on in order to get a certain feeling. It's not a difficult image to draw fundamentally; it's a technique based image. He could have drawn it in 2009. He already had strong control over movement, and foreshortening which really can be fundamentals; and those techniques for drawing backgrounds he was already using. Those dustclouds are not difficult to draw, atmosphere can be created by using a eraser that fades out the lines, it's a 1-point perspective image, so what exactly is fundamentally difficult about the image that he would require more mileage on fundamentals? In my opinion you are mistaking that a more nuanced and finished image requires high level fundamentals.

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(cont.) To be clear, I said you can't express the panel from 2015 without fundamentals. For example, you need to at least know about eye level and 1-point perspective. But that's not something that requires much mileage on fundies. In other words it requires fundamentals, but not high-level nor heavily refined fundamentals.

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Assistants are a thing.
Not only in Japan.

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Funny you mention that since Yoshikazu works without any assistants.

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I don't see what's so special about it.

There's nothing there that's impossible to achieve, and the artist is operating off of things they've learned.

Give it some more time.

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He even streams on youtube, and I miss it every time, but he takes a looot of time to do even one drawing or at least that's what I saw.


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does it at least save each stream for later viewing? (i dont know how youtube streaming works so i apologize if the question is dumb)

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nah, the 2015 version is technically superior yes, but technique is not the reason why it is far superior to the 2008 version.
the 2008 version shows a lot of weakness in composition and values, the background has pure black that leads out of the picture and distracts from the scene and it is pretty much here only because the picture needed a background, no real thought or intention in how it is drawn.

in the 2015 version however, the lower values in the background help emphasize the characters because the only pure black areas are on them, the unnecessary areas of the background (windows) are removed and the fade effect helps emphasize the message of the picture, and pretty much every line and detail helps the composition (like the white line fading away when they reach the border of the picture).
Basically the 2015 version has clear intent behind everything in it, and that is the real mark of an experienced artist regardless of style or time spent on an image, and it's only possible because he has an intuitive understanding of fundamentals

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>just assholes whispering through their sphincters; communing through their asscracks, from one anus to another.

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>considers that good
nigga, just check out Boichi

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what a train reck of a Manhwa

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They're both good, calm down kid.

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Where can I read Bakuman? Seems to be taken down everywhere>>2865041

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There can be only one.

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It's all about planning.
Not magic.

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>considers that good

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As an oldfag I can promise you that as soon as you reach this level you will be looking at other art, frustrated over how you will never reach that level. It is far better to stop worrying about this. Just switch to only comparing your current art to your old art, for most artists this is the outlook that brings out the best in them. Also, when you find awesome art, study it, take notes, analyze what makes it awesome and do studies that uses the techniques you've deducted. It makes you able to be much more objective in your evaluation of things.

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Considering just about every manga published today is done by a team of character artists and background artists, not even the artist credited for that manga is that good.

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Thank you, based anon

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too bad this mangaka does it all himself

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>It makes me feel like I'll never be able to get there even though in the back of my head I know I have to keep drawing and learning. What keeps you going
If you're half-hearted you will never make it.
Every moment that you lose time shitposting instead of drawing is a step back.
You need to dedicate all the time possible to drawing, of course you need to take care of your health and sleep, you can't draw if you are dead. But still, if you are serious abous living from this shit you have to be better than most of the people..

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Or get your own style and innovate with your ideas

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I was talking about drawing itself, not making comics.

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Dont worry, he probably had assistants helping with the background

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He doesn't use assistants, it's a solo work drawn digitally.

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The guy doesn't use assistants, but he uses references heavily.
Still solid.

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More like fish-head perspective.

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Some fans are really impressed by screentones... If you could clear the tones from this drawing, they'd immediately see how simple it is.

They also use erasers to vary the tone. It's mainly a very intense angle.

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good stuff

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Whenever I want to feel insecure and inadequate, I just read some Blame!

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Source? Im dumb

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Gold Kamui

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I always aim for the stars with my art. I look at the artists that I find good and interesting and I try to get there and beyond. That's the mentality going in.
However I'm not stupid. I'm rarely even remotely on the level of the ones I look up to, which probably is why I look up to them in the first place.
So even if the goal for the art is to be the motherfucking best, I will be happy with it as long as I can see improvement over the last thing I drew. You're only ever as good as your last piece.

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