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Post your color picker of choice.

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here's mine

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>triangle color picker

bad meme.

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school us anon

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Same amount of information crammed into a smaller area means less accurate color picking and in worst cases even omitting some colors completely.

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So, triangle < square < pentagon?

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Since I come from traditional media I have a swatch of colors, I mix them on screen or with sliders and paint from it

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That's why you use a gamut, ya doofus, but I'd rather retain some sense of value coherence than pick between two gorillion hues

There's no "inaccurate color picking" like getting brainwashed by the square

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The triangle omits nothing you ragamuffin. The square us just filled with repeated hue points.
If anything the triangle is more accurate. Not that it matters much either way.

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That's really clever, I like it

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I can color pick colors that will show up as "white" on the triangle because it doesn't exist in the triangle.

Maybe my extension just sucks though.

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This is what a palette in a piece will normally look like for me.
My only issue is the swatch I use. sometimes I feel it lacks personality or that it is too platic.

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these are the comfiest

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Nice idea but remember that mixing colors on digital is very different than traditionnal

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>less accurate color picking
i can tell that u are shit at values/color by this statement 100%

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Is your color space lab? I find that painterswheel is designed for RGB and not much else

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I am. Well, with colors at least.

It's really just a "what if" kinda thing, where it in practice is unnoticeable, but in theory is annoying that the program isn't providing working to it's potential.

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I know but that is not an issue for me because I never mix primaries to make secundaries or similar.

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>digital fags create this kind of problems to feel more involved in process

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This LOL. i dont even use a color picker. i just once in a while click the photoshop picker when i really need a color, but in most cases i just use the colors on my canvas

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>That feel when mixing actual paint on an actual palette
Feels good negroid

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I hope you're trolling. Doing this is a bad habit and will degrade your color into mud. Using a color picker in digital painting is mandatory.

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no youre clearly a fuckin beginner if you think thats true dumbshit

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