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Is there a comprehensive list of painting techniques out there?


Yes, that link exists...But that also doesn't include say, this:


or say, this:


You know what I mean?

I'm wanting to get into painting..Wanting to look at as many painting techniques as I can, you know.

I just want to escape the trap of staring at a screen of any kind to pass the time..Something that'll benefit my life, so it's painting (along with music)

Thanks bros!!!

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this link for example has Gouache, but doesn't have Decalcomania...

I guess I can just put together a giant list of painting techniques from various sources

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Decalcomania isn't painting, you might as well include offset printing as well

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>I just want to escape the trap of staring at a screen of any kind to pass the time..
but you're doing this now, by looking for some painting technique instead of just picking something popular/cheap and starting to paint

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