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Is there something I'm missing here?

1 million followers. really? Kek her style for one is not original. and to be real. It's not that good either. fuck me i'm trying to hurrdle over 100 followers.

I don't care, but 1 million followers? holy fucking shit how do u do that?

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>what am I missing here?
>her style
>lets be real
>not that good
>im trying
>i don't care

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>I don't care, but

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are you trying to communicate?

also wtf look at this. holy fucking shit what?!?


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This site is 18+, leave please

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lololololol the meme continues

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kek /ic is not 18+

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I wish IC required a mandatory IP-locked trip to post

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who are we pretending sucks to make us feel better today anon?

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did you even read your reply before you posted?

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Stop complaining about someone else and go draw.

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the mistake a lot of people on /ic/ make is that they assume their eye is as good as the average joe's which it is not at all. obviously you can tell it's shit but that's because you have an eye for that stuff. most people don't know dick about technical skill. you're so stuck in making art for other artists that you've lost touch with what other people value in art

like yeah her art isn't great. it doesn't have to be great. you missed the point you fuckin dipshit. it's like how musicians shit on pop like no shit you hate something that's literally just I V vi IV progression done a thousand times that music isn't for you

the point isn't to be generic it's be generic with pizzazz which she's doing very well you out of touch sperglord fuckin christ man i hate shit like this so much

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So this talent is a curse and a blessing at the same time.

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is she legitimately special?

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ic has a terrible eye as well, why else would their own art be shitty

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You'd have to be blind or stupid to think that cyarine would have anywhere near the same amount of attention she does now if she weren't halfway attractive narcissist redhead and constantly posting selfies.

is it sexist to point this out? am i falling for some high-minded trap here? her art isn't terrible, but, shiiiiiiit, Peter Han is only at 93k followers in comparison? sex sells. pic related

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Did he get a personal commission? What's going on here because that art is amazing.

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This is woman privilege. It's like living life on tutorial mode, with cheat codes enabled and a strategy guide in hand.

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What all you basement dwelling neckbeards are missing (maybe only people with vaginas can get this or something) but basically she is appealing to two audiences. First there is the art crowd. But your missing that she is also trying to appeal to the fashion crowd. (succeeding)

As others have said. Really edge lord fantasy stuff appeals to a certain audience. Being Cute and grounded in attainable reality appeals to another.

She also has a defined simplistic style that is easy to process/repeat, and manages to dodge the uncanny valley.

Oh one other thing. She is one of the first people to do this, "Wardrobe:Artistic Rendering" pairing and push it.

Go sit down in the woods unplugged somewhere with a beverage. Think about what you can do that no one else is really doing yet. Maybe your a fashionable dude? Do the same thing. (keep the style simple.) Some people will call you a copy. But far more will just see the idea and you will build a following too!

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start taking hormones
is trendy to be a trap nowadays

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Maybe you wouldn't get as many followers on instagram, but you could definitely still be more popular / successful in general. Kron is an ugly little russian dude and he crushes Cyarine in overall popularity that translates to patreon bucks. Also plenty of artists on DA and Tumblr with millions of pageviews and hundreds of thousands of followers who have never posted selfies and who most people outside of the convention circuit have no idea how they look like.

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can someone screencap this and post everytime thread lie this is made?
why don't you get it that normies don't care about your loomis, just appeal to them and you are good to go, but you won't be good artist by doing that

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>that art is amazing.

Back to the beginner thread for you.

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It is cute that you think that. I am trans. Let me tell you after living on both sides of the fence:

There is no such thing as privilage. Its basically like an RPG game. Both genders start with the same amount of points (women arguably start with *slightly* ---maybe one or two--- less) the distribution is different.

To put it in terms that might make more sense. When driving a sports car down a deserted straight away on open road blowing past a truck with 4 wheel drive. The person in the truck might be inclined to say. Fucking sports car privilage.

That same sports car driver later gets to a rough gravel section of road or even snow, and the truck breezes by in total control while the sports car slides and gets stuck. The sports car driver now yells "Truck privilage"

We then even among genders people have their points spread out slightly different again. (to get back to the RPG analogy)

tl;dr its not privilege. It is just trade offs. Work with what you have and do it well.

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>both sides
lel your just a man with boobs, you will never get the privilege that actual girls have because you will never be one. stop your delusions

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You guys, what if it's her making these threads so she can get criticism from an audience of people that wouldn't just say that anything she does is amazing?

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>cant go over 100 followers

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What's the point in having followers

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"Trans" is BS. You don't know what you're talking about.

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I don't even want followers. Who wants to be stalked all the time? Creepy.

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people seeing and spreading your art.

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Why do you want to be an artist if you don't want people to see your art?

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>manages to dodge the uncanny valley.

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To be able to draw for memory purposes

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Just chalk it up to female privilege. If you're a woman and perform at 10% of a man, you'll be a celebrity and a millionaire.

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But what happens if a ugly/fat woman gets gud at drawing?

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That's impossible anon. There's no such cases.

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Congratulations. You have just written the dumbest post on /ic/.

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I show it to my family and friends. I used to be into the followers game but realized I really don't care about them, they're just numbers.

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bitch i can't go over 30

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why do i think this post is made by cyarine herself

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>tard face

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That was also the first thing that popped into my head.

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Really? I wonder why I'm not rich and popular by now, then.

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>What is an audience of 100 million fat tumblrinas?

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Because you're either a tranny, or simply performing at 5% of a man, which is the average.

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Breaking News: Ignorant people would rather keep being ignorant than listen to advice from rare minority.

Enjoy those 10 followers anons. Maybe your mom will put your latest on the fridge too.

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>they're just numbers.

They are people who saw your art and liked it enough to click follow so they can see when you post something new. Not sure why you'd try to rationalize this as being a bad thing. I mean, sure, you shouldn't be obsessed about getting followers and no one needs a million of them, but at the same time, it's definitely a nice thing to know your art is being seen and appreciated by an audience that consists of more people than your parents and close friends.

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If you went to an actual art school you would realize that its like a 4:1 ratio of female:male.

Face it bro more women are artists, and that also means that statically more women are actually GOOD artists as opposed to men.

Being a sexist cunt on the internet isn't helping your career. (or your dating game....)

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>If you went to an actual art school you would realize that its like a 4:1 ratio of female:male.
You're just proving my point, you dumb cunt. Despite outnumbering men 4:1, the vast majority of good artists are men.

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Why do you mutilated freaks mistake /ic/ for tumblr? If you want people to fawn over your psychotic delusions, you're in the wrong place.

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>the vast majority
Nice source.

But I see your game. You're actually butthurt because anyone but you is popular.

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yeah i don't tend to take advice from the mentally ill sorry.

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>Nice source.
So you're actually retarded. This is so well known that even feminists complain about how overrepresented men are in all areas of art.

>You're actually butthurt because anyone but you is popular.
This old thing? Why does every oversensitive crybaby on /ic/ fall back on this when their shitty idols are criticized?

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Yeah, I know. But I used to be really into the followers game and it was pretty cancerous (e.g. I'd shit drawings out that I didn't even really like just for likes and be disappointed when it didn't reach at least X amount) so I cared about it way too much. I was obsessed. But it's like some weird slippery slope, where if I care even a little bit I get addicted. So I kind of can't allow myself to do that.
Thinking about it a bit more, I really desired fame and stardom, but I think it was mostly insecurity talking. Getting to the point where people try to find out real life info about you is also creepy and I do not want.

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>I am trans. Let me tell you.
Let ME tell you.
Trans is subhuman. So you do not remotely know what is like to be a woman.

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So you can't actually substantiate your claims.

>> No.2863425

Excuse me. Kill yourself, please, and thank you.

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mental illness gives you negative points

>> No.2863464

I somewhat agree but
>living on both sides of the fence

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Traps/trans should be put in jail.

Dont take the numbers as a meaning of talent.Yes attractive selfy girl artists will obtain more followers. Sex sells.

Keep posting your art online.

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Can you substantiate your claims? I can only find sources saying female:male ratio in art school is 3:1. And female representation across all art fields is less than 50% except for writers/authors and designers at around 55%, and dancers/choreographers at 78%.

Though to be fair, all of these gender-based studies are probably carried out by feminists with an agenda. Feminists are not known to be interested in facts, equality, or reality. So all of these figures are close to worthless.

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Looks like a worse loish desu.

>> No.2863499

She's a Loish ripoff that almost got double Loish' followers. It's sad really

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>I am trans

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That renders our discussion close to worthless too.
All I can say is that gender has nothing to do with artistic skill. We could argue about how girls acting cute are able to sell their subpar art better than men ever could. But it also has little to do with gender, but with their "social skills", or else we wouldn't have Jazzas and Sycras around.

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which is why i made this thread. I'm curious to know how people pull in so many views. it's insane! mean while there are versatile artists who only have a small following. blows my mind.

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fuck off.

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you're too retarded to know how to screen cap?
wew lad ahahaha

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i got over 100, but it fluctuates a lot.

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>only 85k followers

meanwhile this mediocre cunt has over 1million followers. what the KEK is going on here?

>> No.2863536

This person has great rendering skills but their drawing is stiff as hell.

>> No.2863557

>what the KEK is going on here?

They focus on different communities? Wlop has 3,7 million pageviews and 123k followers on Deviantart. Cyarin "only" has 400k pageviews and 30k followers there. Not many artists care particularly about Instagram.

>> No.2863559

>60 publications agains 1.600
Seems proportional to me. People who browse instagram usually don't care much about quality if they can get quantity at a steady flow.

>> No.2863562

What does she use to color her sketchbook drawings tho? This looks nice.

>> No.2863565

She colors them digitaly

>> No.2863568

That's probably done digitally and slapped on a sketchbook page. But if you want to get something close to that you can always use markers and then soften the gradations with colored pencils.

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kek she looks like an orc

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It's really cringy how much she draws herself really.

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Who remembers that one thread where everyone tried to fix that thing?

>> No.2863578

than again, i rarely post but i think even then itd be about the same

>> No.2863580

What do you post? I wonder if I can beat you guys without even trying. I don't even have a blog.

>> No.2863585

Did he ever admit that himself or is he really trying to pass it off as traditional work with that pen on the side?

>> No.2863587

pick one.

>> No.2863588

It's pretty obvious they sketch it with a pen then digitally paint it you dumbass. Why do you think it's in a sketchbook?

>> No.2863591

i post almost everyday the highest i got was just over 100 but then it just goes down again KEK

>> No.2863592

>It's pretty obvious

You overestimate people wa too much if you think everyone will right away agree that it's colored digitally.

>> No.2863593


Call me out of the loop, but how does instagram actually translate to income for these artists? Do they sell prints or something?

>> No.2863595

In theory, it creates a network.
In reality, it doesn't have anything to do with an income.

>> No.2863597

it's a marketing tool. people use instagram everyday all day on their mobile phones. it's exposure. it could help create an income, but you have to have have red hair and draw unoriginal art, also being a narcissist helps a lot!

>> No.2863598

These "artists" live off of the dopamine high.

>> No.2863600


Ah, okay. I get all that, I was just wondering if there was some explicit shop or ads feature I never knew about.

>> No.2863604

well you must be doing something wrong then. Either the product or the marketing

>> No.2863607

Does marketing even work anymore or is it just a meme?

>> No.2863614

it's a meme.

>> No.2863620

well i dont know. IG is my first social media, and ive got 140 minions after like 4 months but i didnt post all jan so i lost like 20 then.. i just click like and follow whenever i like something enough. Is that marketing?

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It's whining like this that's the real marketing

>> No.2863625

I get it, /ic/ is full of personality-less people so that's why no one follows them because they have nothing to say. Might as be a bot.

>> No.2863627

nah, thats disgusting. so is 'follow for follow', i mean ill follow you back if you have something to offer. But then again, im 'new' to social media so i might be.. out of touch heh

>> No.2863628

i'm gonna start doing this now with my posts.


dye my hair red, become a transgender, trade my dick in for a vagina. profit?

>> No.2863629

i love when people keep liking your stuff, but don't just follow you, because they're waiting for you to take the b8 and follow them, as soon as you do they unfollow you lmao! fucking cunts.

>> No.2863631

Pretty sure social media as a whole doesn't work because of the algorithms. It makes it look like everyone is out to get you.

>> No.2863634

yeah, i found an app for that, tells me who unfollowed me, cuz i was getting those cunts all the time. now i just unfollow and block em, godspeed, fuckoff.

>> No.2863635

I think it's cute, it would be cuter if she was actually stylish and drew herself, buuuuuuut

You guys don't complain when painters do a million self-portraits of themselves. Chill out.

>> No.2863636

no i am to lazy to post it everytime kiddo

>> No.2863637

post app?

>> No.2863639

its called 'followers insight' works good, few adds tho poppin up, but its free afterall

>> No.2863641

thanks nig

>> No.2863643

god damnit it's pay to use.

>> No.2863644

nah, the basic is counting followers and unfollowers, you pay for some fancy options and no adds. dude im using it and i dont pay, right?

>> No.2863645

>high intelligence


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>> No.2863652

true. i see what u mean now. coool app, but damn those adds are brutal.

>> No.2863655

So you think it's possible to posses both?

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>> No.2863660

only in one area. most of them are good at math, but socially unacceptable.

they are often talking to themselves alone, murmuring shit, or staring at things as if they're hypnotized by it. they're also complete and utter assholes, but of course they unconscious of their rude behavior, they cannot help it. some of them come across as normal until you here them speak.

>> No.2863661

dude, Rain Man? low emotional inteligence.
yeah, but how often some1 unfollows you?

>> No.2863662

Don't have meltdown over this thread, babe.

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you just don't got the spark desu senpai.

>> No.2863666

By consistently putting stuff out.

>> No.2863670

pretty often. yesterday i had 203 followers. today i have 199. it goes up and down. it's actually hilarious.

i probably gain 10 new followers a week and lose 7. that can vary

>> No.2863673

this is true. i burned my bridges.

>> No.2863675

Getting an instagram fanbase seems very fickle and ultimately useless.

>> No.2863676

so its prty much same as me

>> No.2863677


if you post quality work there is nothing useless about it. might as well expose it.

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So does Cyarin and she still got that 1mil fanbase.

>> No.2863679

depends what you want from it. money? probably yeah then. I follow some awesome guys and i get my daily portion of art while taking a morning shit, and also ppl get to see my art so thats ok too

>> No.2863682

>have never followed anyone on a social media
>If I can be followed on some account then I wouldn't know how many I got

I don't understand the obsession with such a pointless feature. If I like some art then I'm not going to "follow" that person and I would hate the spam that would probably produce. I just bookmark the page. I expect I'm not the only one.

>> No.2863683

I dunno, by nature people who watch art on a tiny smartphone screen probably don't care much about it.

>> No.2863690

Why do I have to explain why I'm not an attention seeking faggot and I just want to draw for myself, get better at something and die knowing I did something I like? I've seen that question a lot in here. Dissapointing.

>> No.2863693

that was a good thread

>> No.2863696

ITT: Subhuman digitalfags behaving like Orcs

Nothing new, carry on, let the children to their little dramas and earning their wages in likes and followings on new hip teenage sites.

>> No.2863697

You don't know that. A lot of people always show me art they like that they find on social media, they're not obsessed but they do appreciate the work that appeals to them and share it with others. There's also the budding art teens who exclusively use their phones for this too who might remember your name/style for years to come. I remember the DA artists I used to lurk, if they might have kept up with their work instead of disappearing completely who knows where they could be right now. Loish was one of the few who did and she's doing well.

I'm guessing, been out of the loop with social media for years and years. I might be too idealistic with this shit.

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>> No.2863710

seriously who cares

cyarin is just some kid, and her followers are also teen girls who have no $$$. she's not getting anywhere just by posting selfies and mugshots of anime girls

>> No.2863745

You have no idea what it means to be a woman you shitter. Even trans have a special privilege in nearly every possible sense nowadays BUT in regards to art, you have all of tumblr to take pity on you and support your endeavors.

>> No.2863754

This is called savaunt syndrome and is common for people on the autism spectrum. Which, if you think about it, is a more superior intelligence to that of a neurotypical, as neurotypicals are usually amateurish at most activities, but never find a true passion to commit all their attention and talent to, i.e. The only way to really "get gud" at something on sees value in

>> No.2863759

I agree but as a woman I don't understand how can people treat you like one since irl it's pretty obvious when it's a dude trying to be a girl. I'd imagine they would treat you differently than an actual girl. I know I would... just sayin'

>> No.2863763

or you know, she's not an attention whoring slut that uses her body to get people to follow her art blog

>> No.2863767

>high intelligence mixed with autism
literally what
how can one bitch be so delusional and narcissistic it's fucking disgusting

>> No.2863773
File: 342 KB, 922x591, muhautisms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Don't forget this one.

>> No.2863776

I didn't know you could have fine motor abilities gooed enough to draw for example but not have basic motor abilities good enough to run or dance... oh well, maybe in her world :^)

>> No.2863777

It's because she is inherently more relatable to her audience. That's what causes people to stay. It's not skill. It's not how good of a person you are. It's how achievable that person's position looks to you. Peter Han is on another level, and he's a guy that's not quite as charming.

You probably know more about her and her personality than you do about Peter. You have no reasons to hate him, he hasn't even shown you any kind of depth or flaws for you to pick at.

>> No.2863779

She's the red-headed stepchild of the commissions market. Just step back until it blows over.


>> No.2863780
File: 46 KB, 564x564, a9be8a6087f6f8d57f995a707c2b9352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love how she makes these autism pride things while continuesly whines about how awful it is to live with autism

>> No.2863783

>When driving a sports car down a deserted straight away on open road blowing past a truck with 4 wheel drive. The person in the truck might be inclined to say. Fucking sports car privilage.

No no no you have it all wrong. It's not about being envious of someone having more, it's someone having more and expecting those with less to perform at the same level and not to complain about it.

>> No.2863785

What the hell is wrong with those fingers? Holding the scissors like that is a tragedy.

>> No.2863791

Ok, this one is legitimately ugly

>> No.2863794

>I think I died?
At this point I might have autism myself. But I always get triggered when someone unironically tries to affirm something with a question.

>> No.2863800

>that eye angle
it's literally 0,2 cm away from becoming a star wars race like holy shit does she not see how retarded this looks?

>> No.2863804
File: 310 KB, 960x960, 1487237420415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw to intelligent too git gud

>> No.2863806


all those yous, wha..?

>I am trans


>> No.2863808

>tard scissor holding
>about to cut thumb off

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File: 3.48 MB, 320x240, 1487105401796.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2863818

Yeah exactly what your describing is ACTUAL privilege.

What I am describing is what is going on in this thread when a male artist looks at a female looks at a female artist and says she has it easy mode due to "female privilage" they are using it wrong in the first place...

see >>2863230

>> No.2863821

oh she's autistic? that's how she got the 1million followers.

She's her own hero. Everybody loves a hero!

>> No.2863823

>She's her own hero
But who is the villain? Every hero has a villain.

>> No.2863824


talent-less alt-right pig whines about female artists, the thread.

>> No.2863826


>> No.2863831

Why don't you guys stop obsessing that girls are better than you and just draw pictures?

>> No.2863832

We are the villain ofcourse.

>> No.2863837

everybody is a villain. she a victim to societies cruelty.

that's why she gets so many fans.

>> No.2863839

I wonder what the exact opposite of an artist is

>> No.2863840
File: 189 KB, 750x1334, 1486937824836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Contrary to popular belief not all trans people look visibly trans. (Think Caitlyn Jenner bullshit) Also once we are post op there are fewer actual tells than you think. I pass and most people treat me as cis because they have no reason to otherwise.

Pic related. An example of a passable transwoman.

>> No.2863843
File: 66 KB, 1339x420, Artist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2863846

She's just a hot lesbian.

>> No.2863847

>tfw STEM really is the opposite of an artist
Mind blown

But really artists are practically scientists.

>> No.2863848

she has a dick or he has a vigina?

we live if an age where we no longer no man from women. I would love to see trans burned a live!

how confused can you get? you're either MALE OR FEMALE. There are no other exceptions, but to love your true self.

>> No.2863853

veiny hands are always a giveaway
if not, voice
and of course feminine benis

>> No.2863855

>artists are practically scientists
If that's true, why did I fail Biology three times?

>> No.2863858

you're autistic. your mind excels in one area.

>> No.2863861

Nice english....

>> No.2863862

Holy shit this place is so toxic haha good god

>> No.2863867


That, and don't forget about the shoulders. You can always tell by the shoulders, and the angle of the clavicles are often pretty telling too.

>> No.2863871



>> No.2863872
File: 139 KB, 620x620, aridna3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're thinking too much as if every trans was once a burly builder wearing a wig.
Not every man has booming voice or veiny hands, not every trans keeps his penis.
Pic related is a locally semi-famous huehue trans. And he has a fake vag instead of a dong.

>> No.2863875

How long would it take for cyarin to notice all this shittalk about her so she has something new to cry about on instagram?

>> No.2863877

You should DM her a link to the thread and keep it alive.

>> No.2863879

>barely a room full of people
She has how many followers again? Remind me.

>> No.2863880

Nah she'll probably shoot the messager

>> No.2863886

I wouldn't put past me that someone already tried to point finger to /ic/.
I remember in a thread a few days back, there was some fierce white knight defending her honor.

>> No.2863897

you mean fierce autistic soldiers.

>> No.2863903

It's the same, white knight is already a derrogatory term by internet standards.

>> No.2863916

it all makes sense now.

>> No.2863927

This anon put it well. Mass appeal matters if you just want a lot of followers. Plus op didn't show his art so for all we know you suck too.

>> No.2863932

Femanon here to debunk this. I have a style with mass appeal (studying animation so that part is kinda important) but my tits haven't gotten me more views. Most people on Tumblr and shit looking at your art are teen girls you gotta appeal to what they like.

>> No.2863933

^ This! Know your fucking audience!

>> No.2863935

wow it's sad you had to back your femanistic opinion by same fagging. dumb bimbo

>> No.2863936

Way to reply to yourself, you autistic white knighting faggot. Didn't even bother to change up the writing style.

>> No.2863951 [DELETED] 

Tiny brain can't even....

>> No.2863955 [DELETED] 


>> No.2863957

Well, for one they probably don't worry about how many followers other people have. They probably enjoy what they do and make things that other people enjoy.

>> No.2863972
File: 52 KB, 1579x270, NOPE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like that your brain can't comprehend being wrong.

>> No.2863979



>> No.2863982

>ITT: Everyone is mad that they don't have a million followers on instagram

You guys are pathetic.

>> No.2863984

not mad. i was actually just curious how to do it. then everybody started hating.

>> No.2863986

Why are you spitting shit?

>> No.2863994
File: 381 KB, 472x493, runelol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2864069
File: 1.95 MB, 640x640, thisthread.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2864089
File: 43 KB, 282x341, hummm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


am I the only one that is triggered by her combination of blue pencil with graphite?
this is some next lvl retardation.
Blue pencil might be useful if you are doing inks and then scanning your work,because it won't come through in the scan.If you are going to take a picture,then what's the point? let alone with graphite

and I don't think some of you actually realize how much is 1mil. It's physically hard to imagine

>> No.2864096

>tfw can't even imagine ten thousand

>> No.2864098

she's so insecure.

>> No.2864102


>> No.2864104

>look at me I'm so tough and not insecure

>> No.2864122

it helps to look good but my marketing yourself along with an decent style and skill (and yes she's good enough for the most part you don't need to be a master) you make yourself relatable to the audience. This means rather than just being interested in your art they like you as a person and are more willing to support you.
Sure being an art god might get you some followers who only care about technical skill. But for the casual viewer there's not that much difference between you and some random animufag with filters and photobackgrounds. Having people like you as a person and feel like they're helping out a friend will make people more likely to "follow" or whatever it is people care about.

also helps you get commissions.

>> No.2864127

Well, how ugly are you?

>> No.2864227

Followers don't really get you anywhere. Cyarine currently has the most followers among amateur artists, but Sakimi makes vastly more money and is more readily recognizable. And then, the artists on Overwatch's design team have had their art exposed to an audience many orders of magnitude greater than any Patreon "superstar". Steve Ditko and Bob Kane created cultural phenomenons and yet barely nobody knew their names while they lived. And let's not even talk about the codifiers of artistic movements and how underappreciated most of them where during their prime despite being art history today.

"Popular" is not a compliment.

>> No.2864235

it must feel nice to know that many people appreciate your work.

>doesn't get you anywhere

now that's bullshit! she's got a huge advantage and lot's of potential to start an art career, but that won't happen because she's completely inept besides drawing pictures of herself. She would need people to do all the business work and marketing. Fucking waste.

>> No.2864246

Followers do mean much if its a large amount, sure a few hundred or thousand doesn't mean anything. But I can assure you if you have hundreds of thousands to millions its going to mean something when you put that out there to get hired.

Plus getting famous after you're dead doesn't mean much either. In fact, what you're saying seems to indicate the opposite. These people without "followers" were literally who's until far after it mattered. Indicating if you want to get somewhere in life while being able to experience it, you want followers.

>> No.2864256

normies like hot girls in cute clothes, nothing new.

>> No.2864267

kek try being a woman in a male-dominated field. Hardly any 'strategy guides' for that.

I learned the hard way by wrestling.

>> No.2864269


doors wide open!

>> No.2864271

She's a hot girl so she get followers.

>> No.2864273

well males are statistically better artists.

>> No.2864274

If you fags knew how to draw you'd know the pelvis is an imediate givaway of genre no matter the build or how much hormones they drug themselves with.

>> No.2864275

The rendering also gets lost on tiny phone screens

>> No.2864276

You're an uggo obviously.

>> No.2864281

And yet the amateur artist with the largest instagram following is still an amateur because Wacom told her to fuck off.

Professionalism and dependability mean more than popularity now and always. It's why Greg Land is never without work but Madureira had to open his own videogame studio, and when he was too lazy to make that work too and the investors cut him off he had to beg for money on kickstarter.

>> No.2864286

woah woash woahs!!!

wacom told her off?


>> No.2864290

yeah they're just numbers!

true. she's amateur tier. anybody who is intermediate and above would agree.

>> No.2864297

see >>2856232

>> No.2864314

Does she have a boyfriend?
These kind of cute girl cults tend to immediately turn into witch hunts the second the girl gets a boyfriend and everyone of her former white knights turns to shit talk her for getting "friendzoned".

>> No.2864329
File: 170 KB, 1024x768, stealth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You realize that aside from doctors and artists no one is going to be looking at your pelvic tilt.

To that point, I have actually been to a walk in clinic, been partially undressed and the doctor didn't know I was trans. Does it really bother people in this thread that much that *some* trans women pass.

I should also add that you need to remember that there is a great variety in nature. When you study anatomy and character design you are still looking at characters of "The Average" male/female.

Artists exaggerate hips, and other traits to help readability, and have the audience draw conclusions.

>> No.2864335


hahahaaaaaaaaaahaha. thanks for the insight there anon..

as I suspected. She's just a waste of fucking exposure. completely inept. too young and ignorant to benefit herself with this...fuck me over 1million followers, so much potential. jesus Christ over 1 million, half the people here can't comprehend that number.

ahhhhhggg! what a cunt.

>> No.2864337


yo in all seriousness fucking end your life. you dumb fuck. trashy fucking mess you are.

>> No.2864341

1) Be a girl, it's the truth and not many girls like to hear it, the thing is it's not really her fault, there's just tons of people on insta that will follow her just because she's cute.

2) Her art has basic aesthetically pleasing features, soft lines, smooth texture, quasi-anime influences, it all appeals to the 13-19 demographic really good despite not looking better than a low budget animated movie's concept art

3) The long pseudo inspirational posts that make her followers think they have some connection with her

Instagram is a breeding ground this shit, tons of mediocre artists that get popular due to good social skills, it's like a focused, sped up version of the art world as a whole. Like this one artist I follow, Craig Gleason. I like his drawings but they're extremely repetitive and don't show much in the way of skill, but he's got like 50k followers. To make it worse he's got a big head now and periodically makes posts whining about style thieves when his style is completely derivative.

>> No.2864350

Given the amount of thought and effort you put into this post. Maybe you should heed your own advice instead of just preaching hate for no reason?

>> No.2864364

It is not hate anon.It's logic.

Think about others before you think about yourself. You god damned transgender. You're worthless to society.

>> No.2864377

tall grl with spooky veiny giant spider hands here.
now i wonder if people see them and think penis.
yet vagina.

>> No.2864385


no. don't feed into what these cunts post. they're half retarded.

>> No.2864387

You still have an unthreated mental disease.

>> No.2864394


god what a silly cunt era. wake up you dick wielding cunt faggot. you're not a girl. you never were. tell daddy you're sorry.

>> No.2864442

This doesn't even make sense.
I sound like a much better person objectively. I am making points your just being a half witted troll.

Pretty sure you are same fagging. No way two idiots exist
>god what a silly cunt era.

>> No.2864455

no not same fagging. You're literally a delusional fucking twat.

>> No.2864463

yeah this

>> No.2864497
File: 81 KB, 540x576, tardo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kill yourself my man

>> No.2864507

you get this kinda replies because you are delusional in a level that it becomes really funny and stupid, i think most trannies are. foolish of you to think you can ever be or feel like a woman because you took hormones and your mammaries grew a bit larger, you have no understanding of human body. also you are an immature person because you want to change the unchangable, you also don't seem smart because you don't understand thougt process, the things that influence mind specially like yours. if you were smart enough you would realize from where this thoughts come from and you would try to heal yourself. you are also selfish because you fell for the yolo meme, and your hedonistic hamster brain got in charge of your actions, you wished away the responsibilietes nature gave you but they are not gone. there is still a time to become normal again, just grow up man.
sorry for off topic but i think you deserved something other than "kill yourself" replies, i genuinely feel sorry for you if you really are a trans

>> No.2864526
File: 56 KB, 743x760, Hnnnnggg_27338d_2940434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.2864632

She's a lesbian

>> No.2864633


>> No.2864634

you do realise that transition is actually treatment right? there is literally no other way to get rid of dysphoria. Yall tell trans people to get help but then turn around and scream at them when they do because its not a treatment you like.

>> No.2864635

Why don't people like it though

>> No.2864637

what do you mean?

>> No.2864638

Why don't people like that kind of treatment

>> No.2864640

I dont know, probably because they think its unnatural or disgusting, lots of this results in being uneducated about the whole thing

>> No.2864641

She's been in a relationship with a girl for over 4 years..

>> No.2864644

/ic/ has never once mentioned her.

>> No.2864651

Sometimes you'll have to look futher than /ic/ you know?

>> No.2864662

yeah might as well give treatment with alcohol to a person who has a liver disease

>> No.2864665

Not the same

>> No.2864666

again, when you invent the pill that gets rid of dysphoria, feel free to have that be the standard of treatment

>> No.2864673

I'm not even a pc liberal /whatever other buzzword idiots like to use, but this entire post is retard incarnate. Really, actually look into what it is to be trans. It's quite a lot like being gay in that if you try to isolate what makes someone gay or trans you are literally isolating traits inherent to them as people, not errors in their coding. It's the equivalent of, say, identifying my love of art as something that could be "fixed" with treatment. If I didn't love art I could potentially follow a more lucrative career path and be "happier". It's like saying that you have more authority over what I may choose to enjoy than i have for myself and if you don't see how slippery of a slope that is then you're even more retarded than I already know you are.

>> No.2864674

Reminder that people have been killed because of their genes

>> No.2864683

I bet you would go all the way to 2nd base with a trans before realizing the erection.

>> No.2864684

ok but transgenderism is legitimately a mental/neurological disorder. Being gay does not cause problems (in a perfect, pc society gays would have no problem with being gay, but a trans person would still have internal problems caused by their conditions, just not social problems). there is nothing wrong with being born with a mental problem, but it is very important that we classify it as such. As soon as we dont, trans people will have their need to transition completely undermined (ie; "why dont you just learn to love yourself instead of doing this whole transitioning business!"), and if transition was not a medical necessity, people will have their insurance for HRT and SRS surgeries taken away, which is completely unacceptable

>> No.2864686

>I'm trans
>long attention whoring post

Literally kill yourself. You're always gonna be the gebder you were born as, you'll always be a whiney bitch, you'll always be a pretentious faggot.

Please die

>> No.2864688

Why do you have these kind of beliefs? Mind explaining to me how you were raised up?

>> No.2864693

>this thread

Kek, I remember a time when 4chan was totally into traps and the number 1 response someone outing themselves as trans got would be "post nudes". See what you have done, liberals?

>> No.2864714


It's easier to blame your failure on having the wrong set of hardware in your pants than your art being shit I suppose.

>> No.2864717

The thing is that "into traps" was always newfag bait. They keep pushing traps, blacked and even loli porn, so weak willed people would start to develop this kind of fetish.

>> No.2864719

He was probably raised as a normal human being, in a society that didn't believe in fairytales, magic and 69 genders.

The world really has gone to shit lately.

>> No.2864726

bullshit. Some people want to see that stuff. Other encourage it to have something to make fun of. It's random how those things turn out. There's no coordinated master plan.

>> No.2864728

>in a society that didn't believe in fairytales, magic
Are you really this unaware of your surroundings or are you one of those "I feel nostalgia for a time I didn't get to live in" faggots?

>> No.2864734


>> No.2864736

>muh dysphoria
it is all psychological and can be treated without transitioning you are only heraphrodit if you have two sets of developed genitals

>> No.2864737

>me and my friend talked about it once. He agreed with me and was called anon. I'm pretty sure we secretly directed everything on 4chan back then. Newfag


>> No.2864739

your sexuality or gender shouldnt define you, imo. and have you noticed that transgender people are often also otherwise mentally ill? there was this gay transgender girl i knew that was supposedly depressed and wanted to kill herself, or should i say himself, for 10 years because of her dysphoria. then she got her t-shot and realized that shes still depressed and suicidal. heh.

>> No.2864740

thank you doctor anon! darn, you really proved all those doctors and scientists who all agree that there is a neurological basis to their condition

>> No.2864744

>implying being gay is not illness
only retard here is you my faggot brother. scientists today do not dare to utter a word about that because they will get shat on, will lose their entire careers and works, will be labeled as cis scum, and will never ever get a money for their researches, but everyone knows it is an illness they just don't say it. if schitzophrenia, and even adhd and shit like that is a mental illness then being gay sure is too. not treating it as illness is what makes society rot slowly and become ill itself.

>> No.2864745

because theres a lot more to transitioning than hormones? just because he got a t shot doesnt mean he's gonna magically be happy, he would still feel dysphoria about his breasts and genitals, as well as the anxiety caused by wondering if you're passing or not. also yes, lots of mental illnesses are comorbid with other mental illnesses

>> No.2864748

do you imply todays science is not biased because of social and political reasons
>doctor anon
actually i am aspiring in relative field and i have hard beliefe in my own knowledge, i don't believe any fact how praised or common it is without checking it myself at least theoritically(that is of course in my field i don't claim anything that i really don't know)

>> No.2864754

still has long hair and wears makeup, its like she doesnt even care about passing. idk why people like that even bother with transitioning if they still want to be pretty bois and still want that dick.

>> No.2864758

i guess, she could have disociative disorder, or body dysmorphia. both of which are common misdiagnosises. or she might have stopped trying because she thinks she'll never pass

>> No.2864780

She got her current job working as a concept artist ( ironically at the same company as loish) through her internet celebrity status

So it definetly pays

>> No.2864781

>Are you really this unaware of your surroundings
Are you illiterate? I'm fully aware of the fact that the world is fucking insane. You're the one buying into the tranny fad.

>> No.2864783

Believe what you want, there wasn't a magical happy time where everyone was sane and logical before.

>> No.2864785

No, but at least it wasn't socially acceptable to think you could turn into a cat or the opposite gender.

>> No.2864789

yeah but people were highly religious and believed in all sorts of stupid made up shit and thats just one example your point?

>> No.2864799

so because of that good female artists should be fucked with when they do try and deserve to be there? senpai pls.

>> No.2864807

>/ic/ starts a bitch thread about an artist
>devolves into gender talk


>> No.2864838

That's what you get when you put /pol/tards and tumblrinas in the same thread.

>> No.2864841


> the doctor didn't know I was trans
the doctor still knows you are mentally ill

>> No.2864961

good thread.

>> No.2864993

You need to have something TO market, obviously, but just being adequate with a tablet stylus is never going to be enough. You need to know how the art community works, and know how people work, and focus on that just as much as on the art itself.
The best you can hope to achieve without good marketing is to be a misunderstood genius who dies in poverty and is only really recognized after his death, and that's only if you're a genius.

>> No.2865019
File: 97 KB, 900x600, 1477085520132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I supposed to be able to recognize every animu artist by their instagram avatar or whatever the fuck that pic in OP is? Can you at least provide a link to the person youre shittalking, you dumb mofo? Fuck.

>> No.2865033

maybe if you weren't such a fucking retard you would have found the link simply by skimming through this thread. guess you're a retard. gud luck with that

>> No.2865035

But it's pretty obvious it IS colored digitally ya goof.

>> No.2865047

>So I wear new cloothes... XD

I am glad I stopped caring about popularity

>> No.2865068
File: 120 KB, 546x540, coffee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same. i'm gonna stop hash tagging all my shit. fucking who cares.

pic related. it's mine.

>> No.2865168

If you would just skim through the thread..

>> No.2865175

stop posting this fucking pic over and over again.

>> No.2865189 [DELETED] 
File: 282 KB, 703x580, 1487357800867.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't tell me what to do.

>> No.2865197
File: 136 KB, 929x540, coffeewithredstripe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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