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What are your honest thoughts on these comics?
Salty anti-maldraw niggers pls go

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Never heard about it but the artwork is deviantart auitist tier.

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I don't get the Maldraw hate. He draws pretty good and he's better than most of the people here.

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>Salty anti-maldraw niggers pls go

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>denying facts
Too bad new mod will never ban your threads

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So he posts on /pol/ and this is a problem?

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Okay first off what dust?
Second, these comics are ugly and poorly drawn. It looks like he learnt to draw by 2D copying and muscle memory without knowing what he's looking at.

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they're poorly made and look like they came from deviantart

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traced as fuck, stop shilling your garbage you pathetic piece of shit

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>anyone who hates my work is a nigger

Please go back to your safe space.

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Fuck off /pol/cuck.

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He's like famous shitposter rip-off from /m/. But /m/ has mod and he banned his IPS.

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i don't think anyone has the stamina to even read this garbage comic

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>people complain
>say his art is shit
>refuse to show their own work

Okay, I can't take any of you seriously.

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post your work

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Fuck off Malaysia. I don't know what kind of mental disorder(s) drive you to spend so much time shitposting here, but you draw and write like someone who is genuinely retarded. I'm sure you view any kind of negative attention as validation you've trolled someone, but literally no one gives a fuck about your shit.

See pic related. Who the fuck writes that much about themselves in third person, on 4chan of all places? You are sincerely pathetic.

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